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by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDAunite.org

PANDA seeks to nullify or abolish the indefinite detention provisions of the 2011 and subsequent NDAA bills

(Jan. 6, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

Welcome to 2014, and only 6 days in, the movement is already growing by leaps and bounds. We had over 50 new people join the resistance this week, our interview in Common Sense News reached across Colorado, and our friends at SGTReport released an awesome video promoting resistance to the NDAA @ 4,000 views and counting:


Onto the goodies for this week:

The new PANDA Website is LIVE! 

Many thanks to our web team, Mike and Garrett, and Joe at Post-Mortal Design for all the work they put in. The new website is:

Mobile-friendly: Access pandaunite.org on your smartphone or tablet
Better organized
Cleaner and more professional
More action-oriented. Find the latest action alerts by scrolling down.

Check out the new website, Live at http://pandaunite.org/

FL Libertarian Party, NV Constitution Party, and more, join Take Back Coalition:

Welcome to 6 groups/media that joined the Take Back Coalition this week. If they’re in your state, reach out to them for help taking back your town:


Eagle Forum of California


Angel Clark Show


Libertarian Party of Florida


Constitution Party of Nevada
Eccentric Perspective Radio


Budget Raw Deal
Welcome to our new coalition partners.

Flashback: Did your representative vote for the 2012 NDAA?

When you are attempting to get support from local officials for the RCG Resolution, it sometimes helps to point to your member of Congress and say “they voted against the 2012 NDAA, so our concerns are legitimate.” Below is the voting record of your Representatives and Senators on this unConstitutional law. How did your rep vote?

House: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/112-2011/h932

Senate: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/112-2011/s218

25+ Newly uploaded sample speeches in front of local government

After you have built a strong coalition in your area, it is time to show up in front of your local government and demand they honor their Oath. It took us a little while, but thanks to the work of our video editor, Matt Maltese, we now have the speeches that pressured three councils/commissions to pass anti-NDAA resolutions. You can use these as examples when approaching your local government:

Emmett, ID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPWZ-26IkUs

Albany, NY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GaM5ulwCDI

Clark County, NV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo6u9Ca-2VI

PANDA’s Dan Johnson to be touring California, Ohio:

Thanks to the great efforts of some of our grassroots supporters, I will be going on speaking tours in Ohio next month, and California in March. If you have a group in either state, and you would like me to get them engaged, inspired, and ready to fight the NDAA, contact us here and we’ll add your group to the schedule! If you live in either state, keep updated on my confirmed speaking schedule at: http://pandaunite.org/aboutus/invite-panda/.

Recent News:

PANDA in the Washington Times: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/view-tenth/2013/dec/29/new-hampshire-bill-seeks-thwart-federal-indefinite/

PANDA on Resistance Radio: http://www.resistanceradio.com/2014/01/02/jared-grifoni-12-31-13-dave-elliot-show-archive/

Why the 2014 NDAA Matters, an Op-Ed from We Are Change: http://wearechange.org/media-ignored-2014-ndaa-matters/

Thank you for all your support. Together, we can take back this nation. One city at a time.

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  1. We need to abolish lots of this the government has done starting about 100 years ago. Thank you for what you are doing. Keep going.