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(Nov. 22, 2013) — Mike Zullo called in to the Carl Gallups Show on Freedom Friday today (NOV. 22).  Carl had been telling the audience in the previous segment that Arpaio and Zullo have tons of documented new evidence that will be “history making,” “earth shattering,” and “monumental.”  Carl said that Sheriff Arpaio was “fully engaged” and was going to make something happen on this matter very soon.  Zullo made a surprise and unannounced call to the show – backing what Carl said plus giving MORE insight. You have to listen to this brief clip!

See video here.

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  1. Give em’ hell Mike and Joe! They want you to back down! Wow. We can tell “them” as LEO’s and Vets WE DON’t BACK DOWN unless ORDERED TO DO SO. Sometimes you have to “disobey orders” in order to accomplish the mission. These New Age Pups have a lot to learn. It’s payback time, the clock is ticking. Stand by weasels, game on! Look at our “Judicial”, they are taking orders to back down by the Obama Regime, to hold back Criminal Presentments keeping any prosecution from reaching any docket or court. Almost all the people operating with the usurper are lawyers and are operating in full disobedience of the law while stealing record amounts of money and creating decoys while record destruction to America continues. The original “Oceans 11” crown would be thrilled to see this usurpation playing out the same plan and game. Remember, for those that remember the “original”, that in the end disaster was the result! We are seeing nothing but disaster for 5 long years and it’s getting worse by the minute. THE MOST HORRENDOUS GOVERNMENT TRAIN WRECK WE HAVE EVER SEEN AND COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE AS NOT PLANNED BY THE CONSTITUTION WHICH THEY HAVE DISCONNECTED FROM THE PUBLIC. WE ARE FISHING WITH NO HOOK, FOLKS! Like it or not, we are looking at 3 more years of complete corruption, coverups, theft, lies, personal destruction and privacy invasion never seen before on our shores! HELLO! Anybody home? We know someone is home at The Post & Email and working hard to keep the patriots in the know. Can you name any news “agency” including The Fair And Balanced FOX Network that has reported unedited and controlled material to the public? Na. You are seeing it right here at The Post & Email. Treasure its place and purpose.

  2. Provided that I don’t get hit by lightning, what are the odds of me still being alive when this universe-shattering info comes out?

    On the other hand, of course, I could save energy and just stop listening to Barker Gallups until it shows up in the left-stream media.