Contemplation Time


by OPOVV, ©2013

Putative Attorney General Eric Holder is embroiled in several controversies in which his testimony to Congress does not appear to square with the facts. Some in Congress and the press have called for him to resign. His department has violated civil rights laws and defended a man using a fraudulent birth certificate as his only “proof” that he is constitutionally qualified to hold the position of President.

(Jun. 4, 2013) — I may or may not make another run for a job that any person who can’t suffer fools would run from. The only reason I’m even considering such a move is that my country needs me, or else a person like me, because what we’ve seen just isn’t working out. When I say “my country,” I don’t mean you or me; I mean the future generations of Americans, if there are to be any.  That’s how serious it’s become.

Let me paint a picture for you so it’s crystal clear. We need someone who doesn’t need the money, to start. I mean to say, the amount of the president’s paycheck shouldn’t be in any way even the smallest incentive for wanting the job. With all the perks that come with the job, all the president needs is a little money set aside for retirement.

The next president should have no ego problem, as in any thoughts about “legacy” and other such rot. The efforts should be about the here and now, not about “How they’ll be remembered.” Pleasing people, being popular, carrying or being concerned about how others may feel about job performance shouldn’t even enter into the equation of being a “successful” president. The ONLY measure of success a president should have is “Is the Constitution a stronger document than it was before he, or she, was inaugurated?”

The Commander-in-Chief must have served in the military; of this there can be no possible compromise. There are many reasons for this.  Besides being familiar with the lingo and the traditions, the CIC should have some clue as to how real-world Rules of Engagements work, or, even more important, don’t work. I’m sure we’re all familiar with what a colossal fiasco Vietnam was for America, and how Afghanistan is just the same, if not worse, because the very people our troops are fighting over there we’re allowing to be in our country over here, and there’s no better example than Ft. Hood.

The president should at least possess the ability to get rid of people who aren’t doing their job, or even departments that are wasteful and needless, and there are no better examples than Attorney General Eric Holder and the Internal Revenue Service. “Equal under the law” must apply to all legal citizens, and that includes “My people. The income tax has always been unconstitutional, and to prolong a wrong just because it’s been around for a generation doesn’t make it right.

The next president will go after the traitors who put and kept Obama in office. He’ll start at the State local Election Boards and go up from there. There will be jail time, fines and loss of pension for everyone who turned his back on the Oath.

The next president will render everything that Obama touched null and void. Every bit of legislation from Congress since 2009 will also be expunged from the records. Every government employee hired during Obama’s time in the White House will be terminated.

The next president will have each and every Muslim kicked out of our country within two years of taking office. Same goes for illegal immigrants. He’ll give Obots the choice of joining America or get moved to Sudan, Egypt, or Libya.

The next president will require the FCC to monitor that the Truth about Islam be told:  for instance, videos of the planes flying into the Twin Towers to be shown at the beginning of any news show.

Kicking the UN out, English language only, women required to be armed with, at the minimum, a .357 Magnum, is just the tip of the iceberg that the next president MUST accomplish.

If I ever have another presidential rally, the rules of entrance will be the same as my last: only those who carry weapons will be allowed to attend.


3 Responses to "Contemplation Time"

  1. OPOVV   Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    Dear Stephen,
    You and me, that’s who. And we’ll get some help from the farmer in Iowa, the bricklayer in Boston, the pilot in Chicago, the lawyer in Oakland, the editor in Connecticut.
    You’d be surprised at how many Americans know the score and are just on the edge of a real donnybrook of an uprising against this traitorous government.
    Last year I wrote a letter to a person on the election board questioning the legality of having an candidate who bypassed the vetting process (Obama), and the response was “He was on the 2008 ballot. End of story”.
    It is these government employees who we need to get rid of, pink-slipped, arrested, found guilty of malfeasance, sentenced to “The Big House”, and have their pensions denied, at the minimum.
    From sea to shinning sea we need to clean house, beneath every rock drag these low life traitors out into the light of day, people like US Attorney Bill Killian of the Knoxville Office, Susan Rice, Holder, Napolitano, and thousands more.
    This we must do.
    Don’t only believe in the Second Amendment, live it.
    Semper Fi,

  2. Stephen Hiller   Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 8:45 AM

    The wait will be over when hell freezes. You can only pull teeth on a grizzly bear if you tie him down first. Who is going to tie down the government and pull their teeth?

  3. gigclick   Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 9:13 PM

    A beady eyed Muslim Brotherhood leader partnered with Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz is the real name) and intent on destroying our America to satisfy their Muslim directives and slowly installing Sharia with Hillary’s help are testing America’s existence. It has been shown that there was enough corruption in the DNC on their long term plan to install a puppet like Obama to reach their agendas for many areas. Theft of money, power grabs, self serve to your own satisfaction, etc. We have seen record theft, lies, coverups, murders, parties, obfuscation, complete ignorance of the Constitution all while we need to be asking when will the DNC be ordered to release Obama’s papers from the DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle that has been paid over $4 million dollars of taxpayer’s money to keep his records “sealed”. Why would his records be sealed? We need to see his CITIZENSHIP PAPERS/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and have many people rounded up that assisted Obama to force his way unvetted into the position of POTUS. We have copies of the DNC papers that Biden and Pelosi falsified for Obama on hi Constitutional Eligibility but why isn’t he being prosecuted along with the other guilty members of the DNC? Why is the Republican Party allowing this to go on when little people are suffering, losing their homes and lives? Is it to preserve more Black Panther White Hater’s in the White House or just sit and save their jobs? I am a member of Patriot’s Union and our mandate it to replace ALL the people in Washington both Republican AND Democrat. The tit-a-tat, posturing, lack of real care for this train wreck and horrific self serving ponzi scheme they call managing government is making people physically sick. The coat and tie rambling and who said is now a clown act beyond any description and lets us know that government at the top needs complete redesign at least and America is doomed in the hands of any of this sham leadership that elementary school children could do better on any day. The public has been lied to and illegal POTUS and criminal assistants are now running America and we have been screaming for 5 years to deaf ears. How many more will have to die or see bankruptcy under the criminal regime we have operating. Idi Amin needs to be removed and tried for high treason, perjury, election fraud, identity fraud along with Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Michelle, Holder, Axelrod, Hillary, on and on. When will we see prosecution other than hand slapping? We are all waiting!

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