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by Sharon Rondeau

Why has the White House lied to the American people with a fraudulent birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama?

(Nov. 8, 2013) — Barack Hussein Obama now says that he is “sorry” following the cancellation of more than 4.2 million healthcare plans for people in the individual health insurance market.

Health insurers were forced by the law passed in 2010 known as “Obamacare” to stop issuing policies which did not meet the new government-imposed standards on individual plans.  Insurance executives predict that the problem will become “worse” as Obamacare continues to take full effect into 2015 and beyond.

When the law was passed, Obama promised the public that “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”  After hundreds of thousands of people began receiving cancellation notices last month, Obama changed his story to, “What we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”  Left-leaning pundits told the public that “national health insurance” was preferable to employer-provided insurance despite their knowledge that some people would be “on their own” and “caught in the middle” without coverage.

As of Thursday, the Healthcare.gov website still said, “For Americans with insurance coverage who like what they have, they can keep it. Nothing in this act or anywhere in the bill forces anyone to change the insurance they have, period.”

The website has been taken offline every night between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. for the last several weeks in order to enact fixes and “make things better.”

But it was the Department of Health and Human Services which changed the “rules,” “regulations,” and “policies” which specified the minimum requirements of a plan, even though many plans were reportedly “grandfathered” by the passage of the law in March 2010.

Obamacare limits the extent of coverage which can be provided by a plan and will tax those plans which exceed that limit beginning in 2018.  “Death panels,” once ridiculed by Obama sycophants, are now recognized as being a real part of Obamacare.

The Obama regime encouraged people losing their health insurance to “shop around” in the new healthcare exchange through Healthcare.gov, the website on which approximately $1 billion was spent and which remains plagued with problems since its launch on October 1.  The regime has also assumed role of “tweaking” the law given its problem-laden rollout, promising to waive the tax which would have been levied on an individual for not having insurance until the end of the open enrollment period on March 31.

Millions of Americans have reported an inability to complete the online application because of the dysfunctional website, after which Obama urged people to enroll by phone.  The same evening, the telephone application line crashed.

Information conveyed to participating insurance carriers has been misrepresented, and several reports have surfaced of possible identity theft after an applicant submitted personal information.  Experts had warned that the site was likely to an easy target for hackers and identity thieves.

Individuals with criminal backgrounds have been hired to be “navigators,” paid up to $48.00/hour, with at least one illegal alien having been placed in a manager’s position.  Some “helpers” had not completed their 20 hours of training on October 1, when the website launched.

At a press conference on October 27, Obama had assured an audience assembled in the Rose Garden that the problems “are gonna get fixed.”

Some of those who have had their plans canceled have serious illnesses, and obtaining insurance on the federal healthcare exchange has proven unaffordable and “demonstrably inferior.”  White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer retorted in one case that the policyholder was that she “lost her plan because of a ‘business decision’ by her insurer.”

Obamacare is formally entitled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

Congress is now considering a measure which would “allow individuals to keep their plans even if the coverage failed to meet the health-law’s standards.”  Republicans in the House of Representatives had withheld funding for Obamacare in an appropriations bill submitted to the Senate on September 20 which resulted in a partial government shutdown of 16 days since neither Obama nor the Senate would negotiate.

The House Ways & Means Committee has issued a subpoena for statistics on Obamacare enrollees to date, which are expected to be “low.”

Since 2007, when he announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency, Obama has claimed he was born in Hawaii after many reports said that he was born in the East African country of Kenya.  His scant documentation includes two birth certificates, one short-form and the other the “long-form,” both of which have been declared “computer-generated forgeries” by a criminal investigation. Obama’s purported Selective Service registration card has also been said to be fraudulent by the same investigators, the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse.

No hospital in Hawaii will confirm the birth, and elements of his life story are inconsistent or nonexistent.  Pfeiffer, whose photo appears on the White House website with the fraudulent image, would not reveal what Obama was doing on the night of September 11, 2012, when four Americans were killed at a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya and Obama was nowhere to be found, in violation of his oath of office and duties as putative commander-in-chief.

Those questioning Obama’s birthplace, life narrative and associations have been ridiculed, defamed, marginalized, labeled “sovereign citizens,” and deprived of their liberty and incomes in some cases.

Breaking news on Friday indicated that the posse’s investigation has taken a new turn which has revealed “absolutely astounding implications” to investigators.

If Obama lied about health care coverage, how many other things has he lied about?

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