Breaking News Report: Declassified Scandal Tension Rises in a House Divided as FAX Reveals


by Cody Robert Judy, ©2013

(Nov. 17, 2013) — Two days ago on Fox News Chris Wallace interviewed Representative Devin Nunes- California (Republican) who reports he has sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (Republican) asking for 9 questions to be answered on Benghazi. This shows that there is more divide within the Republican leadership and the younger Republican Representative(s), and that a complicity may exist understood to be compromising national security between the GOP leadership and the White House Administration compromising truth and the standard to protect Americans for political gain.

Detail of Report:

But that might not be the only compromise under the microscope with new exasperation many Republican Representatives may be feeling with the heat under the color rising to a boiling point that may soon see eruption. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach so does round two on the ‘debt ceiling & obamacare tussel’ lawmakers are looking forward to about as much as the nightmare in-laws with cousin Eddie overstaying the holidays.

Americans increasingly are lighting the flames under their law-makers’ pants and drinking the water under the tree that threatens with a tiny wire malfunction the flash fire of the tree and thus the entire House over the cancellations of their insurance policies and thus their forced entry into Obamacare.

As if Obama ‘thought’ the consequences of his actions would never cause any problem with Americans he is shocked that his own grandiose plan of communism resembles the rising lava flow of Mount Etna, also erupting 2 days ago, when Americans are marched to the concentration camps of Obamacare.

The pressure for answers is over-whelming Representatives who are torn between ‘getting along’ and ‘their futures’. Which one is the flickering light in the corner of their eye? The bottom line of ‘getting along’ may not be as fashionable as a continued job if they don’t call Obama’s eligibility up from the growing list of scandals as the mother of them all.

The fight on the debt ceiling may be a breaking point if O’s not willing to compromise and Americans keep up the pressure for Obamacare’s elimination. No one saw the Gov. shutdown coming either,.. we could have a rematch w R’s wanting more leverage!

One thing Lawmakers should not need is schooling on getting a legally qualified President’s signature on an ACT before it becomes law. In the rendition “For Dummies” we see :

“After Congress passes a bill, it doesn’t become law without the president’s signature, and if he vetoes it, it may not be enacted at all (although Congress has the option of overriding the veto). Thus, the president is an immensely powerful presence throughout the legislative process despite his small constitutional role.”

So what happens to Obamacare if Obama is dismissed as a ‘disability’ under U.S.C. Amend 14.,Sec 3 in a type of ‘disability impeachment hearing” the House has in a live broadcast on CNN under the same transparency Obama has promised?

Well, Obamacare is certainly put on hold as Republicans desire to hold it for a year and guess what? It doesn’t matter how much the devil stomps, shouts, and screams if you are not a qualified President, if your not ‘born in the U.S. to Citizen parents, as the natural born citizen clause demands, you do not have authorization to sign an ACT of Congress, and thus Obamacare is made moot or the featured editorial describes is a Constitutionally Compromised Act.

Four weeks ago Senator Harry Reid was put on notice in a letter revealed two weeks later to a very limited number of media sources of an upcoming House Hearing scheduled for sometime in January. The contents of that letter were released October 31, 2013 here.

While I cannot discuss the conversations of detail, it is of paramount importance that the American People know, understand, and are informed at this exact time of the letter that has been faxed to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, House Chairman of the Government Oversite Committee Darrell Issa, House Representative Eric Cantor who as House Leader was named in House Resolution 368, which was passed by the House Rules Committee on the night of September 30, 2013, the night before the October 2013 government shutdown began.

He was thusly named the only member of the House with the power to bring forth bills and resolutions for a vote if both chambers of Congress disagree on that bill or resolution. Prior to the resolution’s passing in committee, it was within the power of every member of the House under House Rule XXII, Clause 4 to be granted privilege to call for a vote. This amendment to the House rules was blamed for causing the partial government shutdown and for prolonging it since Cantor refused to allow the Senate’s continuing resolution to be voted on in the House.

Dear GOP Leader Eric Cantor of The House of Representatives/
Chairman Issa of the Gov. Oversight/
Chairman Goodlatte Chairman House Judiciary Comm.

Please read these two post/links given below and consider my testimony as a key to stopping Obamacare through the legal demand that ACTS of Congress first must be signed by a qualified President according to the demands of the U.S.C. for the Office of the President to become law.

Eliminating the Race Card of Obama and the Partisan Politics on O’s Eligibility.

Letter to Sen. Harry Reid released Oct 31st according to the time period mentioned.

Thank you for this consideration. The factual evidence is overwhelming and I as a candidate for President in the Democratic Party was subject to injury without Judicial Hearing from the United States Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 twice 2012, and January 2013. I have no other recourse but to appeal to Congress to hear the evidence and facts with my standing on the principle of eligibility of the Office of the President untainted by ‘race’ because I first in 2008 took Sen. McCain to court on his eligibility prior to his receiving the nomination. This will make a difference as it’s the principle I’ve held up as a candidate without regard to race, the main complaint of mainstream media.

I am a candidate willfully run-over against the laws of our Constitution and I demand a House Hearing to relay the U.S. Supreme Court Clerks 6 month delay in giving me a case number only after 2 other cases from Georgia came to the Court with no Presidential candidates so as to slide my case in with theirs as “without standing” and strategically placing the court “out of session” to hear my case. If I had been given a case number without any problems or changes made I would have been heard the session before the election.

The damages I’ve suffered compel justice Sir. I should not have to bear this burden of injustice especially with the legal and professional witnesses of law and order testifying to my cause and complaint.
I await your response and answer to my request with a “Yes” or “No”.

Cody Robert Judy
Contact Info.

Signature : ¬¬¬¬¬s/s/Cody Robert Judy

Cover Letter
Eric Cantor Chairman Issa – House Over sight
Richmond Gov. Reform and Oversight Comm.
F: 804.747-5308 FAX: (202) 225-3974

Culpeper Chairman Goodlatte- House Judicial Com
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Washington, DC
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