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by Sharon Rondeau

On October 18, 2013, Douglas Vogt filed two affidavits with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington requesting that a special federal grand jury be empaneled to examine evidence of forgery, fraud, and treason in the matter of Obama’s forged birth certificates

(Oct. 29, 2013) — Following the submission of two affidavits at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington on October 18, The Post & Email contacted the petitioner, Douglas Vogt, to ask him key questions about his claims that the short-form and long-form birth certificates of Barack Hussein Obama are forgeries and that the identity of the forger and other criminal assistants is known.

Vogt is owner of Archive Index Systems, which markets scanners, copiers and document imaging systems.  Previous to that, he owned and operated a typesetting business.  An accountant by training, Vogt worked for a certified public accountant firm for several years.  Vogt has performed exhaustive research and published books on science and history.

Vogt maintains that the two fraudulent birth certificates were produced by the Hawaii Department of Health in cooperation with several employees there, including the director, Loretta Fuddy.

The public affidavit, or “Notice,” can be read here:  Notice Doug Vogt 10-18-13

A Memorandum of Law accompanying the Notice explaining the need for a second, sealed affidavit is here:  Memo Doug Vogt 10-18-13

On Monday, The Post & Email interviewed Montgomery Blair Sibley, who lent his legal expertise to producing the affidavits.

In March, we had spoken with Vogt about his findings to date, at which time he had hinted that he would take action on the forgery in his home state of Washington.

In June 2011, less than two months after it was posted on the White House website, Vogt submitted an affidavit and 28-page report to the FBI detailing why the long-form birth certificate was a forgery but received no response.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When did you conceive of the idea to file your conclusions with a federal court?

MR. VOGT:  Over a year ago.  I had seen what was going on with cases being put into court by various lawyers and thought they were approaching it all wrong.  My background is accounting. I have a degree in accounting and was a public accountant for a number of years.  When I was reading Title 18 code regarding the section on forgery and other sections, there were two things that came out that I found very interesting:  one was misprision of felony and the other was misprision of treason.  These say that if you learn of a felony committed against the United States, you’re supposed to report it.  Each one has a different reporting sequence, but both of them involve a United States judge, which today is called a U.S. federal judge.

No one has ever used the statute.  Usually a prosecutor uses it to force someone who has firsthand knowledge of a crime but never reported it; they use it to compel the person to confess or he would get three or seven years in prison.  For misprision of felony, it is a fine or three years in prison, and misprision of treason is seven years in prison or a fine.

When I read those two laws and thought about it, I said, “When they get it, they really don’t have much choice if the evidence I have is compelling; they have to give it to a federal grand jury.  Montgomery Blair Sibley had come to the same conclusion when I met up with him through a mutual friend about six months ago.

It took me about a year.  I already had some of the points of forgery, but now it’s up to 20 points of forgery.  Paul Irey and I did the research on this.  As I’ve told Paul, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  The last thing I found was that the registrar stamp was deliberately altered, with different variations of the alteration.  For a forger, the easiest thing in the world to forge is a registrar’s stamp; you just take a legitimate one, scan it and copy it, and put it on your forgery.  Then why was the forger altering it in ways of changing the line spacing, even the word spacing, on some of them?  The size of the beginning of the line of the type is different from the text size at the end of the line.

The affidavit and the book that Paul and I are writing could actually be used as a textbook for forensic examiners when you’re dealing with an electronic document for which there was never an original. You have to know quite a bit, unfortunately.  We’ve been doing this for two years.  Fortunately, with Paul’s experience of Photoshop – I have knowledge of Photoshop but not like him; Paul’s been doing it since the first version of it in the ’80s – our experience in typesetting and my knowledge of scanners and the technology and software, we knew we had so many ways to prove the birth certificate a forgery, and this is the culmination of it.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When will your book be published?

MR. VOGT:  Paul has to do two chapters and I have to do some also.  I don’t have a big publisher yet and I am looking for one. I have 11 chapters done in a 17-chapter book. They are all easy chapters and short.  The hard evidence is in the earlier chapters.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I recall when we spoke in March, you had intimated that you were contemplating an action in your home state containing the criminal evidence.

MR. VOGT:  Yes, I knew about misprision of felony and treason and pretty-much knew what I was going to do.  What I think has made the Obots and the others nervous is they see the public affidavit, which is over 15,000 words with 21 exhibits, but they don’t know what’s in the sealed one.  The sealed one is almost as big; it’s over 12,000 words and has at least 14 exhibits to it.  This is major.  When I say I have nailed them to the wall, I really did.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Are you 100% sure of who the forger was, the alleged financier and propagandists you mentioned in the affidavit?

MR. VOGT:  Yes, of the main characters.  It’s not my job to investigate all of the Obots; a special prosecutor would do that, including pulling the phone records.  The internet connections and everything like that is already there; the NSA has it.  A federal grand jury can subpoena all of those records, and people cannot withhold it.  They cannot withhold evidence subpoenaed by a federal grand jury.  If [Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Dr. Alvin] Onaka refuses, the judge issues an arrest warrant. It’s obstruction of justice, a felony, and they can’t refuse it.

It’s serious business.  It’s the only way to get to this guy.  It avoids the Justice Department and the FBI unless they come around.

I want to say right now:  I feel very bad and sorry for the leaders of the FBI; the CIA, a few of whom I know, and the good lawyers in the Justice Department.  They must be extremely mad; I know that’s the case for the military, as friends of mine have told me.  They’re as mad as all hell, but they can’t really do much; most of them are just good bureaucrats and don’t want to endanger their pensions and their salary.  But somebody had to do it, and it looks as if Paul and I, with our backgrounds, were “stuck” having to do it.  No one else came forward.

I want to say one thing that is really important:  whatever judge does this knows that he will go down in history.  This is the worst crime in American history.  There’s nothing worse than this.  It’s on the same order but vastly larger than the Benedict Arnold trial.  We can’t find this crime happening in any other country anyplace in history:  a foreign enemy agent – this guy is a Muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – wound up becoming president by a conspiracy between communists and Islamists to install him in office so he can destroy the country from within.  That’s what the crime is.  These people better understand that if it gets to a grand jury and they find that the evidence I have is correct – and they’ll find more of the conspiracy – the penalty for treason is death.  I can’t imagine these people escaping that particular penalty because of the nature of the crime and what Obama has done to the country in getting us to over $8 or $9 trillion more debt than Bush had when he left office.  These people are going to hang.  It’s the worst crime in American history; nothing comes close.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think Obama is a citizen of a foreign country?  In our last interview, you said you believed that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological father.

MR. VOGT:  He admits to it.  During the last campaign, there was a White House contest that if you contributed and you were drawn from a raffle, you could have lunch with the president.  Obama is quoted saying in the ad, which I have, that “My father taught me the great love of jazz.”  That wasn’t Barack Obama Sr.; that was Frank Marshall Davis, who used to teach classes in jazz in Chicago.  There’s no question that’s who he is.  And Obama knows it.  That’s why Stanley Ann Dunham brought him over to Davis’s house two or three times a week:  so that he would bond with his father.   They knew it; they all know it.

That’s why he was anointed by the Communist Party to become president.  He was the one to be anointed.  What this amounts to is a bloodless coup carried out by the Communist Party.

Frank Marshall Davis was a known communist writer, union activist and newspaper editor who relocated from Chicago to Hawaii in the late 1940s

THE POST & EMAIL:  Frank Marshall Davis was a communist, writing for communist organizations in both Chicago and Hawaii after he moved there.

MR. VOGT:  Yes, he was a card-carrying communist.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think Obama was born in the United States?

MR. VOGT:  No, he was born in Kenya.  Let’s say you have a daughter, and she’s seven or eight months’ pregnant in 1961.  You have health insurance here.  Would you send your daughter off to Kenya, Africa, where your health insurance won’t pay for the birth?  You don’t even know if there’s going to be a hospital in that village or a witch doctor when she gives birth.  Would you send your daughter off to give birth in Africa?


MR. VOGT:  Bingo.  I’ve asked this question of a lot of mothers and fathers and get the same answer.  Then ask yourself:  why did Stanley Dunham pay for the airfare – well over $1,000 – to go from Hawaii to New York?  I looked it up.  I was in the import-export business in the 1970s.  She had to fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles; Los Angeles to New York; New York to London, and London on BOAC to Kenya.; it was a colony and nobody else but British airlines could fly there.  That had to be $1,000-$1,500, and he forked it over, and this is why.  He was in the CIA, and even in Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, one of the chapters said “My grandfather was a company man,” which was a code word for the CIA.  It was a well-publicized CIA program that brought Barack Obama Sr. to the United States.  It was a CIA-run program.

We have a picture of Barack Obama Sr. standing at the airport with a bunch of leis around his neck and Stanley Dunham, the “furniture salesman,” standing directly to his right.  We’ve all seen that picture.  This is the important part:  he knew, as I figured out later, that the CIA got a copy of the birth certificates and death certificates.  In 1939, FDR created a federal security agency which was later taken apart.  Inside of it was the Social Security Department, the CDC’s Division of Vital Statistics, and some other functionaries that dealt with security and, during the war, even creating germ warfare and chemical warfare.  In 1946, it started getting broken up.  By 1947, they created the CIA; the CDC was put back into the Department of Health and Human Services and was called something else.  The Department of Vital Statistics and Social Security ended up being its own department or part of Treasury or whatever.

This is the important part:  When an agency is split up, the succeeding agency has the rights of the parent agency from which it came.  So it inherited the rights to receive information which the old agency had.  In other words, they had the right to collect the birth certificates.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Of everyone who worked for the CIA?

MR. VOGT:  The agency itself got copies of birth certificates of people working for the CIA.  Stanley Dunham’s problem was this:  His actions prove that he knew the agency received birth certificates.  He couldn’t afford to have his darling daughter show up giving birth to a black baby because they would know immediately that his new son-in-law was supposed to have been his target, but now it’s Frank Marshall Davis.  He would lose his security clearance overnight.  That’s why he paid the $1,000 or $1,500 to ship his daughter off to Kenya to give birth.

THE POST & EMAIL:  And that would make sense if the purported father were from Kenya and she wanted to join him there…

MR. VOGT:  There you go.  The birth certificate was not in the United States, and it would not be reported to the agency.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Mike Zullo has said publicly that they can’t find the airline manifests for the days before and after Obama’s alleged birth.

MR. VOGT:  Yes, it was altered.  That’s tampering with evidence; it’s a felony.  A lot of people are going to be spending a lot of years in prison or hanging.  This isn’t just destruction of evidence; the person who did that is part of a conspiracy to commit treason.  They’re all principals now, including the guy who did the research for all the information that went into the boxes in the birth certificate; he became a principal in a treason case.

I didn’t have to notarize the documents, but I did.  So it can be used by any district attorney or federal attorney to prosecute.  What I revealed this time deliberately is that the sealed affidavit is substantial.  It’s not a short little novelette.  They will know this is a real forensic examination and have proof of everything I said.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think you would be the first person to know if the judge empanels a federal grand jury?

MR. VOGT:  I would, but I couldn’t tell you about it.  As Mr. Sibley said, I wouldn’t tell anyone.  I’ll have some information up on vectorpub.com, and we’ll have another website which I’m trying to develop with copies of the pleadings.  But I’m going to have a lot more on it.  I have two audios from one of the foremost experts on narcissism; it was an interview on Israel National News quite a few years ago.  I’m going to put that up so that people can listen to it.  I want people to understand the kind of animal we’re dealing with in the White House.  This guy is a real sick puppy.  He’s what they label a malignant narcissist.  He is really a sick guy because his personality is so badly fractured.

We have the evidence that was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act on Barack Obama Sr.  In one of the letters in there, it said that the daughter, the mother, wanted to give up the baby even before he was born.  We have the evidence from Barack Obama Sr., about 22 days after Obama was allegedly born, in which he said he was married, but when it asked if he had any children, he put “Roy Obama.”  Roy was his son, but it wasn’t Obama.

Barack Obama Sr. never took credit for him over four years.  He never takes ownership.

THE POST & EMAIL:  You are in the scanner/copier business.  What do you think of the claim by some of the Obots that a Xerox 7655 Workcentre copier can replicate the anomalies found in the long-form birth certificate?

MR. VOGT:  It’s a ruse.  It’s one of the 12 things that Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals teaches.  When the other side says one thing, enter another subject and say another thing.  That’s all they did with that.  Once I repeated that number in Alinsky’s list, I never heard from them again.  They just run and hide.

The PDF that was posted on the White House website clearly says it was done on a Mackintosh using Preview, and the PDF was generated by Quartz.  They’re both Mackintosh programs.  It was never on the copier.  You couldn’t do it.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Why would it have needed to be copied if two certified copies were supposedly picked up at the Hawaii Department of Health?

Written in 1971, Rules for Radicals instructs community organizers how to unite people in pressing for “change” by marginalizing, “freezing,” and ridiculing their opponents

MR. VOGT:  The White House cover story was that they got the two copies and took one of them, which was the same one that Savannah Guthrie had, with the premise that they created the PDF and put it up on the internet.  There are only two ways that you make a PDF:  either scan it in, or you wind up doing it within Preview.  We had people do tests with it on the Mackintosh, and Quartz and Preview cannot do it. They do a minimum amount of cleanup and optimization, but they don’t create the same kind of layers at all.  They strip off the metadata and put theirs in, which is what happened.  This was just the Obots chasing their tails.  It’s all a lie.  They were grasping at straws.

Figuring out Obama’s forgery wasn’t really that hard.

THE POST & EMAIL:  No expert has vouched for it as authentic.  One was quoted by Fox to have done so, but he issued a correction which Fox refused to make.

MR. VOGT:  He’s in Canada; I called him up.

THE POST & EMAIL:  What did he say?

MR. VOGT:  He said,”I didn’t say that.”  He agreed with me that the thing had problems with it.  Fox lied.  He told me, “Fox lied.”

THE POST & EMAIL:  And then they wouldn’t correct it.

MR. VOGT:  He told me that, too.


Mr. Vogt then described to The Post & Email how Alvin Onaka had “indicted himself” by actions Vogt believes he took at the Hawaii Department of Health.  He also said that numerous alterations of the stamp were made.  “The only reason I can find to do that is to give plausible deniability to Onaka…the easiest thing to forge is the registrar’s stamp.  You just scan it in.  Why change it unless you’re doing that to give cover to the registrar?”


This post was updated on October 30 at 12:29 p.m.  The Post & Email first erroneously reported Vogt as having worked as a Certified Public Accountant instead of having worked for a CPA firm.




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  1. Mr. Vogt’s attention to detail is just awesome. I do not, for a second, doubt any bit of his work. His aim to put his evidence before a Grand Jury seems entirely appropriate.

    But after witnessing four-plus years of Dr. Taitz’ efforts to get just one of her cases heard on the merits and having not yet succeeded, I am somewhat doubtful that she ever will. I am sorry but I have to believe that Mr. Vogt’s effort to put this before a Grand Jury is likewise doomed if that Grand Jury is controlled by some DA.

    The only possible avenue that I see for success is for the Grand Jury to be a Common Law Grand Jury. Let us pray that comes to pass.

  2. Excellent interview and progress on the SCAM of American history. We are grateful for truth tellers and the tenacity to continue on. Now, if we had oath keepers in office rather than oath breakers this Republic would stand. We wait with anxiety but hopeful anticipation that real justice will take place and the FULL weight of recompense for treason will be carried out to EVERY complicit accomplice.