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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

On April 20, 2010, a massive deployment of federal, state and local law enforcers descended upon Madisonville, TN for a confrontation with alleged “militia extremists” which never occurred and was never planned. The disinformation campaign which ensued was instigated by Operation Vigilant Eagle, which instructed the FBI and DOJ to focus on military veterans who could potentially become “radicalized.” In truth, the Obama regime was seeking to silence anyone speaking out against government corruption. As a result, Darren Huff was framed and sentenced to four years in federal prison as an innocent man and political prisoner.

(Jun. 1, 2013) — Obama has declared American veterans as enemies of the state.

They’re making up events, and they placed a great many people in danger on April 20, 2010.

Now we have the commingling of the IRS, The Fogbow, and the White House attorney…we have all of the evidence here.  It is the biggest scandal of the Obama regime to date.

They had a mission objective, and it had nothing to do with law enforcement.  It is as totalitarian as it gets.  They are trying to put down anybody who stands up against corruption in government, and they’re willing to let people die to put down the awareness to which people are coming.

Nobody on April 20, 2010 intended any harm.  They were standing up against government corruption, and look what the FBI did:  they’re calling veterans enemies of the state, accusing them of coming there that day to commit mayhem and murder.  This is what they said in the affidavit.  The FBI placed a group of people in a certain location, and they weren’t there.

I’m sure the U.S. attorneys and FBI agents who put Operation Vigilant Eagle together and came up with this “targeted success” got raises or promotions out of this.

Obama is going after regular, ordinary citizens and trying to destroy them.  This is treason.  He’s trying to control the press so that they report what Obama wants them to report so that when something like this emerges, he can trust the press.  So the Madisonville Hoax was not reported by the Associated Press or Fox News, CNN or by anybody.

They’re planting stories all over the place, and we see them wherever we look.

We have a name now:  Operation Vigilant Eagle.  They’re going after white male vets.  Why?  Because they stand for the Constitution; Mr. Obama is trying to destroy anyone who stands for the U.S. Constitution.  If anybody poses a threat to Mr. Obama, it’s the United States Armed Forces, active duty and retired.

U.S. Attorney William C. Killian opened the Islamic Center down in Chattanooga.  They’re providing aid and comfort to the Islamists, who are the enemies of our country, and going after white male American veterans.  They’re trying to put us down because they know what we represent and they know what we’re capable of.

Come back and reflect upon the cover story on TIME Magazine in October 2010.  “Extreme Militias:  Locked and Loaded.”  And the FBI was feeding TIME Magazine this stuff; there is a cooperation between the press and the government.  The government wants to take even more control of the press.  They’re mining for information so that they can threaten reporters with personal information so that the press will report what the government wants.

This is huge.  They manufactured a terrorist episode; they made it all up.  We know with certainty that they made everything up in Madisonville.  Nobody can talk with the certainty about what happened at the Boston Marathon or at Sandy Hook with the same kind of strength as we can about what happened in Madisonville.  Because we can talk about what happened there with fact after fact after fact, I’m not hearing anything back from anybody to say, “You’re wrong.”  Nobody is coming back and saying, “You’re crazy.”

They’re going after veterans!  This is the MIAC report made operational.  This is a dedicated operation.  They made this all up!  They said that there were people at a building doing things, but they were never there!

I’ve contacted the judge’s office; I’ve contacted Darren’s attorney; I’ve contacted Congress.  I’ve given this thing a ride.  I’ve sent it to the FBI; I’ve sent it to the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security, Dwayne Collins and Dan Gilley, the two guys who put together the Sovereign Citizen campaign; I’ve sent it to sheriffs all over the place, and there’s no retort.

Obama is targeting veterans, and he’s trying to control the military.  He’s targeting Christians, and he’s trying to use the military to go after its own countrymen.  He’s doing everything he can to take control of these large institutions in our government and in our country and turn them against itself.  That’s what we saw in Samson, AL; he wanted people to get used to the idea of armed forces in their own communities conducting what is normally a civilian police action.  That’s been building very quietly over Obama’s first term.

He wants the press to report only what he wants them to report.  He has the IRS going after veterans and “patriots.”  He’s destroying the country.  He’s destroying the United States of America, and they’re doing it right in front of us.  That’s what the Madisonville Hoax demonstrates:  he’s destroying people for doing the things that people who are upset with government corruption do.  They gather and stand and speak out against it.  That’s what he’s up to!

So here we are.  He got into office by fraud.  He was named in a treason complaint four years ago; now look at what he’s doing.  His crimes are becoming more serious, and this is the most serious thing that we have him caught in dead to rights.

There can be no denial.  This is very clearly an Obama program, and we have the White House connection, we have the IRS connection…a whole lot of people in the Obama regime know about this…Operation Vigilant Eagle.  They’re carrying this out like a military operation against veterans.  They’re targeting veterans.

They made up a terrorist event, and they called it a terrorist event; they’re bragging about it being a terrorist event, and there was no terrorist event!  When you take a look at the pictures that are posted, all you see are ordinary citizens gathering in a peaceful assembly expressing their discontent with the government corruption they knew about as of that day, and they called these people “terrorists.”

And then they made a big thing about it in TIME Magazine, and it was picked up by one newspaper after the next.

None of the people who could have cleared Darren Huff were called to testify on his behalf.  That’s not an accident.  Darren’s attorney, Scott Green, did that on purpose.  All he had to do was call one or two people who were there that day and ask, “Were you with Darren Huff that day?” “Yes.” “Were you with him the whole time?” “Yes.” “Were you ever over by the Beecher Witt Justice Building or a government building?”  “No.”  End of case.  “Was anybody carrying guns?”  “No.”

The focus needs to be on stopping Operation Vigilant Eagle.  The Madisonville Hoax was a very deliberate and sophisticated mission objective.  They accomplished their mission, and they lied about everything that happened, and we have the names of the people involved.  There is no explanation as to why they didn’t take a look at the bogus phone calls coming in from IRS agents, bloggers and attorneys saying, “Fitzpatrick is coming in with a gun and is going to shoot somebody dead…” That’s what they were saying!

This is what Mr. Obama intended to do, and we have this man dead to rights on charges of treason.  I’m not talking “impeachment” here; he goes out as a regular civilian.

The birth certificate is one thing…but look at what he’s doing now!

He cannot deny this.  One of the ways to take care of Common Core is to remove Mr. Obama from office.

Obama was somewhere speaking about the tornado in Oklahoma, and instead of saying “Moore,” he said “Monroe.”  If he didn’t have Monroe County on his mind a a week ago, he should have it on his mind tonight.

He had United States Marines standing there as a prop, as an umbrella-holder.  On his way to the helicopter last week, he forgot to salute the Marine on his way to give the commencement address at the United States Naval Academy.

Command racketeers are running the military. The wrong officers are in command today.  They are allowing it because there’s something in it for them.

The Madisonville Hoax is a historic milestone.  There is no question about what happened there that day.  It just needs to grow wings.

If nothing else gets veterans excited, then I just don’t know what will.  We have the names of the veterans who were there that day.  The FBI said that they were all there to do murder and mayhem and that they were carrying guns and standing in front of a building planning to go in, and that was all a lie.  That is so easy to prove!

We better find a way to stand up together and stand up together quick.

For all that the birth certificate represents, Obama has an innocent man locked up.  This Minority Report thought crime precedent has to be tossed out.  Somebody has to capture this and use it as a rallying cry to come together and stand up against this.  We have him for treason!

He is a predator, an Islamist predator.  Quote me!  He is preying on this country’s government, on this country’s people.  He is doing everything he can to instill radical Islam, to replace the Constitution.  This man is not a Christian.  He’s not an American. He’s a monster.

Quote me.  I can’t wait for the FBI to pick me up.  This young Marine, Raub…who knows what else they’re planning or what they’ve done that we don’t know about.

Moore and Killian are following the model that we saw after those two monsters eviscerated the British soldier.  There was a backlash on the internet in Britain and British police are now going after people for what they’re saying about the Muslims.  This is completely totalitarian.  This is coming to America.  How do we know that?  Moore and Killian are planning to give the same message out this week.

And two weeks ago, Obama told the graduates at Ohio State not to believe that government is tyrannical.  In the meantime, he is preying upon American veterans.  He wants to destroy American vets.  Why?  Because they stand for and have been trained to fight with their lives for the life of the Constitution.  Quote me:  We’re fighting for the life of the Constitution, and Obama is trying to destroy everybody who is wearing that cloth.  Everybody.

This man is a clear and present danger.

Where are our grand juries?  Where are they? We have tried to get this information in front of a grand jury over and over again.  Obama has destroyed everything that we recognize as law under our Constitution and a republican government.  He’s destroyed everything, and there’s no one to stop him.  We don’t have any law enforcement any more. 

That’s why we need veterans right now to stand up against this guy to stand up against him en masse and say, “It’s time to go.  We’ve had enough; it’s time to leave.”  Then take care of the IRS and put them in their place.

We don’t have Obama connected to a criminal adventure any more clearly than he is connected to what happened here in Monroe County, TN back in April 2010.  Napolitano is part of this; Holder is part of this, the FBI director and Killian are part of this.

There has to be some kind of gathering of eagles – I’m talking about valiant eagles, constitutional eagles – to take this man out of office as a punk, thug, street-smart, Chicago-trained mobster.  That’s what he is.  This guy is nothing but a gang member.  He’s an Islamist, a communist.  He’s a totalitarian, and we’re watching what he’s doing…we have him dead to rights in what happened in Tennessee three years ago.

One difference between the birth certificate issue and what happened in Madisonville is that there were police officers who had taken an oath to the Constitution actively participating in the Madisonville Hoax.  Police did that!  And other policemen need to know what their brothers in blue did here three years ago working with the FBI.  That’s the message for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ conference.  Look at what they are doing here!

How many law enforcement officials who are involved in the Sovereign Citizen campaign and Operation Vigilant Eagle?  Policemen are doing this to us!   There was an active participation by law enforcement officials who know that Darren was never at that other building.

They can’t come in at this point and say that we have anything about this wrong.

We are under attack.  That’s what the Madisonville Hoax represents:  it is an attack against Americans and our form of government.  It is an active, predatory attack. He is trying to kill us and our form of government.  He will put down any opposition to him by force of arms.  That’s what makes this different from the birth certificate.  We are under active, aggressive attack right now; that’s the difference.

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  1. Well stated as always Walt! This is one of your best writings as to all the information condensed over the last 5 years of this criminal attempt to overthrow our government and Constitution. It is difficult to think what can be done since ALL our LEGAL CHANNELS have been REMOVED from our access! Constitutional and Grand Jury Process has been ignored for any attempt to serve presentments of prosecute anyone in this ponzi scheme and usurpation. The “Judicial” has been totally corrupted and we have no access without their approval! Montgomery Sibley in Washington DC tried to serve several attempts to gain notice and all his servings were found to have entered file #13 and we never heard anymore about those servings after he requested a special Judicial conference! What does that tell? You can paint manure any color-it still stinks! More smoke and mirrors-it goes on and on. It will be interesting to see if all these “new age” generation mambers really find out that they have been fooled by lack of information and that they are fighting for foo foo dust and an empty bottle from an elixer salesman? It’s going to have to get much worse before people will rise up and organize some type of mass demonstration to force the controlled news media to come together on the corruption and usurpation.

  2. I have tilted at all the windmills from congress(?) at the national level to our local “citizens” grand jury and failed, dramatically, at every turn. Failure being finding a caring ear that would hear my grievance and DO something about it.

    The grand jury is the answer, of course, but it has been totally taken over by the district attorneys who manage all the jury activities to a minutia. This can only change if the citizens are educated to the power of the grand jury and then exercise that power. Who will educate them? Veterans, of course. Why veterans? They are the only ones who care.

    Redress thru your duly elected, good man and true is only going to work if it is done en masse; they respond to a perception of numbers of votes! Who has the demeanor, discipline, and knowledge to do this? Veterans. Oh, and, they are driven by a sworn Oath, as well. This is confrontation in the streets, offices, and open meetings, in public and in private, and exposure thru the phenomenon of the internet reformation.

    Will this happen? Not so far, or too well. What are the consequences if it doesn’t happen? It’s all there in the history books. Yogi says it’s deja vu, all over again.

  3. It seems clear to me that we are no longer dealing with an American federal government, in spite of what the various government employee traitors claim. It is now a foreign government illegally operating inside the United States and representing the elites and the one world government efforts, but definitely no longer representing the American people – if it ever did. The attempts by the government at destroying the American legal system, economy, and culture are now in the open for anyone with an interest to plainly see.

    It is also clear that with the chemtrails, the GMOs, the DHS actions, the foreign troops on U.S. soil, the destruction of our own military, the filtering out of the whistle blowers in government, the active attempts at gun confiscation, and all of the other illegal actions, that a deadly war has been declared covertly on the American people by the federal government. The government has become the people’s enemy.

    The Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ is in full swing here. These are, indeed, interesting times for the whole world. I just hope that the exposure of daylight to all of the criminal actions by the Euro-Trash elites controlling us, the banksters, and the criminals and sociopaths inside our own government, cause a worldwide attack on them and their outlaw activities.

    This is a war between good and evil – between God and Satan.