by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 18, 2013) — Rep. Steve Stockman posted a tweet on Sunday about Americans’ reported approval of Obama’s economic policies stating that “35% of Americans approve of Obama’s economic policies. 36% believe aliens have visited the Earth.” “I want to see that Venn diagram,” Stockman quipped.

Stockman, a newcomer to Congress in 2013, has been an outspoken opponent of Obama’s policies and threatened to draft Articles of Impeachment if Obama attempted to restrict Second Amendment freedoms by executive order.

In response to Stockman’s comment, The Post & Email tweeted:

Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has said that Stockman pledged to take action on the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate which has been posted on the White House website for more than two years.  Stockman sought out Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups, who went to the CPAC conference in mid-March to share evidence from the investigation which began in September 2011 and declared both the birth certificate and Obama’s Selective Service registration card “computer-generated forgeries.”

On August 3, Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida said he would join Stockman in a purported “bill,” although it is unclear if a bill has been introduced to deal with the crime.  An email sent to Stockman’s press office did not receive a response.  Rep. Lou Barletta has also been briefed and is reportedly aligned with Yoho and Stockman.

Gallups, a pastor, writer, and public speaker, is also host of “Freedom Friday,” a weekly radio show which often hosts Zullo, among other guests.  In recent weeks, Zullo has appeared on numerous radio stations to provide updates on the investigation and the posse’s progress in enlisting “VIPs” to commit to taking further action on the forgeries.  Gallups’ own congressman, Rep. Jeff Miller, initially indicated interest in a private meeting with Zullo and Gallups but then denied ever having made the request.

Other congressmen are admitting, if only obliquely, that doubts about Obama’s birthplace and origins exist and are real.  Rep. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher have both acknowledged the controversy.  Mullin claimed that the issue had been defeated by the November 6 election, while Rohrabacher joked about asking Obama if he was born in Hawaii after Obama said he was “raised” there.

A telemarketer from the RNC, while presumed to be speaking only for herself, told The Post & Email that “it’s not a secret” that Obama is “a foreigner.”

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution mandates that the president be a “natural born Citizen.”  The mainstream media has not presented the issue in historical or constitutional terms and has ridiculed anyone doubting Obama’s birth narrative.

In the course of its investigation, the posse has found no evidence that Obama is even a U.S. citizen, let alone the higher standard of “natural born Citizen.”  Zullo’s goal is to have Congress launch its own investigation of the posse’s findings.

The Post & Email then tweeted this story, which will be visible in our followers’ Twitter feeds.

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  1. Ironic that we speak of his BC Forgery which is very important, yet superfluous for the Eligibility discussion.

    Dual Nationals as COMMANDERS IN CHIEF?

    OBAMA writes of the status his various citizenship claims.

    Today we see Cruz’ Canadian Birth certificate with a Cuban, non-naturalized father, and some reports of dual Canadian Citizenship?

    This Constitutional Crisis is not like the Civil War, but perhaps MORE threatening to the viability of the Republic.

    Its best friends are IGNORANCE and CONFUSION.

    The heroes who shall be victorious against it will be UNDERSTANDING and COURAGE.

    1. I think the Forgery is significant in that it most likely demonstrates the lack of the Constitutionally required credentials.
      I agree with the rest of your post although to “UNDERSTANDING and COURAGE” I would add: “Perseverance and Determination”.

  2. Louie Gohmert told me when I called in on a radio show he was sitting in on as the host that he would look into the prosecution, dishonorable discharging, and imprisonment of former US Army Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, now Dr. Terry Lee Lakin. He hasn’t said anything more since that phone call that I know of. Apparently what he told me was entirely nothing more than lip service. How sad. I thought there might be something admirable to this Gohmert character–like maybe he had a spine. Apparently not.

  3. These people should have the Congressional credentials removed if they don’t know that the Constitution cannot be “Amended” by a Presidential election.

    If 100% of the Electorate voted for Obama, it still does NOT change the Article 2 Section 1 requirements which he most probably does not meet.

    Even with 100% of the popular VOTE and 100% of the Electoral VOTE – The Constitution cannot be amended except through the Article V processes. The foregoing does NOT even speak to the document forgery/fraud issues. These Congressmen are either stupid, or they think we are.