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April 16, 2014

Sacrificing Americans’ livelihood for paybacks from the communist Chinese?

Dear Office of Congressional Ethics,

I have been following recent news, both in print and over the airwaves, about Senator Harry Reid’s Chinese connection vis-a-vis the attempt by the Bureau of Land Management’s efforts to drive Cliven Bundy off his ranch under guise of protecting a desert tortoise.  Subsequent to the illegal raid by the BLM, news started coming out about Senator Reid’s connection to a Chinese solar energy company, which wants Bundy’s land for Chinese interests.  Now, today, there is yet more discussion about rare earth minerals underground in the Bundy ranch area as being a potentially even bigger reason for Senator Reid to use his office to try to muscle Bundy off his own land, with apparently some payback to Reid.  No law-abiding American citizen should be subjected to harassment and under threat of life by any segment of the federal government.  Any congressman who is behind such action needs to be held accountable, and quickly.

With the stench from Reid’s office wafting all over this country like so much organized crime thuggery, your office is the entity that must get involved and initiate an immediate investigation of Harry Reid and what appears to be his un-American, and pro-Chinese, activities.  If he is indeed acting in any kind of capacity for Chinese economic, political, or military interests in contravention of the United States’ best interests, he must be stopped immediately and held accountable.  China has made public statements threatening the security of the United States and the U.S. Senate’s majority leader is in bed with them?  How is this not treasonous activity?  How is this not a national security interest of the utmost importance?

Senator Reid also needs to be investigated for any Logan Act violation.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply and what action the OCE is going to take in investigating Senator Harry Reid and his involvement in foreign activities, such as those mentioned above.  Time is of the essence.  Thank you.


Kathleen Gotto

Begin forwarded message:
From: OCE <>
Subject: Thank you for contacting the Office of Congressional Ethics
Date: April 16, 2014 4:33:30 PM MDT
To: Kathleen Gotto

The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) of the United States House of Representatives is in receipt of your submission. The OCE reviews all information submitted to it pursuant to House Resolution 895 of the 110th Congress as amended and the OCE Rules for the Conduct of Investigations.
Pursuant to House Rules a preliminary review commences upon the written authorization of two members of the OCE Board, one of whom must have been appointed by the Speaker of the House and one of whom must have been appointed by the Minority Leader. The Board shall authorize a preliminary review where there is a “reasonable basis” to believe an allegation. However, this determination does not constitute a finding that a violation has actually occurred.
Pursuant to House Rules, all investigations by the OCE are confidential. Therefore, the OCE is not able to provide any further information about whether the Board has authorized a review or whether the OCE has conducted an investigation related to the facts you have submitted. However, the OCE referrals to the Committee on Ethics are publicly released under all but one set of circumstances. Any referral made public will be posted on the OCE’s website You may also request a copy of any public report from the OCE.
If you have any questions about the OCE process, please contact us. The OCE is not able to confirm or deny any specific investigations.
The Office of Congressional Ethics
United States House of Representatives

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