Million Veterans March in Washington On Now!


by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 13, 2013) — A protest of World War II and other war veterans is taking place as of press time at the Washington, DC World War II Memorial, which was officially “closed” by the Obama regime after a partial government shutdown began on October 1.

At 9:03 a.m., Mike Jarrick of Fox News reported that the barricades placed at the site by the National Park Service (NPS) were picked up so that veterans could access the memorial.

Beginning on October 1, the Obama regime had stated that veterans traveling to Washington on Honor Flights would be turned away from the memorial.  The following day, an NPS representative said that veterans faced potential “arrest” if they attempted to access the site.

The Iwo Jima Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean War Memorial have all been closed as a result of the shutdown, even though they are open-air monuments without staff or an admission charge.  In response, radio show host Mark Levin threatened to bring “a half million” people to Washington to protest.

On October 9, The Post & Email interviewed Capt. Larry Bailey (Ret.), co-founder of Special Operations Speaks (SOS), a group of retired and former Special Commandos, Special Operators and Navy SEALS dedicated to discovering the truth about the attack on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 which killed four Americans.  The organization has been pushing Congress to form a select committee to investigate, which has not occurred to date.

Speakers at Sunday’s event include Rep. Steve Stockman, who has advocated for a discharge petition on Benghazi and reportedly pledged support for an investigation of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate posted on the White House website; filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch; and Louisiana U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness.

In a press release issued late on Friday, SOS announced that “In a move certain to stir up passions among House of Representatives conservatives, someone apparently blocked access to the Million Vets March website, inside the House of Representatives. The website, an online home to Sunday’s rally on the Mall in Washington protests the Obama administration’s closing of the nation’s war memorials, went active early Wednesday morning and was blocked only hours later.”

SOS administrator Dennis Haney went on to state that in a statement made and published on The Blaze, Stockman had said, “”The administration has blocked the website so people can’t see it in our House, they are treating it [] the same as pornography.”

Links to the VetMarch website are non-functional from Conservative Daily News.

Twitchy has reported that the barricades are “down:”

A photo showed visitors entering the memorial after the barricades were apparently moved:

Another tweet indicated that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz are in attendance.

A Pennsylvania Fox affiliate reports on a local gathering of veterans to protest the closing of national parks and monuments following Congress’s lack of agreement on a spending bill

Special Operations Speaks tweeted:

Live streaming by U-Stream is here.  At 9:49 a.m. EDT, a speaker read the military oath to a packed crowd.

Another speaker described a veteran who “cut the wires” of the barricades to allow visitors in.  However, the man who severed the wires stepped forward to say that he had not served in the military, although many members of his family had.  He then asked, “Why are the people in America afraid of this government?  Who’s in charge, anyway?” to which the crowd responded, “We are.”

The man said he cut the barricades last week, telling “police to step aside” to allow a terminally ill World War veteran in to the memorial.  He then said that “the man in the White House” and many on Capitol Hill “are not obeying the Constitution,” and that it was “time to stop listening” to them.

Another speaker said he visited Mt. Vernon recently, which, despite its private funding, has also been closed by the Obama regime.  The man cited the Founding Fathers and said that “in 237 years, our country has declined” faster than Rome did in several thousand years.  The man decried Obama “bowing down” to Islamics and for disallowing the military from defending itself in wars against them.

“This president is not a president of We the People.  He’s a president of his people,” the speaker said.  He advocated “peaceful non-violence” to change the current regime.

“In the style of Martin Luther King…I call upon all of you to wage a Second American non-violent revolution…to use civil disobedience…to demand that this president leave town….”  He then called upon “millions” to “Occupy Washington on November 19.  The Post & Email believes that the speaker is Atty. Larry Klayman or his representative, who has organized a march on that date under the Freedom Watch banner.

A speaker believed to be Sarah Palin addressed herself to Obama, saying, “You are on notice” and “We will take back this country.”

Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express was then introduced.

While writing the Constitution, the Framers expressed a higher requirement for the President and Commander-in-Chief than simply “citizen.”  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 requires that the chief executive be a “natural born Citizen” to avoid foreign influences and allegiances.  Those who questioned Obama’s background, life story, and constitutional eligibility have been continuously defamed, denigrated, insulted, and had their lives threatened.

A criminal investigation has shown that Obama’s documentation is fraudulent, and Congress has been asked to launch an investigation.

A speaker and member of SOS said beginning at 10:05 a.m. EDT that Obama turned his back on those who came under attack in Benghazi.

A woman from Connecticut whose husband died in service to his country 19 years ago said that she will not allow the memorials to be closed to deny veterans access to his sacrifice.

A subsequent male speaker said that “the government is not shut down.”  He said that “16% of the government has had to tighten its belt.”  Expressing contempt for Obama, he said that the occupant of the White House has made decisions about which departments stayed open and which closed.

He referenced the Alamo, asking where the “Col. Travises and the Davey Crocketts are today?”  He criticized the Obama regime’s labeling of Tea Party members as “treasonous.”

The chant of “You Work for Us!” then went out.

A speaker said that the group will now march to the Vietnam memorial, and another shouted, “Let’s march to the White House!”

The speaker cited the Gettysburg Address and said, “We are now engaged in a great civil war…” “We are here to dedicate that field as the final resting place for those who gave their lives…We cannot forget what they did here…”

Many then joined in to recite part of the Declaration of Independence.

A speaker who identified himself as the “senior [former] Marine” and member of the U.S. Senate said that the closing of the memorials was “a travesty.

“Civil disobedience, do it right, do it smart…” the next speaker said.  “Let’s march on the Vietnam Memorial…and the White House…and the Lincoln Memorial!!!” he shouted.

The crowd then began moving, with the camera focusing on an attendee holding up a sign which said, “Tree of Liberty Getting Very Dry.”

An attendee posted a photo of “barrycades” piled up.  “No Barricades” now has its own hashtag.

At 10:28 a.m., U-Stream went off the air.  At 10:29, it resumed broadcasting.

Todd Starnes of Fox News has reported that the police have “shown up in force.”  At 10:30 a.m., sirens are heard in the background.

A narrator announced that the number of attendees at the Million Vets March is “in the thousands.”

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