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by Sharon Rondeau

McMinn County is one of four counties in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee, in which corruption has been rife for decades

(Mar. 18, 2014) — On Monday evening, March 17, 2014, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III wrote in an email entitled “An Open Invitation:”

I will be returning to the McMinn County Courthouse tomorrow morning making my 7th run on the county grand jury to report on Jeff Cunningham and the take over, take down and take away of our grand jury system in Tennessee State.

Anyone who may wish to come as a “court-watcher” is invited. There is wisdom in having a camcorder or other type of video recording device at the ready to capture whatever might happen.

If there’s a group, bring a folding chair. Bench space is sparse outside Congressman Fleischmann’s office (on the second deck of the Courthouse, in a hallway to the right of the building as you enter from the front).

I’ve waited for as long as 4-hours. I don’t expect that to happen tomorrow, but heads up anyway.

I made my 6th run last month. I was alone. But not by choice.

Afterwards I was roundly chastised for going in by myself.

I expect to be alone tomorrow. No worries on my part.

However, I did want to put the word out that I’ve once more extended an alert and invitation to be there tomorrow.

Anyone wants to throw darts afterwards after tomorrow that I went in again by myself solo will be told, AGAIN!, that it wasn’t by choice.

Please pass the word.
Enjoy this Saint “Fitz”Patrick’s Day.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy Retired

On Tuesday afternoon, Fitzpatrick was indicted by the “McMinn County grand jury” for “harassment, aggravated perjury, stalking, and extortion” and arrested.  He is currently jailed by the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department.

In February and March, respectively, Fitzpatrick requested a restraining order against Cunningham after Cunningham threatened to have him arrested for attempting to advance criminal evidence against Cunningham and others to the grand jury over which Cunningham reportedly exerts “commanding officer” influence.

Cunningham is a licensed attorney and member of the Tennessee Bar Association, to which Fitzpatrick complained regarding Cunningham’s service as grand jury foreman.

Fitzpatrick had accused McMinn County Grand Jury Foreman Jeffrey Cunningham of committing the crime of carrying out a pretense that he is a member of the grand jury when the Tennessee attorney general has declared that the foreman “is not a juror.”  Last month, Fitzpatrick had attempted to submit his evidence for the sixth time to the McMinn County grand jury with a request to “begin an investigation into these matters and to cause the arrests of those individuals named…” in the complaint.

State law requires that all “jurors” be selected by random means, but the foreman is judicially-appointed through a secret vetting process, if one exists at all.

The statement from the attorney general’s deputy, Kyle Hixson, was submitted in a case arising in Monroe County, TN, which convicted Fitzpatrick of “tampering with government documents” after he observed what he believed was a crime committed by Judge Amy Reedy in hand-selecting members of the grand juries for the coming year.  Hixon’s brief can be read here:  HIXSON-BRIEF

The February complaint can be read here:  Feb 2014 GJC

The February request for a restraining order is here:  Feb 2014 PP

The cover page of Fitzpatrick’s submission for Tuesday, March 18 is seen here:  18 MARCH 2014 WARNING JEFF CUNNINGHAM IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN FROM BREAKING THE SEAL ON THIS SUBMISSION

In August 1946, a group of World War II veterans drove away a crooked sheriff and his deputies in the “Battle of Athens,” the heart of McMinn County, over election fraud and endemic corruption.

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