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by OPOVV, ©2013

Al Capone led a crime syndicate in Chicago during the 1920s and 1930s involving prostitution and bootlegged liquor

(Jun. 22, 2013) — Ever since the days of Al Capone (1931), we knew of government listening in on land lines, and ever since the trial of the Twin Tower blind bomber (1995), the world knew of government’s surveillance of cell phone conversations.

Even our high school nerds learned that governments can read, and have read, whatever transpires on the internet through common sense.

And our government has the out-and-out audacity to charge Edward Snowden with “espionage,” a deliberate abuse of our laws to discourage future whistleblowers from informing the American people of rampant government abuse on our Civil Rights, abuse of the Constitution under the guise of “National Security,” which means 1984 is indeed alive and well.

Not funny, government snooping. The thing is, it’s always progressive:  a little more here, a little more there, until (the Constitution) is history and Freedom is just another word that’s become outdated because it lost its meaning.

Snowden will be aggressively sought, caught, charged and convicted to the harshest terms possible, if he makes it that far. The trail of some whistleblowers to be (on Obama) is a trail of blood and death, such as Donald Young, Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr., and Michael Hastings. Snowden will be paraded as an example to keep your mouth shut, that any criticism of the takeover of America will result in some sort of reprisals; count on it.

The enemy is Islam’s attempted takeover of Western Civilization. The enemy is Islam and its shock troops are its soldiers, Muslims, to be found everywhere throughout Europe and North America. We have millions of Muslims within our borders, many thousands in the government and in our military, and this government has the audacity to charge Snowden with espionage? Muslims, our enemy, in our military, in the White House:  it is they who are the spies for Islam, our enemy.

Obama and his Goons (Administration) are doing EVERYTHING they can to DESTROY the USA and ISRAEL. That’s it, the whole ball of wax.

So the top prize of being the biggest hypocrite goes to the person who recently said “We are a nation of laws.”  Well, if that is truly the case, let’s see Obama properly vetted, starting with his Birth Certificate. It’s not about Snowden; it’s about keeping Obama in power.

Get on board, Obots, show us your de facto president’s Birth Certificate, truly “The King of the Hypocrites.”


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