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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate image was uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011. To date, members of Congress have responded to their constituents’ concerns with form letters stating that Obama was born in Hawaii as evidenced by the birth certificate image

(Jul. 8, 2013) — Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo was in Washington, DC on Monday presenting the evidence he has compiled showing that the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website is a forgery.

On Monday afternoon, PPSimmons announced that Zullo is meeting with “more VIPs,” referencing his initial such meetings with congressmen and others at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in mid-March.  Carl Gallups of PPSimmons and host of the “Freedom Friday” radio show on WEBY each week accompanied Zullo to CPAC and witnessed some of the reactions of those presented with the evidence of fraud and forgery.

On April 27, 2011, the image of what was purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate was posted on the White House website amidst doubts that Obama was constitutionally eligible to occupy the office of president.  Most Americans understand the constitutional requirement of “natural born Citizen” to mean that one must have been born in the United States.  However, another unanswered question is whether or not a person can be considered “natural born” if his father was a citizen of another country, which Obama claims his father was.

A third challenge to Obama’s eligibility is his claim to dual citizenship at birth.  Zullo and Gallups have previously speculated that Obama could be a citizen of another country, in which case he would definitely not be eligible.

On the Joyce Riley “Power Hour” show on Monday, Zullo stated that he was speaking from Washington, DC but did not elaborate on specific meetings.

Riley said that she attended the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association (CSPOA) conference on May 31-June 1 and observed that Zullo, who gave two presentations there, was constantly surrounded by groups of people.  Riley said that she did not possess the credentials to attend the private meeting given later on Saturday, June 1.

Zullo said that the private meeting lasted approximately 4.5 hours.  The public presentation given earlier that day lasted just over one hour.

At the 10:00 minute mark of the hour-long show, Zullo told Riley about the birth certificate, “Soon the world will know it’s fake.”

As he had previously said on “Freedom Friday,” Zullo stated that Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas has pledged to take action on the matter of the fraudulent birth certificate.  Other members of Congress have shied away or reneged on requests for more information.

Also on Monday, Dr. Grace Vuoto, a frequent guest of Carl Gallups’ show, wrote at The World Tribune that the report generated by forensic document examiner Reed Hayes, who in the past has completed work for Obama’s law firm, Perkins Coie, is now copyrighted to the posse so that it cannot be retracted.  New information Vuoto released is that two computer experts were commissioned by the Cold Case Posse to examine the birth certificate image and “confirmed the document is inauthentic.”

Vuoto interviewed both Gallups and Zullo on their perspectives of the investigation thus far.  She also announced that a full report of the Cold Case Posse’s findings will be provided to Congress at some point in the future.

At about the 9:04 mark of the interview with Zullo, Riley stated that the American public does not know much about Obama’s background and whether or not he ever taught constitutional law, as his life story states.  Zullo responded that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have failed to vet Obama’s background but that “the American people… have a right to know who this man is…We don’t have any evidence he was born in Hawaii.”

At 10:18, Zullo stated definitively that Obama “was never a constitutional professor.”  He said constitutionally, it is Congress’s responsibility to investigate Obama’s background.  Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution defines the way in which the Electoral College votes must be counted and approved by Congress before the president-elect can be sworn in.  Any objections voiced by at least one senator and one representative would require deliberations in private sessions prior to approval of the vote count.

In the third segment with Zullo, Riley asked what the “second [most important] thing” about Obama’s history was in his estimation, to which he responded,”His Selective Service registration card.”  Zullo then explained that other such registrations from the 1980 era had four-year digits, while Obama’s has a two-year digit.  He said the card with Obama’s name was “fictitiously stamped.”  “You cannot serve in public office” without having registered for the Selective Service, Zullo said.  “I think once we get past the birth certificate, we’ll delve deeper into that,” he concluded.

At the beginning of the second segment of her show, Riley raised the question as to why Barack and Michelle Obama allegedly surrendered their law licenses prior to Obama’s occupation of the Oval Office.  “It makes no sense to me whatsoever,” Riley said, then asked Zullo if the posse had investigated that aspect of Obama’s history.

Zullo responded that “nobody does that” and that Obama has “four AKAs,” speculating that a question on the Illinois Bar Association application might have contained a question about having used aliases.

Zullo spoke highly of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who commissioned and deputized the posse members to investigate the birth certificate.  Arpaio, also known as “American’s Toughest Sheriff,” was a former federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) employee and is currently serving his sixth term in the sheriff’s office.

The first caller to the show asked if the revelations about the birth certificate might help the country to avoid total economic collapse, which many believe is imminent because of massive government debt and insolvency.

Zullo responded that it might be too late for the country to recover from what he perceives could be an overwhelming of the U.S. financial system.  He said that regardless of what happens, he wants to be “standing on the side of truth.”  They discussed how other agenda items have supplanted the posse’s investigation.

“We are sitting on a felony,” Zullo told Riley. He explained that without the corporate media’s reporting of the matter, many people still do not know that the image is fraudulent.  “You can see the cover-up…and lies that come out of this administration,” Zullo said.

A caller asked if the posse had investigated Obama’s passport records.  Zullo responded by referencing the passport application forms released by the State Department in July 2010 for “Stanley Ann Dunham.”  One of the applications showed the name “Soebarkah,” which presumably refers to Dunham’s son, now known as Barack Hussein Obama.  Zullo said that an investigator with 30 years of experience has been working with the posse on the meaning of the name, Obama’s citizenship status at the time, and whether or not the information fits into his life narrative.

A third caller stated that Obama was allowed to enter the White House through a conspiracy and that America cannot be saved.  He contended that “men” are not willing to stand up for principle.  Zullo responded that many Americans feel they do not “have a voice.”

Following the last break, Riley urged her listeners to support the Cold Case Posse in order to “save this country,” exampling former Sheriff Richard Mack and Arpaio for their actions on the birth certificate forgery issue. Mack was Master of Ceremonies at the CSPOA and is now conducting interviews about the forgery after having seen Zullo’s presentations.

Riley then took a call from “Michael” in New York, who hypothesized that Obama is “a foreign agent,” giving the example of Obama having chaired the United Nations Security Council, an unprecedented action of any occupant of the White House.  Riley responded that she wants to “get this message to the people.”

Zullo’s concluding remarks were that he would be working with Rep. Stockman and that it would then be “up to the American people” to demand that Congress take action on the forgery.  “Bring down the phone lines; crash the servers with emails…” he said.

The Cold Case Posse works at no cost to Maricopa County taxpayers and can accept donations here.

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  1. Has there ever been an effort to connect The Usurper to the Dunhams, Obamas, or his alleged sister Maya through their DNAs?!!?!? I have always thought this would go a long way in establishing some truth to this situation?!!?

  2. Regarding presidential eligibility, our founders required more than just being born a mere citizen, for the Constitution does not state that one must simply be a “born citizen,” but specifically states that one must be a natural born Citizen.

    The founders labored, deliberated and debated over the content of the Constitution for many months. They did not willy-nilly add superfluous, meaningless words. If, for the presidential eligibility clause, they had meant to allow the broader category of “born citizen” they would have succinctly stated such and not bothered to include the further restrictive qualification of being a natural born Citizen, which clearly excludes many types of mere “born citizens.”

    Ask yourself, who are by far the most common, everyday ordinary type of citizens who naturally populate and perpetuate our great country, the type of citizens who, by their very nature, can only be U.S. citizens and nothing else? The answer is obvious – those born exclusively in country jurisdiction to existing U.S. citizens. These are the only type of citizens who are born with 100 percent, red-blooded exclusive allegiance to no other country but America. These are the natural born Citizens.

    As a further proof (not that any is needed) note that one certainly cannot be a natural born Citizen without at least being born a citizen. Next note that most former slaves were born jus soli totally within the jurisdiction and boundaries of the USA, yet a Constitutional amendment was required to just make some of these, our fellow countrymen, citizens!

    That’s right (and plain as can be). Many former slaves who were born on U.S. soil were legally being denied citizenship by certain states because they were born to non-citizen parents! (They were not born jus sanguinis – of citizen blood.)

    Clearly, jus soli was not enough to make them citizens (let alone natural born Citizens). That the Fourteenth Amendment exists at all is proof positive that the founders did not consider jus soli sufficient by and of itself to confer natural born Citizenship status – blood and dirt were both required.

    The above train of thought is perfectly consistent with the founders’ expressed intent to prevent our commander-in-chief from having any foreign affinities, loyalties or allegiances. The natural born Citizen clause ensures that the circumstances of our president’s birth provide no claim by any foreign power that our president could be a direct subject or citizen of that power. That means that our president must not be born within the jurisdiction of any foreign power of which the USA recognizes their jus soli birthright citizenship, nor may he be born to parents (jus sanguinis) either of whom the USA recognized as being legitimately claimed as subjects or citizens of a foreign power.

    Blood and dirt – perhaps not perfect, but the founders recognized it as doing the best job of protecting sovereign Citizens of our great nation from the danger of a usurper gaining the presidency (and sadly, the danger that comes from defying their wisdom we are experiencing first hand today).


    [1]The Fourteenth Amendment was adopted expressly to grant U.S. national citizenship to all de facto fellow countrymen who were born within the sole jurisdiction and boundaries of the USA, but were born of a special class of parents (i.e., former slaves) who, but for their enslavement, would themselves have been citizens.

  3. Both tried for Treason ? I hope you are right about that. At this point, I have to really wonder if anything can bring down this criminal. Oh how I would love to see them both jailed for life in the most undesirable prison in the U.S.

    1. Jailed for life? (Don’t you think you are overreacting a bit? After all, it’s only a little high treason.) Personally, I’d be fine with letting him off just doing five to ten years of really hard time in the electric chair.

  4. We applaud the stance of every investigator, journalist (the real ones) and truth teller about this ongoing fraud against America.

    There are MORE whistle blowers needing the courage to make known the facts of our present travesty. Encourage all the college admissions/enrollment folks that know barry soetero was a foreign student to come out of the closet and stand for truth before it’s to late.

    A huge cloud of shame is forming over the military leadership that covers for this impostor. The once honorable occupants of the White House recently honored on the 4th like Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, etc. have been marred by a fraud, ID thief, treasonous fellow with forged birth record. The daughters of this usurper will live in shame the rest of their lives as both parents will be tried for treason.