The Perfidy Pit, Part II


by Joseph DeMaio, ©2013

The National Park Service has been instructed to keep veterans away from the memorials of the wars in which they fought which honor their war dead, but illegal immigrants have been allowed on the same area on the National Mall

(Oct. 7, 2013) — OK, here we go again.  The World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., closed by the Emperor at 1600 as discussed here, remains closed because of the purported “government shutdown.”  Indeed, an unidentified National Park Service ranger is quoted as saying: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.  It’s disgusting.”  

In pursuit of the objective of making “life as difficult as we can” for World War II veterans, as if they needed more, the regime has ordered reinforcements to the blockade against wheelchair-bound veterans. 

What’s next from this regime, machine gun towers?

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the regime now further excavates its perfidy pit by pouring salt in the veterans’ wounds.  Specifically, the National Park Service has announced it is “opening” the National Mall – despite the fortifications now surrounding the World War II Memorial to keep wheelchairs and crutches out – to allow a rally for  the “Camino Americano – March for Immigration Reform” to take place.   

Naturally, Nancy (“Biker Chicks for Amnesty”) Pelosi (D. CA) will attend along with Sen. Bob (“Dominican Republic Frequent Flier”) Menendez (D. NJ).  Speaking for the amnesty gang, Ms. Susana Flores confirms that the Park Service acknowledges that the rally will take place “…under the group’s rights granted by the First Amendment.”

Is she kidding?  Seriously?

Soooo, let us again review: the same wheelchair-bound and crutch-bearing veterans being denied access to the World War II Memorial on the National Mall because of the “government shutdown” are being shoved to the back of the bus in order to allow the amnesty crowd to exercise the very First Amendment rights that the vets and their fallen brothers and sisters fought and died for…. right?  Actually, the vets are not even being allowed on the bus, because the bus is not big enough to carry both them and the SEIU, AFL/CIO and immigrant “rights” folks intent on participating in the “rally.”

When will the nation wake up?  This regime – from the Emperor at 1600 on down – is corrupt and rotten to the core.  And that analogy tends to trivialize and denigrate six-month old, worm-infested apples.  With each passing day, the regime’s hostility to America, to its citizens, to its veterans and to the values that have made the nation the greatest and most successful one in the history of the planet becomes more apparent.  And harder to ignore.

As noted here, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.  Enough, already.      

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