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by Sharon Rondeau

Det. Mike Zullo is giving a presentation to the CSPOA Conference in St. Charles, MO on Saturday morning

(Jun 1, 2013) — Live streaming of a presentation under way at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association conference is currently available at ObamaReleaseYourRecords.

At 9:32 a.m. EDT, Zullo is speaking to the group regarding the findings of forgery of the Cold Case Posse on Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

Describing the opinion from an expert hired to examine the image, Zullo said he was told, “Mike, something is seriously wrong with this.”

The image was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011, according to Zullo, with “the intent to deceive.”

Zullo said that live streaming will end at a certain point of the presentation, as there will be no media coverage.

Zullo stated that much disinformation has been disseminated about the birth certificate image and challenged anyone who could replicate with a “one-button push” to come forward.  His comments were interjected with a formal video presentation with a pre-recorded narrator.

The narrator raised questions which have been raised by those stating that the image is authentic, reviewing statements from former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and current Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Abercrombie was quoted as having said that “We have found a way to confirm what we already knew…that the president was born here in Hawaii.”

A conversation between two people was then played discussing whether or not Abercrombie’s statement about having seen Obama “playing in a T-ball league” was accurate, with the first speaker stating that there is no evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Zullo went to the lectern again at 9:44 a.m. EDT while the two speakers in the video continued their pre-recorded conversation.

The narrator’s voice then asked about the alleged documentation for which Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine had vouched was authentic.  He asked about the role of Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registrar at the Hawaii Department of Health.

The narrator read an email sent by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who had asked Nagamine for a verification letter certifying that the “information in the copy of the certificate of live birth…matches the original record in our file.”

The narrator asked why no one in Hawaii could confirm that the Health Department has the same document as that which is posted on the White House website.

He then raised the two “birth announcements” in the two Hawaii newspapers “on the same day,” August 13, 1961.  He said that “many Japanese” children who had been born outside the country had their births announced in the same newspapers at the time.

The narrator said that Hawaii is “the easiest” place for a foreign-born child to obtain a birth certificate because of lax laws as long as the child’s parents were “legal residents” of Hawaii at the time of the birth or adoption.  “Fraudulent birth certificates are easy to obtain,” the narrator said.

At 9:52 a.m., Zullo began to speak live by mentioning the Cold Case Posse’s investigation of Obama’s Selective Service registration form.  He said that there are no documents proving where Obama was born and that “a janitor” has to undergo more scrutiny than “the president of the United States.”

Zullo said that every birth certificate “is supposed to be in a binder with 499 other birth certificates.”

He said that Obama’s record “has never seen the light of day.”  “You have a situation here where after the presentation of his long-form PDF, the Hawaii Department of Health director…secreted it away…I guarantee you that that document has been rebound,” Zullo said.

Mike Zullo live streaming from CSPOA June 1, 2013

Zullo said that “anyone can go in” to obtain a birth certificate and receive it.

Zullo mentioned Obama’s Social Security number but then answered a question from the audience, which was not shown in the streaming.

The presentation then resumed with the narrator’s voice regarding the Selective Service card, to which Zullo responded that only four-digit numbers were used in that era by the post offices which generated them.  An explanation of how the posse reached the conclusion that the document is a forgery ensued, including the statement that the card is “poorly forged.”

Zullo said that the “8” was “inverted” and that he attempted to replicate creation of the document when he first began studying it.

At 10:01 a.m. EDT, Zullo told the audience that “This is all I can share” and said that no one had challenged his findings.

Zullo said he “went to the National Archives” to check for airline manifests for the week during which Obama was reportedly born.  He said “from the first [of August] through the tenth is missing.”

He said that the Obama regime gives out “little bits of information” and then builds a “scenario around it.”

He then brought up Barack Obama Sr. who may or may not have been “married to Stanley Ann Dunham.”  He then said that the story “starts to crumble.”

Zullo then said that vetting of presidential candidates is “done by the media” and other sources which do not necessarily take the U.S. Constitution into account.

At 10:05, he asked that the video feed be killed.  Within a few seconds, the sound and video stopped.

Later today, Zullo will be speaking for two hours at a privately-screened group to reveal brand-new evidence which only he and Sheriff Joe Arpaio know.

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