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by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDAunite.org

PANDA was founded by Dan Johnson after Obama signed the 2012 NDAA act which authorized indefinite detention of American citizens on U.S. soil if the president orders it

(Mar. 29, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

Please join us Sunday, March 30th for a very special Liberty Action Briefing featuring People Against the NDAA (PANDA) founder and president Daniel Johnson!  We will also be updating you on pressing local, state and federal issues you can ACT on.  The event is open to the public so feel free to bring your family and friends!


Sunday, February 30th, 5:00pm.
Midland Elks Lodge
3622 N Saginaw Rd,
Midland, Michigan, 48640

Keynote speaker + presentation:

P.A.N.D.A. People Against The NDAA Founder + President:
Daniel Johnson.

Dan Johnson is the founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), and a nationally renowned writer and speaker. He founded PANDA in January 2012, and it has since become the largest Anti-NDAA organization in America, introducing or pushing over 18 pieces of state and numerous pieces of local anti-NDAA legislation. A grassroots, nonpartisan, nonviolent organization, PANDA is supported by groups across the political spectrum united to prevent the laws of war from being used here in the US, and on American citizens anywhere in the world.

Dan has written for several publications, including the Huffington Post, Policy Mic, Occupy.com, and Western Journalism. He has spoken at PAUL Fest, the Northwest Ohio Conservative Conference, the CRWF Northern Division Convention, Libertopia, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, and more, and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM, Liberty Roundtable, and Red Ice Radio.


Guest speaker:
• Shane G. Trejo
(Oakland C4L + Michigan 10th Amendment Center leader).

Host + Emcee:
• Philip Schlosser
(Midland C4L County Coordinator).


On the Agenda:
• Fighting the NDAA – why Provisions 1021 and 1022 are two of the most dangerous threats to American liberty, get updated on the current status of the National fight from the People Against the NDAA President himself!  An interactive video will supplement the speech.  Full discussion + Q&A afterwards.

• Article V Convention – the potential dangers in calling a new Constitutional Convention, and why we see nullification as a superior route to restore liberty. An interactive video will supplement the speech. Full discussion + Q&A afterwards.

• Liberty Delegates (Precinct Delegates) – Learn about the most effective way to fight back against establishment politicians, and sign up at our meeting!

• Open Mic – tell us what YOU think.

We will also be following up on last month’s topics briefly:

Michigan Part Time Legislature, Fighting the Common Core.

Stick around after the event for live music!

• Phil Dpsdetroit
(DPS, Detroit, MI).

• Jesse Bryant
(JB productions, Detroit, MI).

You won’t want to miss this Liberty Action Briefing, it’s going to be great!  All the cool kids (young and chronologically advantaged) will be there!

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and RSVP!  Attendance is 100% Free! https://www.facebook.com/events/310365129111501/

Keep an eye out for the PANDA Update next week. Invite others to get breaking news from the NDAA Resistance: https://tinyletter.com/pandaunite

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