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by Sharon Rondeau

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo announced on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show last night that several “Obots” financing sources have been traced to “the administration”

(Feb. 8, 2014) — In a PPSimmons release received directly from “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups on Saturday morning, Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo revealed that the activities of several “Obots” have been traced to their employment within an arm of the Department of Defense named “DARPA.”

“Obots” are Obama supporters who have spread propaganda, hacked websites of those investigating Obama’s history and actions, attempted to deceive bloggers and commenters with disinformation campaigns, and issued threats through email and possibly in other ways to anyone questioning Obama’s eligibility to occupy the White House.

In September 2011, the posse began investigating the image posted on the White House website purported to be a certified scan of Obama’s original birth certificate held in the archives of the Hawaii Health Department after approximately 250 constituents of the county sheriff petitioned him to open a probe following reports that the image was a forgery.   The petitioners claimed that if the claims of forgery were accurate, their votes in the 2012 election would be disenfranchised.

Obama’s biography originally said he was born in Kenya until April 2007, at which point it was changed to say that he was born in Hawaii.  In February of that year, Obama had announced that he would seek the presidency.  The U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.”  Obama has been identified as “Kenyan-born” and born in Indonesia as well as in Hawaii.

Zullo said that the birth certificate investigation branched into studying the Obots after they insisted that a Xerox machine could replicate the anomalies found in the birth certificate image when various experts and the posse concluded that it was a “computer-generated forgery.”

On Friday, Zullo revealed that a second criminal investigation was launched by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio which presumably has pursued the matter of the “Obots,” while the original investigation into the forgery continues.

Zullo said that some of the IP numbers of those the investigation has been studying “go back directly to the administration.”

On Friday evening, Gallups asked Zullo about DARPA’s activities, to which Zullo responded, “DARPA is a DOD agency where they are working on…robotics…killer robots…they also do psychological warfare stuff.  If you look at what some of these people are doing,…it’s all psychological games.  Everything they do is to draw you in…”  Zullo said that DARPA is involved in artificial intelligence and that at least one Obot works in that field.

Previous to his Friday announcement, Zullo had hypothesized that the Obots were compensated for their online “work,” possibly by the Obama regime.  Obama’s IRS, EPA, FBI, Department of Justice and other agencies have been turned against the people they are tasked with serving, and the DOD”s “Operation Vigilant Eagle” has labeled veterans, particularly those returning from war theaters, as “potential domestic terrorists” and “Sovereign Citizens.”

Obama’s health care law has caused millions to lose their health insurance and at least one person to die, according to pundit Ann Coulter.

One Obot, William L. Bryan, claimed responsibility for summoning more than 100 law enforcement personnel to Madisonville, TN on April 20, 2010 to allegedly be prepared for a “courthouse takeover” on the day of a hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.  An FBI agent produced a false affidavit implicating Darren Wesley Huff in the alleged plot to take over the courthouse while armed, although eyewitnesses confirmed that Huff was unarmed after exiting his vehicle and did not approach the courthouse, as no observers were allowed to attend the hearing by deputies armed with assault weapons.

A disinformation campaign ensued wherein Huff and Fitzpatrick were depicted as “Sovereign Citizens” capable of violence prior to Huff’s trial on two federal firearms charges.  Law enforcers perjured themselves at Huff’s trial, which ended in his conviction on one charge after the jury was originally hung but acquitted Huff on the other charge.

At Huff’s appeals hearing on January 30, 2014, Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin stated falsely that Huff and Fitzpatrick had exchanged text messages as they planned the “courthouse takeover” in an apparent effort to maintain Huff in prison as an innocent man.

In February 2012, Fitzpatrick discovered that his military pension check had been garnished by two-thirds without any notification.  While a representative of his credit union told him verbally that the garnishee would last 24 months, Fitzpatrick said it has now entered its 27th month.  During this time, Fitzpatrick has lived on “pennies a day” and been forced to neglect his health and other personal concerns.  He continues to expose government corruption in Tennessee and has always maintained that “The Madisonville Hoax” “goes right into the White House.”

The Obots have watched and regularly written about Fitzpatrick’s blog posts in an attempt to discredit him as they have with Zullo’s investigation of the forgery.

Evidence of Fitzpatrick’s claim was provided to the Cold Case Posse last year.

Bryan and his cohorts have bragged about their accomplishments on the “Reality Check” radio show since 2009, ridiculing anyone who questioned Obama’s life story, scant documentation, and actions while he has occupied the White House.  Bryan and his wife are reportedly working as Obamacare navigators.

Another Obot works for the IRS, while one is believed to be a sociology professor at the University of Connecticut at Storrs.  One or more may have sent death threats to this writer over several years, including one sent in November which mentioned Huff, Fitzpatrick, Zullo, Arpaio and “the Governor” of Hawaii.

The Post & Email had once sent an inquiry to DARPA about its ability to access citizens’ personal information in the wake of the NSA spying revelations made last June by Edward Snowden but received no response.  It has been assumed that “Obots” hacked The Post & Email to the point that it was forced to migrate to a dedicated server and take subscriptions to cover the costs early in 2012.

On March 1, 2012, the Cold Case Posse investigation revealed its conclusions that the long-form birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form were “computer-generated forgeries.”

Zullo predicted that when the operatives are exposed publicly, they will “deny, deny, deny.”  Gallups responded that if that happens, “they will be lying, lying, lying,” to which Zullo said, “I’ve got the proof, proof, proof.”

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  1. It’s quite evident that the hackers/Google DID NOT like the fact that some of their own employers were traced directly back to the Obama Administration!

  2. The Birther Report is down. Perhaps it is in the process of being migrated to a new host or perhaps it is the victim of a cyber attack.

    Anyone have information on this?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe you are correct on both counts.

  3. That story sure ties everything in together nicely and will make a very interesting movie someday, perhaps even called “The Post & Email!” Very enthralling story P&E

    The main stream media hasn’t got anything near as interesting happening, and is certainly missing out on a BIG STORY..for what?

    Cody Robert Judy