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by Joseph R. John, Capt., USN (Ret.), Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress

Despite Obama’s demands that Congress pass a new immigration law, existing federal laws require aliens to apply to enter the U.S. and not simply cross the border at will. The Obama regime is now enabling illegal aliens to not only enter the country, but also to remain indefinitely.

(Jul. 3, 2014) — Please read the below listed article on Obama’s the radical Cloward-Piven maneuver to create massive confusion and chaos at the border.  The United States no longer has a southern border with Mexico, it is a wide open area with very little controls.  The United States is the only country in the world that doesn’t enforce its border to protect its citizens.  Obama has instigated the arrival of thousands of Illegal Immigrants to enter the Republic, and has no intention of securing the border with a fence that would work.  The massive invasion of Illegal Immigrants could be halted in the matter of days if Obama did what President Truman did after WWII, and President Eisenhower did at the end of the Korean War—they closed the southern border with Mexico, and deported 13 million Illegal Immigrants to help veterans returning from combat duty to obtain employment following their Honorable Discharges.  The occupant of the Oval Office can easily federalize and deploy the US National Guard and/or the US Army Reserve to close the southern border almost immediately.  The only reason a comprehensive Immigration policy has not obtained support in Congress is because the President refuses to seal the southern border.

Obama has changed the US Border Patrol from a Law Enforcement Agency into a babysitting agency.  Border Patrol Agents have been telling the American people that the Obama administration’s policy of open borders is allowing thousands of Illegal Immigrants to enter at will, and that Obama has every intention to unilaterally grant amnesty to every Illegal Immigrant entering in violation of Federal Law.  For the last 5 years, we have observed the current occupant of the Oval Office violating his oath of office and Federal Laws with regard to Illegal immigration at will.

The Obama administration is now taking the place of coyotes smugglers, by collecting thousands of Illegal Immigrants at the open border, putting them on buses and airplanes, shipping them to various cities throughout the nation, and releasing them to wander at will in the middle of the country knowing full well that they will never appear in court.  Obama previously sent a strong signal in his speeches to the countries and people of South America, that if they sent their Illegal Immigrant children to arrive in the US, they would “never” be deported.  The US Border Patrol is telling the administration and the American people that terrorists, drug smugglers, criminals, human smugglers, Middle East citizens, and Chinese citizens are walking across the open order along with many of those Illegals Immigrants children, posing as their guardians.

Thousands of Illegal Immigrants with contagious diseases are not being properly quarantined, they are being allowed to enter the country at will to spread their contagious diseases.  The US had previously controlled and virtually eradicated: tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis, plus other contagious diseases, but the Illegal Immigrants carrying these invisible “contagious infective travelers” in the tsunami of 90,000 Illegal Immigrants, entering the United States, are being allowed to enter the country at will to spread their contagious diseases. A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.  You can read much more by clicking on the link:


Members of the Obama administration, led by Obama’s appointed Czars, are presiding over one lawless act after another; they perpetrated the illegal Fast & Furious gun running operation to Mexican drug cartels, the illegal gun running operation to Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya & Syria, the criminal program to have the IRS prevent American Citizens from exercising their basic Constitutional right to campaign in elections, the program to restrict the religious liberty and freedom of speech in the pulpit of members of the US Armed Forces, the criminal intention to prevent the US Armed Forces from protecting the lives of Americans under attack by Al Qaeda terrorists during The Battle of Benghazi, the senior managers of the VA appointed by the Obama administration destroying 600,000 veterans applications for medical care, and now Obama is asking Congress for $2 billion to provide weapons to anti-American Islamist terrorist fighting in Syria.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt., USN (Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109


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  1. Capt. John;
    Good editorial. By the time Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and all the other psycho clubs around the world wipe Israel off the face of the earth, the USA will be primed and all set-up for the complete takeover, thanks to Obama and all the American citizens who did all the heavy work for him.
    Am I the only one, or can others see the real reason why Muslims are in our military. Are they there to come to Israeli’s aid when attacked? No, no rational American would think that, now would they?
    So why do we have Muslims in our military?
    The so called immigration “problem” isn’t a problem at all, that is, if we would have someone in charge who wasn’t out to destroy our country.
    It’s not complicated at all, but it seems that Capt. John and myself are just “doing something” into the wind.

  2. Joe – Thank you for your patriotism. I hope and pray it has all not been in vain, but that hope is fading fast.
    God bless you, Steve ( USMC, VietNam )