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by Cody Robert Judy, ©2013, blogging at CodyJudy

(Nov. 3, 2013) — Certainly is disconcerting to say the least when attacked so viciously as I have been the past few days by those supposedly known as Birthers in regards to my last post here. One might presume to ask where such flagitious defamation comes from especially considering the supposed common cause of our United States Constitution and the absolute destruction we are facing now with Obama-scare which if fully implemented will be the greatest tax hike in United States history under the coat of the biggest United States fraud – Obama?

Let me say first, It is my hope that all Birthers can come together under the Constitution for that is the reason we were called Birthers ultimately, with each one contributing what they can. You know I’d like to start right out of the gate with a statement: it wouldn’t bother me if Obama was removed as a disability through a disability impeachment hearing and I had nothing to do with it. I am quite simply one of you, going to work and paying my bills as best as I can. Many members of Congress are debating ‘disability hearings’, ‘impeachment hearings’, and a combination called a disability impeachment hearing. Why and What they are debating is certainly up for good ole debate and speculation which everyone is able to chime in on. Let’s take a little walk, you and I and just discuss some things.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity have repeatedly spoke about Obama playing his ‘race’ card, and this has been the very most effective tactic against Birthers by the mainstream media in the secret meetings behind closed doors. Yes, the ‘race card’ has not been something off limits for them to discuss. In fact I believe that is the reason the conservative talk show host are not out right Birthers. The bed they made with McCain in 2008 is a very large bed.

Now its debatable wither they were either “going along” with Republican leadership with non-binding Senate Resolution 511 in the Senate which ever single Republican U.S. Senator voted for in 2008, or the trail of tid-bits enticed them with money. It doesn’t matter now it is spilt milk, but that’s also when Obama-scare was passed with a full majority of Democrats in the House, the Senate, and the White House.

In 2010 Republicans took over the Majority in the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate received its first dose of new Republicans who had not voted for non-binding Senate Resolution 511. These new guys coming in the House and Senate are staring at Obama-scare in their sites saying, “no way”, and, “we didn’t vote for Senate Res 511 so we are not bound to deals the Republicans made in 2008.”

This is why we’re seeing the fraction taking place in the U.S. Senate with folks like Ted Cruz elected in ’12 and Mike Lee elected in ’10 that came in after Obama or prior U.S. non-binding Sen. Res 511 passed in April 2008. These new people are looking around asking themselves, “What can we do about what happened before we came in that was wrong and shouldn’t have happened, and still have a working relationship with our colleagues?”

The problem with a regular “impeachment hearing”, [which I might remind you can only be held upon a Constitutionally Qualified President which Obama is not], with Obama in total frustration of every single scandal coming out in 2013 is the ‘security question’ that comes under the President of the United States to enforce the law, as well as preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution with. That responsibility is given great regard to the President by Congress as it is necessary. Obama knows that and so does Congress.

That said, the events of Benghazi, the IRS Profiling, the NSA spying, even Fast & Furious come under the ‘security’ of the White House and the Administration can indeed simple state the word “Security” to justify every single decision. Frankly, when Hillary Clinton screamed back at the Legislature “What difference does it make now?” she was absolutely correct. It was a “Security” decision made by the Executive Branch Congress has limited checks to.

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