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by Sharon Rondeau

The above image was uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011 and said to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate. It was immediately suspected and confirmed a forgery. A law enforcement investigation supported that conclusion, which has been reinforced by a court-certified forensic document examiner who has performed work for Obama’s law firm, Perkins Coie.

(Aug. 4, 2013) — ObamaReleaseYourRecords and another source have supplied the audio of a town hall meeting given by Florida Rep. Ted Yoho on Saturday in which Yoho referred to “a bill” proposed to address the forgery posted on the White House website.

Yoho told his constituents that Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has introduced the measure and that Yoho will become a party to it amidst the questions over why a forgery of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate was published on April 27, 2011.

Yoho, who was first elected to Congress last November, raised the question of Obama’s occupation of the White House as possibly being “illegal.”

Stockman reportedly approached Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, which began an investigation into the birth certificate image nearly two years ago at the request of approximately 250 Maricopa County residents, at the CPAC conference in March of this year.  In various radio shows over the last several weeks, Zullo has said that Stockman had pledged support for an investigation into the image which the posse determined to be “a computer-generated forgery” in March 2012.

In a second press conference in July of last year, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Zullo declared that the birth certificate was “definitely fraudulent” beyond the criminal standard of “probable cause.”

As The Post & Email reported, Obama was spending his alleged birthday on Sunday at Camp David, returning to the White House in the mid-afternoon.  On his website, Stockman offered Obama a “birthday present” of “a jobs plan.”

Yoho has introduced “The Trust Act,” which would cause members of Congress convicted of a felony while in office to forfeit the taxpayer-funded portion of any pension they might have earned.  He also supports the delay in implementation of the individual and and employer mandates of Obama’s signature health care law known as “Obamacare.”  On his website, Yoho states that his vote to delay the mandates “corrects President Obama’s recent overreach of power by legislating the delay of the employer mandate for businesses to provide coverage to their employees.”

He also opposes military aid to the Syrian rebels, who have been fighting for two years to depose dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Thousands of letters, phone calls and emails have been sent to members of Congress since 2008 by constituents concerned that Obama was not constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” 35 years of age, and have resided at least 14 years continuously within the United States.

Some interpret the term “natural born Citizen” to mean that a person is simply born in the United States, while others have shown that historically, the citizenship of the parents is key to the child’s status.

Obama claims to have a father who was a citizen of another country, and his birth in Hawaii has never been supported by credible documentation.

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  1. It all may still be tit-a-tat but as Sharon has said, it may be their only approach at this point in time since they have blocked all other legal channels. Getting attention, since there are many people that must be uninformed or ignorant of what has been going on, may be hard to believe since this has been going on so long. That may be hard to believe but no one is telling us the real choice of attack here or if there is one that may work. The system is so packed with red tape, even the attorneys have a hard time figuring it out. These are all things the Democrats and their Operatives count on to keep us at bay. The Cold Case Posse may be making some headway but prosecution in any form could be far away. Seeing is believing and we know when the members want something passed, it gets done quickly but if it’s something they don’t want to know about, it could take a lifetime, which many of us after 5 years of chewing tree bark to see any of this come to anything have thrown up too many times to remember in simple language. If 8 of the top conservative attorneys and dozens of others couldn’t get to first base with this, I think we may need another approach that hasn’t been found. What it is may be up to a legal scholar to decipher and let us know what to do. Channels are blocked and we need another way in, someone must know where the approach is but we are still waiting to see anything have any effect. The fact that they have gone to so much trouble to arrest a dozen Veterans, beat and imprison them should tell you something and what happened in Monroe County Tennessee should tell more since we are seeing the same behavior in DC that we saw in Tennessee and elsewhere. I think there is something deeper here than just Obama and their Operatives, what it is we don’t know but we have never seen as much effort to cover up identity and why would a POTUS be so protected by most of the DNC and the Republican party? Many Republicans knew about this and did nothing, John McCain was one of them and Pelosi and Biden falsified the DNC Vetting Papers on Obama. Too may people have been sacrificed and Hillary is also involved but it’s all too smooth to be simple and maybe we will see some results if the Posse is able to get some type of investigation. Time will tell but in the mean time, America is sinking into no return.

  2. A BILL ???? What in the world do they need a bill for? This is absurd! They need a Congressional Investigation and a Special Prosecutor to dig into it. A bill which will not pass at this point is useless. We are talking about a Criminal Investigation not a new law to be passed. Just my opinion. They don’t need a bill to start an investigation. Yoho the Yoyo (name appropriate) is blowing smoke.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: It might be that a bill proposal or resolution is viewed as procedurally better than other options, although The Post & Email will seek more information on this news.

    1. P.S. As for Steve Stockman, I called his DC Office and thanked him for attending the Constitutional Sheriff’s Assoc. meeting just three days after the meeting took place and asked that he act upon the evidence he viewed at the special presentation by Mike Zullo. Then last week I called my Congressman and asked or rather insisted that he join Steve Stockman in requesting an Investigation. I also asked that he arrange a special meeting with Steve Stockman to discuss the evidence that Mr. Stockman was privy to during the presentation by Mike Zullo. I hope that if everyone who reads The Post & Email would do the same during the summer break, and maybe there will be added interest upon their return in September.
      On another note, maybe I am wrong but based on his comments, I don’t believe I would trust Mr. Yoho to follow through.

    2. Hello Chamberjac,

      I hope you will consider my opinion re: this matter:

      The bill, which will require debate and a sharing of the evidence (at least in committee among Congressional leaders), may be the strategy that Stockman has initially chosen.

      Once the information is out and people are talking, pressure can be brought on Boehner to ask that a Special Prosecutor be assigned.

      This may be a “first step” strategy – Don’t forget – Zullo said these guys were acting like they didn’t know anything about this – now they will be put into a position that takes “plausible deniability” away from them.

      We obviously don’t have the inside scoop regarding Stockman’s strategy, but the man appears to have his ducks in a row (IMO).
      How about we trust and support as the scenario unfolds??

      Zullo, Stockman and the rest need allies and support at this crucial stage in the process. We can help by making calls, writing letters, sending e-mails, talking in support of the “Bill/Special Prosecutor” and by postings to blogs like this one and others – let’s support them any way we can even if we don’t have the entire picture in front of us – The future of our country may hang on how well we work together now.
      Just a thought

  3. There is another problem with the ORYR report that “Stockman Confirms Bill About Obama ID Fraud”: the problem is that it is hearsay at this point. The clip played at ORYR features YOHO relating a conversation he had with Stockman, NOT a CONFIRMATION by Stockman that there was a bill. I heard no Bill number to reference in a letter – until there is a Bill Number – Letters supporting it will be thrown in the basket and the Representative’s answer will be: “I can’t support a bill unless I know what bill I am supporting – Give me a bill number”. So as I see it, first we have to hear directly from Stockman regarding his CONFIRMATION of the bill filing. The best confirmation of a bill filing is a “House Bill Number” – Then we have something to support – right now we only have “hearsay” from Yoho. I hope it’s true, but until there is a Bill number, it’s nothing more than a rumor.

  4. I heard the audio clip that is referenced here and it seems to me that Yoho (after he indicates that he has agreed to sign on to Stockman’s bill) backs off by saying: “is this where we want to be spending our time?” – This is followed by a chorus of “NOs” from the crowd. It sounds like “half hearted – fence sitting” support to me. I hope Yoho follows through, but he didn’t seem that enthused to me.