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by Sharon Rondeau

Cody Robert Judy reports that a hearing will take place in the House Judiciary Committee in January regarding Obama’s eligibility which may also involve discussion of impeachment

(Nov. 1, 2013) — On October 31, The Post & Email published an article in which we cited presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy‘s report that a hearing on the possible impeachment and constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama will be held by the House Judiciary Committee sometime in January.

Before press time, we had asked Mr. Judy for further comment, to which he responded that he had released as much information on the matter as he was able to at present.

On Friday, several readers informed The Post & Email that Atty. Orly Taitz stated that Mr. Judy’s report is “a hoax.”  When we asked Judy for comment regarding the allegation, he responded:

Hi Sharon,

RE: Question on : http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=438923 

I would have to simply state that “most of the time” statistically speaking there is no “evidence” of hearings in Congress until they are put on the schedule and often the schedule of Congress can fluctuate according to the public necessity and demand. That said, I don’t think what Orly said is out of line and or extraordinary.

I don’t believe it effects anything I’ve said. Orly certainly had not contacted me personally, or been involved with anything I’m doing with regards to my testimony as a Presidential Candidate. The sensitive nature of the “debt ceiling” argument in Congress and the fact Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee are shifting the balances of power, even within the Republican Party and shaking things up, probably wasn’t expected by Congress or the public either. I’m sure you do recall I ran against Sen. Mike Lee as an Independent in the 2010 Senate Election and I’m pretty proud of him for doing what he has done so far as it has taken a lot of courage.

Cody Robert Judy

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