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by Don Fredrick, ©2013, blogging at The Obama Timeline

Greek mythology includes the story of the Trojan Horse which the Greeks used to trick the Trojans in order for the Greeks to triumph over Troy in the ten-year war which had ensued

(Nov. 27, 2013) — We are getting perilously close to the point where the parasites will outnumber the producers. A society can certainly afford to take care of children and the elderly, but when tens of millions of able-bodied adults are not in the work force, many of those who are working will eventually succumb to the pressure of providing for everyone else—and go on the dole themselves. But we cannot all feed at the trough—especially the able-bodied—if no one is filling the trough.

The care of our children is our own personal responsibility, of course, as is the care of our elderly parents. When I grew up we had three generations living in one household, which is the logical and moral way of ensuring that people who cannot care for themselves are cared for. But that scenario is now rapidly disappearing. The baby boomers do not want to care for their elderly parents; they want them shuffled off into nursing homes—paid for by the government, of course. At the same time they want to dump their children into childcare centers—paid for by the government, of course. As the children get older the parents want subsidized college educations—paid for by the government, of course. Add that burden to the tens of millions of Americans who are receiving welfare and unemployment benefits. Yes, that they are in that situation was not necessarily their own fault—but that does not change the math.

The government can get the money to pay benefits in only three ways: taxing us, borrowing it from others, or expanding the money supply via the Federal Reserve (causing price inflation in the process). The government has been doing all three for decades, and it is not only on an unsustainable, reckless path—it is picking up speed as it heads down that path. This cannot continue. There is simply not enough wealth to subsidize all the benefits, and we cannot borrow from China or print money forever. We cannot pay tens of millions of people not to work, providing them with welfare checks, food stamps, housing subsidies, and free cell phones. We cannot continue to have the government take the place of fathers. We cannot continue to breed societal parasites.

Fortunately, increasing numbers of Americans are starting to see the light… because of ObamaCare. Until now, many people thought that “someone else” was paying the freight for the welfare state. Now they are learning that they—in the middle class—cannot escape the tax man. ObamaCare is essentially a tax scheme in which middle-class Americans are forced to pay more for health insurance so that others can pay less—or even nothing. (The insurance companies are simply the designated tax collectors.) ObamaCare was designed to shift wealth from middle-class workers to the working poor and to non-workers. Because there are not enough wealthy people to fund ObamaCare, the middle class must necessarily be squeezed. With Healthcare.gov angst and sticker shock, canceled insurance policies, and sky-high renewal rates, the middle class has just barely begun to feel that squeeze, and it is already up in arms. As we progress though 2014 it will only get worse… and it will be an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats who eagerly shoveled coal into the boiler as the ship headed into the ice field—while the Republican lookouts shouted, “Iceberg ahead!”

Obama and his cronies made many mistakes with ObamaCare. But the greatest were: (1) assuming the Democrats would retain control of the House of Representatives, and (2) overreaching. They were stunned by the town hall meeting opposition to ObamaCare in August 2010, and they lost the House. That made it more difficult for them to paper over the problems or ramrod additional legislation through Congress. Their overreach was in thinking they could do in a few years what arguably should have been a decades-long scheme. Their plan was simple: slowly force the private insurance industry to fail, thereby pushing everyone into a socialist, federal system. But instead of implementing their plan in small steps (which would have been just as unjustifiable but far easier to get away with), they tried to accomplish it in one fell swoop. Even now, some leftists still probably believe that they can ride in on a white horse and say, “Here I am to save the day, with single payer!” But it is now too late.

In his rush to put the plan into action, the arrogant and incompetent Obama left the trapdoor of the Trojan Horse wide open, inadvertently enabling millions of Americans to see what was inside. They cannot now “unsee” what they saw. Yes, we will still have single-payer jackanapes flapping their jaws on the talk shows, but fewer people will now take them seriously. We have seen the army of socialists inside the horse. We have seen its cumbersome and convoluted Rube Goldberg gears and levers. Obama’s team failed him. Healthcare.gov was the Trojan Horse designed to get his soldiers inside the enemy fort, but it started collapsing before it was even half-way through the gate.

Bunker where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun hid from the Allies before committing suicide in 1945

The Republican Party certainly has the ability to mess this up. But if they stay away from candidates who focus on rape and abortion instead of ObamaCare and liberty, they can win the Senate. The Republicans should not claim that they have a better wooden horse design. They should promise to burn the wooden horse.

Obama would veto an outright ObamaCare appeal, but the worse the situation gets, the more likely the GOP can find frightened Senate Democrats to help give them a two-thirds majority to override a veto. At some point, outraged Americans will be outside the White House and the Capitol Building with pitchforks. The gathering multitudes may have little effect on lunatics like Nancy Pelosi, and Obama and Valerie Jarrett will hunker down like Hitler in his Berlin bunker, but most politicians have more than a few self-preservation genes in their DNA. They know that hitching a ride on a horse is far different from being tarred and feathered.

This would be fun to watch if so many millions were not going to be hurt in the process.


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