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by Carl Swensson, ©2014

“Walking Tall” portrays a Tennessee sheriff who attempts to purge corruption in his county but experiences his wife’s murder and is seriously injured by thugs seeking retribution

(Jan. 12, 2014) — Having been introduced to (Ret) Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III’s fearless pursuit of the truth concerning the current occupant of the White House by Bob Campbell, founder of the American Grand Jury, and after repeated requests to be given his contact info, Bob finally relented and provided Walt’s phone number. Bob and I were instant allies in the move to resurrect Common Law Grand Juries after he discovered I had completed one in my home state of Georgia. Having a competitive nature, he held Walt’s contact info from me because Walt’s act of filing treason charges against Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama meant his AGJ presentment/indictment, if the jurors so found, would carry more weight when presented to the proper authorities than the charges of fraud which the Georgia CLGJ returned. So, after convening a couple of States GJ’s resulted in those additional charges being included, he finally gave me the number. It was Walt’s criminal complaint and subsequent response from the Tennessee Eastern District U.S. Attorney that he provided first, and after confirming its validity, the Georgia CLGJ reconvened and added the additional charge of treason to its presentment. That occurred a couple of months after its initial seating and a month behind Bob’s two completed events.

What happened next is the beginning of Walt and Darren Wesley Huff’s saga…

Believing there was at least one DA, sheriff or judge in the land that would respond favorably to the presentments by taking some or any action to at least initiate their own investigation, we began delivering them to every conceivable jurisdiction. Month after month anticipation built, and each new delivery held the hope that this one would have the desired result. Alas, month after month our hopes were dashed on the rocks of despair.

Walt, Bob, those close to the movement and I began to understand the fix was in even though it didn’t make any sense. All those who got the presentments couldn’t be in league.., could they?

Walt grew justifiably impatient, as did the rest of us, but wasn’t about to be deterred, so he put together his files and took them to a seated grand jury at the Madisonville Courthouse, not knowing the extent of judicial corruption he was about to uncover. It was this adventure that began the true education for all of us when, after repeated attempts to be heard, he was granted time to present his evidence.

At this point, having been told what occurred during that meeting, I began to believe peaceful options to resolving the Obama mystery may not have been available, and when I got a call from Walt telling me he was going to do a citizen’s arrest on the grand jury foreman for having been a foreman for 20+ years, I decided to be of whatever assistance I could. That was April 1, 2010, the day judicial corruption began to be laid bare for all of us to see.

Five people, including me, witnessed the theater of the absurd when, after Walt did a great job of researching the lawful steps to take and following those steps all the way through, concluded his action by entering the courtroom where the jury was seated and pronounced Gary Pettway, the foreman,  under citizen’s arrest. The five witnesses remained outside the courtroom, except for one woman who prefers her name not used because she believed retribution for just being there would result in her arrest. She knew the reputation of Tennessee courts because of her relatively close proximity to them. She was the one who held my camcorder and video-taped the arrest and actions that followed.

Other than dogged persistence and insistence that the arrest of Pettway be carried out by the law enforcement officers on the scene, Walt displayed nothing but respect and was, in turn, arrested and carried off to the jail a block away for doing his civic duty.

News of the arrest went viral on the internet with people from across the land shocked by the level of downright criminal injustice handed down by this court. The Post & Email editor picked up on the events and covered everything that followed along with helping in efforts to get Walt released. That reporting opened up the sleeping eyes of country-loving Americans from coast to coast. Meanwhile, I got on every internet talk show I could to get people involved in helping this courageous vet fight what was now being revealed as an outlaw court system in the heart of the Bible Belt. There are no words I could use to describe the shock I felt at having witnessed that event. My belief that our government would never allow things like this to go unpunished was completely shattered and replaced with a growing need to find an answer that would net Walt the justice he so rightly deserved. I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Walt, but that just goes to show you how naïve I was.

In the weeks leading up to his arraignment, I met Darren Huff via a talk show. He agreed to go to the arraignment in a show of support for a fellow sailor vet. Like everyone else who learned of Walt’s situation, he wanted to be there in the hope that a large gathering of supporters would help show these renegade criminals the spotlight was now upon them and it was time to do the right thing.

So, on April 20, the day of Walt’s arraignment, we left our Georgia homes to go to Madisonville.

As I got within a couple of miles from the Madisonville exit, I passed a pickup with all kinds of signs and flags with a patriotic theme. I knew it was Darren because he bragged about the artwork on an internet show we both attended. I passed him just barely in time to make the exit with him just car-lengths behind. At the top of the exit ramp, the lines separating it from the highway were not visible to me, maybe because I was driving a low-to-the-ground Civic hybrid. I did a semi-slow roll where the stop sign was and proceeded east. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I saw Darren’s truck come to a stop and then proceed to make the turn when all of a sudden blue and red lights began flashing in back of the median and side of the road, quickly followed by two more light-and-siren-blazing enforcement vehicles. With my video recorder at the ready, I turned into a gas station a couple of hundred yards from where Darren’s truck was now stopped. Pulling directly in front of me in the gas station entrance was a silver SUV with tinted windows. The intent was obviously to stop me as well, but when I swerved to the right in front of the SUV, its driver decided instead to join the party of lights surrounding Darren. From the Burger King which was on a hill overlooking the scene, I parked and began recording the event. Periodic glances by the officers assured me they were aware of my presence. I witnessed what was later described to me as a felony stop where the driver is commanded to get out with hands on head and walk backwards to the guns-drawn waiting officer.

By the time Darren completed the walk at least five marked and unmarked vehicles were around, in front of and behind him. At this point, multiple enforcement officers could be seen pointing sidearms and shotguns at both Darren and his friend, who was still in the truck. Officers cautiously approached the vehicle and barked out orders for the passenger to get out. Not being able to hear anything, I attempted to go down the hill to get a closer look and maybe hear something, but the grass was wet, the hill was steep and any farther progress would have resulted in my slipping all the way down and into the mix. That didn’t seem like a very intelligent thing to do, so I returned to the vehicle. I neglected to mention having a passenger with me. My good friend, upon my return to the vehicle, handed me my phone with another friend who couldn’t attend calling to see what was going on. Having explained the unfolding events, we got off the phone and he began calling others with updates. By now, Darren was in the back seat of the arresting officer’s vehicle, while his friend stood outside the truck with both passenger-side doors open. Officers peered and leaned inside but never fully entered. Dogs were then escorted around the vehicle, sniffing for something, but they didn’t appear to have picked up any actionable scents and were then escorted back to their vehicles.

The stop began at around 8:00 a.m. and ended with Darren’s returning to his truck, placing something in the toolbox and getting in to leave. By then, at least two of the vehicles aiding in the stop had left, so I timed my departure with Darren’s. The only other thing of note was the marked patrol cars that circled the Burger King for unknown reasons. Glances in my direction didn’t appear to be provocative. The whole event lasted about an hour.

Darren had a little head start but was seen pulling into a pharmacy at the only major intersection in Sweetwater. That’s where I caught up with him as he came out with a couple of drinks, and that was the first official face-to-face meeting we had. The four of us discussed the surreal event, then departed, now late for the 9:00 arraignment. From Sweetwater to the Madisonville Courthouse, enforcement vehicles, marked and unmarked, appeared, both driving and parked in driveways in alarmingly high numbers but nothing to compare with the numbers near the courthouse.

We entered Donna’s Café across from the courthouse, and met others there who also came to show their support. Surveying the crowd in the restaurant, it appeared that 15 or so were in attendance, seated in the rear dining area. We were updated and shown the other presence we had not noticed while driving up:  snipers on building roofs, patrolling officers with AK’s or equivalent, alphabet agency vehicles with darkly-tinted windows, even helicopters. Something big was planned, but none of us fully understood what. Darren and I stayed at Donna’s until Walt came in at around 11:30. The number of supporters then grew to be 25+. All listened as he gave us his impression on the events. After maybe an hour, all parted company and returned from whence they came.

Everyone there was well-behaved and respectful. None that I saw carried any weapons of any sort. I mention that because the criminals of this court later described witnessing people with varying degrees of armament on display, walking around the annex where the arraignment hearing was held. That building was behind the courthouse which had been closed that day for security concerns. Armed guards were stationed at its doorways the whole time we were there.

So ended the events of April 20th, 2010, but Walt’s and Darren’s saga was only just beginning…

The sequence of events thus far was hard enough to fathom, but the ones that followed proved to be even more bizarre.

This concludes the first installment of the events surrounding Walt and Darren. More will follow…

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  1. Kudos go to The Post & Email for their coverage of the news concerning Cmdr. Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff. This story must remain highly visible as a reminder. Think this TN court is the exception? Though a bit more brazen and in your face, they are not.
    If you’re curious as to how the BAR Attorneys are able to hijack the entire Judicial branch, which they have,all you need do is look up Black’s Law Dictionary volume 6. At the end of the preface you’ll find a warning. Read that and you’ll begin to see how these Legions of esquires have turned their unique language art form into the tool they use to capture the Judicial system. More men of courage like Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick..,a lot more, will be required. Darren is also courageous. I salute both of these men.