The Intolerable Acts – July 2014


by James Still, ©2014

Text of the Boston Port Act of 1774

(Jul. 1, 2014) — Following the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed several punitive acts.  The colonies referred to them as The Intolerable Acts.  The Boston Port Act, the first of these acts, closed Boston Harbor.

Samuel Adams was asked to write the other colonies: “I am desired by the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of this Town to enclose you an Attested Copy of their Vote, passed in Town Meeting legally assembled this day.  The Occasion of this Meeting is most alarming: We have received the Copy of an Act of the British Parliament (which is also enclosed) wherein it appears that the Inhabitants of this Town have been tried and condemned and are to be punished by the shutting up of the Harbor, and other Ways, without their having been called to answer for, nay, for aught that appears without their having been even accused of any crime committed by them; for no such Crime is alleged in the Act.

“The Town of Boston is now Suffering the Stroke of Vengeance in the Common Cause of America.  I hope they will sustain the Blow with a becoming fortitude; and that the Effects of this cruel Act, intended to intimidate and subdue the Spirits of all America will by the joint Efforts of all be frustrated.”   Samuel Adams, The Town of Boston to the Colonies, May 13, 1774

“This Attack, though made immediately upon us, is doubtless designed for every other Colony, who will not surrender their sacred Rights & Liberties into the Hands of an infamous Ministry.  Now therefore is the Time, when all should be united in opposition to this Violation of the Liberties of all. Their grand object is to divide the Colonies.”  Samuel Adams, The Committee of Correspondence of Boston to the Committee of Correspondence of Philadelphia, May 13, 1774

“… be assured, you will be called upon to surrender your Rights, if ever they should succeed in their Attempts to suppress the Spirit of Liberty here.”  Samuel Adams, The Committee of Correspondence of Boston to the Committee of Correspondence of Philadelphia, May 13, 1774

“If the Spirit of American Liberty is suppressed in this Colony, which is undoubtedly the Plan, where will the Victory lead to, and end?”  Samuel Adams, Letter to Stephen Hopkins, May 18, 1774

James Still,

2 Responses to "The Intolerable Acts – July 2014"

  1. Stephen Hiller   Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    Those who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it. And our “education” system is sorely remiss in not teaching it.

  2. OPOVV   Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 4:03 PM

    Then, as now, the country was divided. You had your Obots back then, too, supporting tyranny.
    Our public education system has clearly failed us, and we’re paying the price.
    Obots do not support the Constitution, much to their detriment, although they’re too damn stupid to figure it out.
    After the Revolutionary War, life was hard for the traitors (Obots) and they moved to Canada or back to England, or suffered for the rest of their sorry lives for turning their backs on Freedom, constantly being reminded that they had a chance to “Stand Tall’, but blew it.

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