by Cody Robert Judy, ©2014, blogging at CodyJudy

(May 15, 2014) — Red dawn broke across the crooked sky and the vibrations of Americans’ marching could be heard all across the land. It was an outlandish thought that the leaders of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party had stirred such ire with their actions against the Constitution as well as their inaction for the Constitution in Washington, DC that the people had lost hope in their representation.

Everyone agreed there wasn’t one of those whose names were mentioned as leaders that had been elected for the purpose of destroying the United States Constitution, but that is exactly what their actions had entailed in blocking the Constitution’s Qualification demands for Barack Obama. Obama had not destroyed the Constitution as a walking, talking violation of it; he’d had help.

The hardest thing to digest in the assault upon the people was the reasons why? Communism was thought long done for as anti-American. The people delighted in building themselves a business or home to raise a family in, finding their little niche in the spoke of capitalism where each could keep the fruits of his labor. The concept wasn’t new; it has been hoped for by many generations as the children of Israel hoped for a deliverance from the bonds of slavery out of the hands of the Pharaohs in Egypt.

Yet here we were again, fighting an oppression that had come upon us in the form of slavery where every man, woman and child had a debt upon his head upon entering this world of $52,000 which greedy politicians had necessitated for the coming generations, knowing full well it was generational theft. Indeed, the piper had come to collect in the form of taxes so burdensome and inflated by convoluted reasoning that no one was expected to read the law before it was passed.

Hope had drained out of the merciless representation the people had been flogged with and a new hope had risen in its place of a restoration. The house had been overrun by pigs, polluted with debris, and resembled more of a barn than that of the Halls of Congress where the Constitution was King.

Where once all men could consider their petition heard, even the Halls of Justice had denigrated itself with Justices that thought more of their positions in power retained for a lifetime than the principles over which they had been given the duty of stewardship. Thoughts of bad behavior did not cross their minds as petition after petition after petition crossed their dockets unheard and dismissed, grossly blacking the eyes of justice with assault, imprisonment, and torture.

They did not see their actions for what they were, blinded by their own sense of security, but the ground was swelling underneath them and the ants were marching towards them. Little tiny creatures they had called “pests” were marching in by the millions, undeterred by their size or strength. God had given those marching orders, and an operation to achieve in the spring was heard. It had been a long, hard winter as the power-gloated had feasted upon their kills of principle and whispered amongst themselves, “It is done.” #TeaPartyFireAnts

Yes, a red dawn was breaking across the crooked sky; they did not see the bolt of lightning coming from on high. Long had they dismissed the ant as small, weak, and only good for a nonsensical rant? Operation American Spring was moving, according to The Washington Times, through Drudge, and the small trails of a few were combining. Courage was coming for those who had lost it. A Few Good Men still existed.

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