by Sharon Rondeau, via PPSimmons

(May 14, 2013) — Carl Gallups, co-founder of the PPSimmons media network, told The Post & Email on Tuesday morning that he is in possession of a “hard-hitting” affidavit prepared by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo for the lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility filed with the Alabama Supreme Court by Atty. Larry Klayman.

The 207-point affidavit contains information which has “never before been seen,” according to Gallups, and which he described as having “high probative value” in the case.

Momentum has been building in recent weeks to bring the posse’s findings of forgery of the birth certificate to the level of federal prosecution.  The posse found last year that Obama’s Selective Service registration form and long-form birth certificate are “computer-generated forgeries.”

A release of the complete affidavit will be made at PPSimmons to be followed by The Post & Email.

The Cold Case Posse relies on donations from the public since it is not taxpayer-funded.  Donations to help them continue their work, which includes travel and accommodations to meet with constitutional officers who are in a position to take action on the forgery, can be made here.

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  1. That would be the difference in being tried for treason vs just an impeachment. Impeachment is a slap on the wrist compared to treason. Treason can be a death sentence. And there are many more besides Obama and his wife and cohorts in the White House. Oh, yeah. There are many more guilty parties.

  2. No resignation. We the people want real justice and we’re takin’ names (meaning the rest of the accomplices are NOT auto-acquitted) This treason has many players, a lot of motion, and trails to powerful people. Hawaii state officials will NOT get off with wrist slaps. Major political figures in both Houses and both Parties will be shocked when cuffs are extra snug on their fraudulent hands.

    We have been saying for 5 years this is “THE” crime of American history. An impostor caught as putative prez. The economy will have a temporary bounce from Tent city sales for holding criminal politicians through the processing. The squealing will be shrill, the deals being cut will be sharper than a Benihana chop demo.
    Water boarding should be allowed since they are enemies of the state.

  3. “Obama” and his henchmen are probably watching this case very closely since it is resting in the hands of a man with honor and integrity (as we know it thus far). This is the case that probably frightens them the most. As I see it unfolding with all of the scandals crashing down on “Obama”, he will probably resign before the case can be decided and then his goons will ask for dismissal. This is coming to a head quickly.

    Will Moore and his court continue forward to determine “Obama’s” eligibility? We must hope and pray, because their goal seems to me to be for the usurper to resign in disgrace but leave his rotten legacy in place, whereas the constitutional goal is complete reset of everything as of his initial inauguration. No ObamaCare, no Kagan, no Sotomayor, etc etc. It all must be erased.

    To be continued…