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by Sharon Rondeau

The President and CEO of the Associated Press said that his company’s constitutional rights were violated by the Obama Justice Department after two months of telephone records, including personal cell and home phones, were collected without notification or the required subpoena from the department. Previously, the AP had shown itself to be partial toward Obama and his policies.

(Mar. 13, 2013) — Nearly two years ago, The Post & Email read a report which appeared to implicate a reporter working for the Associated Press in Hawaii in the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate with whom we had had previous contact at his initiation.

The Post & Email never suggested that the reporter had been involved in the crime for which the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse is now seeking federal prosecution.

The reporter, Mark Niesse, had contacted The Post & Email nine months prior requesting an interview and a list of parties who had sought information from the Hawaii Department of Health regarding Obama’s birth documentation.  We responded that we do not divulge third-party information nor grant interviews such as that which he was seeking.

Subsequently, The Post & Email demonstrated that the AP and the Hawaii Department of Health were working together to mislead the public about the availability of “birth index” data from books maintained by the department, one of which contains an entry for “Barack Hussein Obama” with an anomaly appearing just above it.

AP articles on Obama’s birth certificate have been widely removed from the internet and appear as errors which prohibit using the “back” browser function.

While Niesse had reported that Birth Index information could be purchased from the Health Department in one-year groupings, the Health Department stated that it was available only in five-year aggregates.  Niesse’s widely-disseminated story on the “Vexatious Requester” legislation passed by the Hawaii legislature in 2010 has been removed from numerous locations on the internet.

The Associated Press also removed an article it published on April 27, 2011, the day the White House released an image on government servers which it claimed to be a certified copy of Obama’s original birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health.  In its article, the AP had actually declared Obama “eligible” to serve as president without citing legal precedent or constitutional determinations.

After contacting Niesse to ask if he was aware of the association of his name with the crime of forgery, which had not been proven at that time, The Post & Email was contacted by a New York AP attorney at Niesse’s request who refused to go on the record.

The attorney denied knowing anything about the alleged forgeries of Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificates, Selective Service registration form or Social Security number.  He told us that “the AP’s research had shown no evidence of corruption.”

The attorney took an aggressive tone and attempted to intimidate us during the 15-minute telephone call, at one point demanding to know if The Post & Email wished to “impeach Obama,” which was not relevant to the issue of the possible maligning of Mr. Niesse’s reputation.

The Post & Email responded to the question by stating, “This phone call is over” and quietly hanging up the phone.

The AP has now discovered that Obama’s Department of Justice had subpoenaed and “seized” telephone records from AP offices in New York City; Hartford, CT; Washington, DC, and the House of Representatives press gallery in April and May of last year.  Whether or not proper protocol was followed in obtaining the records is as yet unclear.  CEO and President of AP Gary Pruitt claims that his company’s constitutional rights have been violated.

The AP attorney with whom The Post & Email spoke two years ago was not concerned that Americans’ constitutional rights to have a legitimate president and commander-in-chief were being violated nor that forgery and fraud had been perpetrated in what could be the most massive political hoax in American history.

Pruitt believes that the Justice Department has also violated federal law governing the issuance of subpoenas for information from the press, which expects to carry out its work independently of government interference except in the case of exigent circumstances. The records now in the possession of the Justice Department are associated with several reporters and an editor who released a story about a foiled terror plot which the FBI considered to have been “leaked.”

Last spring, the Obama regime came under figurative fire after sensitive national security information was leaked.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein had initially identified the White House as the source of the leaks, then backtracked the next day.  Earlier this year, The Post & Email contacted Feinstein’s office to ask if she had ever been intimidated by anyone in the regime but received no response.

In a letter written to Eric Holder, Pruitt wrote:

The sheer volume of records obtained,most of which can have no plausible connection toany ongoing investigation, indicates, at a minimum, that this effort did not comply with 28 C.F.R. §50.10 and should therefore never have been undertaken in the first place. The regulations require that, in all cases and without exception, a subpoena for a reporter’s telephone toll records must be “as narrowly drawn as possible.’’ This plainly did not happen.

The AP now has attorneys working on its behalf against Obama’s Justice Department.  In a story dated May 10, 2013, the AP quotes Obama as telling the public, “Don’t be bamboozled.”


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