by Dan O’Brien, ©2013

(Jul. 7, 2013) — Since 1861, a cabal of foreign commercial interests has progressively replaced the lawful government of the U.S. Constitution and its common law protections for We The People with their own unconstitutional version of government and its Roman law edicts in order to facilitate expropriation of our wealth through deceit, obfuscation, conversion and ruin.

Most people today are not aware that the de jure (original) U.S. government, i.e., the “united States of America,” was suspended on March 27, 1861.  Since that time, and to this day, the central government has functioned as a federation under martial rule declared by Abraham Lincoln’s Executive Order of April 15, 1861.

During the ensuing decade of Civil War and its aftermath, the U.S. Congress acted unlawfully on behalf of foreign commercial interests to add unratified Amendments to a substitute “Constitution of the United States” and to pass deceptive legislation that confused the meaning of key words in law and other mischief, culminating in the seating of a foreign, privately-owned corporation in Washington, D.C., deceptively named the UNITED STATES, empowered by the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

These are facts we must study and comprehend (see www.USAvsUS.org) in order to appreciate the magnitude of the fraud, and therefore what our recourse must be. You are not a 14th Amendment citizen of, and therefore subject to, that corrupt government which has educated you otherwise!  As sovereign on the land you have unalienable right to vote, travel roads, marry, raise your children, use your property, etc. without having to register.

Must we continue to support this runaway fraud and corruption?

NO!  The obvious remedy is to unplug our support and withdraw entirely from today’s de facto (illegal) monstrous federal government to temporarily supplant it with a Continental Congress (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congress_of_the_Confederation).  Doing so is not secession! It is a time for healing our State by returning its status to that of a sovereign republic and by sending new State delegates to the loosely forming united States of America’s Congress operating outside Washington, D.C., until such time that the Capitol is vacated, purged, cleansed, and repopulated through national elections, to function under the de jure “Constitution for the united States” and its Bill of Rights. State sovereignty will always trump central U.S. tyranny!

What does such disassociation imply?

Government does not exist without daily support from the resources of We The People.  We must deny our support to the fraudulent UNITED STATES by disassociating State by State, which we do by restoring each of our States to a sovereign “Republican Form of Government,” consistent with Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution for the united States of America. Freedom of the States from the grip of the private UNITED STATES [Inc.] returns liberty, confidence and justice to our people, sufficient to rebuild our sanity, control and pride in America and to reignite her once proud image here and abroad.

Meanwhile, through means of old, that of sending delegates to a Continental Congress, the sovereign States lend support to the united States of America in Congress Assembled to minimally fill the gap left by the suspended central government. The real national challenge then is to seek innovative transition away from any centralized commercial or government control towards methods of decentralized self-sufficiency, self-regulation, self-defense and diversity within each State, as a means to avoid future need for central government intervention and to return overall responsibility to the hands of the people.

Returning each State and its people to sovereign status is a massive but necessary and rewarding task, far better than what otherwise awaits us! Sovereignty begins with people undertaking local control to purge unconstitutional acts and to unseat violators from places of government, schools, markets, industry, finance and wherever else it exists, one deed at a time, ultimately to regain sovereign control of the county, i.e., to eliminate critical outside dependencies. Then to unite with other such counties to restore the state to the sovereign republic it is meant to be, which requires gold and silver coin be restored to remove the State from federal dependency. Kansas and other States are moving to nullify and refuse enforcement of unconstitutional laws and federal encroachment.

Future reactivation of the U.S. central government will be to an earlier, lawful version of the “Constitution for the united States of America.”

Amendments beyond the 12th Article need be reassessed, and if found necessary and prudent, to be updated and resubmitted for ratification by the several sovereign united States of America.

It’s time for action. Shun outside commercial interests to make your community yours. This we can do, and have already begun. It is a race against time. Your help is needed.

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  1. Dear Dan O’Brien,
    Top of the morning, to you, Sir.
    Excellent article.
    My way of doing war on this problem is returning the powers of our monetary endeavors over to Congress (where it was always supposed to be) by abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank.
    I have referred to your subject by commenting that we have only one political party in the United States that goes by the name of the “Federal Reserve Party”.
    I trust we are of one mind, and if we add my VP, meyerlm, I do believe we have a quorum to form our own political party whose stated goal is to live by the rule of law (the Constitution) as it was written FOR the united States.
    Some things ARE self evident, and that is how much are we as a coherent people going to take from the crooks in Washington before we set the record straight?
    I Remain Your Trusted Servant,

  2. Congratulations and Cudos for an excellent, well written Brief of the TRUE Illegal, DeFacto District of Columbia~(CRIMINALS)-CABAL that has been USURPING the Constitutional intent of the “Founders” for all of these years, turned Sovereign Citizens into Corporate Strawmen, and are guilty of the destruction of the Republic’s Constitution!!
    I, as well as many others have been trying to explain until our fingers bleed from beating on the keyboard~BUT unfortunately, OBOTS can’t read and as long as there is the infamous “TROUGH of FREEBIES” and they get THEIRS-*REGARDLESS of the COST?!)~we will continue the trip down the Dark, Narrow Road toward Communism, Socialism, Serfdom and Destruction!!