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(Jan. 20, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

For the second and third weeks in January, these past few weeks have continued the momentum set by the beginning of the year. Several articles were published on the site, from several different authors, citizens spoke out, and a unique resolution passed an Ohio committee 12-0. All in two weeks work. (we’re also adding a summary of the articles inside at the top, for easier skimming and reading.) Viva la resistance.

In this issue:

From Selma, Alabama, to the Civil Rights Act of 1965
A Unique Ohio Resolution Passes Committee 12-0

Can we make Congressman Stivers Eat His Words?

Up in Smoke: Why Marijuana Legalization Activists should Fight the NDAA

More Oregon Citizens Speak against the NDAA

Recording of 2014 National Take Back Call Released
No, Michigan did NOT “Nullify” NDAA

Recent News

From Selma, Alabama, to the Civil Rights Act of 1965

Selma, Alabama, March 7th, 1965. Thousands of civil rights protesters take to the streets to protest the senseless killing of Jimmie Lee Jackson at the hands of Alabama State Troopers a few days before while protecting his mother from a nightstick. As they reached the Edmund Pettis Bridge, the State Troopers, backed by local police, ordered them to disperse.

When they did not, the troopers attacked, chasing them with clubs, tear gas, and beating protesters to the point of death.

That fateful day sparked such outrage across the country that it became known as “Bloody Sunday,” and scored a major victory for civil rights across America. By attempting to physically crush a nonviolent movement, the Alabama Government instead handed it a victory on a silver platter, and then-President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965 into law.

Today, as many of you know, is the day we remember the achievements of a great leader, a champion for civil rights, and a champion for nonviolent resistance. How poignant a reminder this is that though the government may attempt to crush our Resistance by force, so long as we remain peaceful, persistent, and active, it will be impossible for them to do so.  Today, remember the value of nonviolence, and the enduring legacy of a man who gave so much of himself for equal rights for ALL.  Now, on to an action alert and some awesome news.

A Unique Ohio Resolution Passes Committee 12-0

An Ohio House committee passed a resolution that doesn’t ban the 2012 NDAA, but does some very interesting things outside of that, including requesting the Attorney General to file suit against the 2012 NDAA.

Columbus Dispatch: NDAA is “…the kind of problem that college professors talk about…It’s not the kind of problem that real people need to worry about every day.” Can we make Congressman Stiver eat his words?

The Columbus Dispatch hasn’t taken much of a liking to that Ohio Resolution. They published an article with erroneous information, took a stance against the resolution, and quoted Rep. Steve Stivers above.

Let’s make “Congressman” Stivers eat his words. We can force him into a corner and force him to take a second look at his ignorance, to not so readily dismiss the issue as he likes to do. Take 15 seconds and call his office to let him know how very real of an issue this is. We sent 3300 calls to a State Senator last time someone spoke up like this; we can do it again.

Congressman Steve Stivers, retract your comments made in the Dispatch, as they are not only wrong, but offensive to every Japanese-American, who is very familiar with how real this is and fought for 30 years in Congress to correct ignorance like yours:

(202) 225-2015

Up in Smoke: Why Marijuana Legalization Activists should Fight the NDAA

We welcome an article from Robert Caputo, guest contributor and Board Member of NORML Arizona, to the PANDA blog. If you know any marijuana legalization activists, who aren’t aware of the NDAA, share this article with them. Robert makes a compelling case that legalization activists could be targeted in the near future if they don’t stand up now.

More Oregon Citizens Speak against the NDAA

They just keep coming. 15 more citizens in Oregon spoke out against the NDAA earlier this month, providing great examples to all of you taking back your towns:

Recording of 2014 National Take Back Call Released

Last week, we brought the best of the best, shining examples of people taking back their cities, counties, and states, on a conference call together. I know many of you were unable to hear the excellent information, so we recorded the call. You can listen below:

No, Michigan did NOT “Nullify” NDAA

The Michigan bill serves as an example of why we should never trust politicians to write language. The American public always wants its representatives to read the bill but often forgets that they should at least give it a once-over. The Michigan bill is a reminder why we must take back the cities, towns, and counties, because the state legislatures do not have enough guts to do it themselves.

Recent News:

Courage is Key: Nelson Mandela and the Terror Watch List:

Homeland Security made a “Mistake” adding a PhD Student to Watchlist:,0,2683255.story

High-Schooler write op-ed against NDAA:

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Viva la Resistance.

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