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by Sharon Rondeau

Map of the Moldovan Republic

(Jun. 26, 2014) — As of 11:10 a.m. EDT, The Post & Email received two attempted malicious Malware attacks from IP numbers apparently emanating from countries in eastern Europe.

The first attack came from IP number, which traces to the capital city of Chisinau in the Moldovan Republic.

The second attack appeared to have its origin in Kharkov, Ukraine, near the country’s international airport, with the IP number

Are Obama’s Obots positioned strategically all over the world?

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  1. I’m sure the DNC has many friends in that area, also, many of those areas are home to professional hacker companies that make lots of money hacking around the world from there. American dollars can spend anywhere, $100,000 in the pocket of a hacker will encourage quality work, just as it works for Harry Reid when he gets those checks for $650,000 for making government paperwork go away for companies or individuals through various “friends”. No one here is surprised about this Sharon. Many of us are amazed that you and Martha could keep the truth out there as long as it has been with all the DNC goons paying their chumps to hack, highjack, sabotage, lie, cheat or do any of the other things that Nobel Prize Winners do. Ya’ know what I mean??? Maybe PJ Foggy knows about how this all happened. If you could call in an FBI False Flag Operation on a moments notice and cost the taxpayer’s $1,000,000 in an instant WITH NO REAL EVIDENCE, anything goes! I don’t know whether the FBI, The Webmaster or Santa Claus can fix this but we can all see that the DNC is getting very desperate knowing that the big party is almost over. The taxpayer “sea of spending” has almost dried up with all the scams, stimulus Ponzi schemes, welfare, Obama phones, shovel ready BS, merry go round house speaker/liar orchestrations, treason, perjury, election fraud, identity fraud, misprision of felony, etc., who can you trust? Mr. House Speaker now “suing” Bari Malik Shabazz, we aren’t having any fun. Where is the news media coverage for Walt Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff? I guess the “program directors” at FOX don’t really like Veterans even though they have Veterans on the show regularly. We all stand behind you Sharon and hope that you can continue to shine with the truth until all these political criminals are being walked to their permanent jail cells.

  2. Orly has received such attacks also from Moldavia, Romania, and even from within a MUSIC SCHOOL somewhere in Berlin.

    There are Islamist cells in many of these areas, and Walid Shoebat has maintained that “Dear Leader” is a Sunni who is facilitating a Sunni Caliphate while deceiving us about who he really is.

  3. Why? Because you know and share the truth. They really are afraid of you.

    I continue to pray for God’s hand of protection upon you and the others @ P&E.

    “Evil flourishes far more in the shadows than in the light of day”
    J. Nehru- The Unity of India- 1937 (and he was a Socialist!)

  4. “Are Obama’s Obot’s positioned strategically all over the world?”
    Yes, and down your block.
    Let’s not leave-out the FBI, IRS and the NSA.
    Common core.