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from New York State Grassroots Groups

(Oct. 9, 2013) — Yahoo for Grassroots / Bikers – YNN and WRGB reported “Thousands gather for SAFE Act Motorcycle Rally”. It was Awe Inspiring to see and hear 700 or more bikers roar down State St. to Albany Capitol Park on a gloomy Saturday. Another inspiration occurred when the bikers parked their bikes and walked into the park to join in the make up of 1300 or so dedicated Grassroots activists standing united in opposition to the Lawmakers (and all those who are foolish enough to support bad laws) and the hideous (UN) Safe Act. We must all salute the bikers, vets and all plain folks who muster up the tenacity to stand tall against status-quo tyranny. Going forward the message remains; it is still just the beginning – WE Will NOT Quit – WE Will NOT Back Down – Nope – we will NOT Rest until the misguided Safe Act is ABOLISHED!!!!!

While the bikers were not able to finish off their ride with a roar encircling the Capitol building the bikers were rewarded and inspired by a riveting speech from Debra Busch who royally scolded ALL lawmakers who are on vacation for 7 months while OUR state suffers under severe oppression, outrageous taxes and insane regulation. The Bikers’ cheers to Deb’s speech were nearly as loud as their bikes roar. Did ‘ya hear the message, Cuomo and “lawmakers”?
Here’s a 7 minute video of Deb’s Ride on Albany keynote speech. Thank You Deb for having the courage to give ‘em hell – ALL of “them” . BTW – they embarrass ALL of us – WE stand with YOU Ms Busch !!!!  Hope this video inspires you. Others must see
A Message To ALL Politicians And Those Who Crave Election: Do YOU realize that plain folk voters came to Albany from ALL corners of OUR state? Once again we just showed up. WE spent our own time, energy and MONEY to come from 100s of miles away – from Long Island, NYC and from ALL corners of the state. From January to October more than 1,000,000 citizens have altered their lives to protest YOU – yes YOU. NO they didn’t come to praise your promising speeches or empty rhetoric. They came in spite of YOU. You can laugh, sneer and even hide but hear this message – Get Back to Work – spend less time begging money and more time representing the “Will of the People”. STOP spewing insane logic (Cuomo’s propaganda) and START governing with COMMONSENSE – return OUR Freedom and Prosperity. Start NOW
Here’s the Reported NEWS by: YNN / WRGB CBS TV 6 Albany
Thousands gather for SAFE Act Motorcycle Rally
YNN ·  By: Web Staff   10/06/2013 / WRGB CBS TV 6 Albany
ALBANY, N.Y. – Thousands of motorcyclists gathered at the Capitol in Albany Saturday, to make their voices heard about the New York SAFE Act. They say the law was snuck through the legislature, and they won’t rest until they have their rights back. They want to make this ride an annual event, and host even more rallies through the end of the year.
Rally Organizer Thomas Cavanagh said “This is not just about the safe act, this is a broad spectrum of things. Common cause, your taxes, your property rights. It’s not just the safe act, it’s not just a safe act rally.”
ABATE President Robert Porter said “I think the regulations should be against criminals. Make the fines, make the penalties for a criminal who steals a weapon or uses a weapon in a crime more severe. Don’t take away the rights of people who are following the laws.”
The SAFE Act went into effect on January 15th.


IT’S FREEEEEeee; Join the movement to bring back New York from the abyss.
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