by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(May 2, 2014) — I am the optimist of optimists and believe America will rise again and heal up in time.  Obama will be finished and tarnished along with the progressive-Democrat brand.  Sorry, Democrats, but you did this to yourselves by 100% voting for Obamacare, the worst violation and pain ever inflicted on Americans from within.  People are hurting on all sides of the line and are furious.  No amount of Obama lies and media spin can change that now.  Not one Republican voted for it and I don’t magically trust them either.  Many of them have proven to have a price and serve their own careers more than the people.  Regardless, I strongly believe we will see the conservatives fortify the House and take back the Senate.  Then, the life-saving, Constitution-saving surgery must begin. 

Conservatives must be more than urged to destroy Obamacare in whatever way they can to relieve the pain and torment put on the American people.  All executive orders of Obama and the NDAA Bill must also be undone as real investigations and follow-through unfold regarding Benghazi, the NSA and IRS crimes.  We have a ton of clean-up to do, folks, but first we win, then destroy the evil put upon us.

Obama continues to destroy, using all Government departments like the EPA, BLM, IRS, NSA and others against the people, energy and business.  We must not only win in 2014 and 2016 but have a survival plan if things get even more messy while Obama and his thugs continue to crush America.

The plan

Set aside a year’s-worth of everything you need

Pet food for your animals

Extra medicine for your condition or whatever you deal with…think ahead

1-year supply of freeze dried meals and canned food that will keep. (Type in freeze-dried meals or emergency preparedness meals and much will come up)

Store gasoline and fuel if you can

Get seeds and items you can grow

Set aside water and an ongoing water source.  Get water filters you can purify water with.

Set aside guns and ammo

How will you stay warm and see in the dark if there is no power?

How will you cook and heat up food if there is no power?

What about money and banking?

Our money supply is quickly becoming ‘funny money’ and our non-backed currency is in the process of being changed.  It is extremely wise right now to set aside a currency you can trade and barter with if normal banking is stopped.  Remember Cyprus, where the Government grabbed their people’s money right out of their bank accounts in a tax they invented to pay part of their debt.  Don’t think for a second that Obama and his progressives aren’t also thinking about this…they are.  What can we do?

Don’t rush the banks, but I wouldn’t keep most of your money there right now.  Spread it around. Buy some gold and silver coins and put them away in a safe at your home, not the bank.  Be careful with your purchases because not all gold and silver dealers are priced right or even honest.  Some I know of have ordered lots of gold and never had it delivered.  Research carefully for yourself before you buy any gold or silver.  One of the few places I know of with great prices, real help along the way and quick shipping is Discount Gold and Silver www.discountgoldandsilvertrading.net.   I know Melody Cedarstrom, who runs this company and she doesn’t just talk, nor is she greedy.  I have interviewed her many times and she really does run her company with Christian and ethical values.  You do what you want to and need to, but this company is one which will not cheat you.  Find gold and silver somewhere and be most careful.

Once you set aside silver and gold coins in your safe, don’t announce everywhere that you have them.  Shut up about it.  Think “security.”

To really plan for any emergency that may hit, whether it be economically, Obama on steroids, terrorism, or a weather disaster, you have to ask yourself these questions.  What if I couldn’t drive to the store to get food, medicine or water? How would I protect the assets I now have and set them privately aside, away from banks?  Do I have what I need to protect my family and myself and do I have something in my hand to buy what I need?

Pray for our country, the upcoming elections and do what is right.  We will get our country back, but you also must plan ahead and be ready for anything.  I am doing this with my family.

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  1. In 2008 I started selling stocks and buying gold and silver. I moved to a new house some time ago and need to start assembling a stock of supplies, generator, etc. The donkey fazoo will eventually hit the fan. The Fed cannot keep printing money forever, and when it all collapses it will not be pretty. People survived in the 1930s because they knew how to be self-sufficient. Nowadays, most Americans lack those skills.