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by Ruth Bryant White, ©2013, Breaking News Journal

Ruth Bryant White has committed to exposing the agenda of the “Common Core” curriculum which will change educational standards and methods

(May 9, 2013) — It is true and it’s happening at alarming rates all across the country. Have you heard of it? Its name seems to be so inclusive, COMMON CORE. It sounds like we all have something in common, but I don’t believe there is any part of this hidden agenda program you would want to remotely be a part of. COMMON CORE is closing down perfectly good functioning schools because they won’t accept their Eugenics project.

Right now in Oakland, California, the School Board is trying to shut down the American Indian Charter School. This is a school that has a 91% success rate and the children are loving to be educated. Why, because they are not accepting the COMMON CORE Curriculum. Why are they being targeted? Because they took handouts (no matter how small ) from the Government. Now, because they won’t dance with the Department Of Education, they are being shut down.  Refer to (John Stossel’s Fox News Program on COMMON CORE dated April 21, 2013).

In New York, approx. 1539 Principals who thought they knew what COMMON CORE is are outraged about the truth they found. These Principals want no part of Common Core, yet it is being forced upon them anyway. So what is this COMMON CORE? To put it in a nut shell, The Department Of Education set up a procedure that includes monitoring your children’s body functions, their actions, the way they answer questions and more. In short, your children will be hooked up like a bunch of robots, because they are in the public school system and people like Bill Ayers (domestic terrorist from the 70’s) have a key issue to complete what he started with the Weather Underground and that is to reeducate people to do what they wanted them to do, or eliminate them. Refer to Larry Grathwohl’s youtube. http://youtu.be/HWMIwziGrAQ. Larry is also the author of the new book “Bringing Down America,” and knows Bill Ayers personally.   Bill Ayers wanted to eliminate 25 million people in the 70’s, because he knew they would not blindly accept his dictatorial system. Now they want to eliminate all of us, no matter the skin color, or the socio-economic levels. This is the ultimate equalizer. Either accept what they feed your children,they becoming robots (collective)  and live according to their rules, or fight for your children’s freedom and risk elimination. If I had little ones, I would chose the latter and go down fighting.

The people would not normally go along with a plan as radical and misguided as this, so now with the help of people in the highest offices in America, Ayers along with Bill and Melinda Gates will reintroduce the baby killing program Margaret Sanger started long ago with the abortion plan to kill Black children. These people are making money hand over fist while making others suffer. In their warped thinking, anyone who doesn’t think the right way is an “undesirable,” and needs to be eliminated. This is especially true in “Minority” areas. We hate that word, but it’s constantly being used. Words like that give some people license to feel they are superior to others, and have the God-given right to discriminate against anyone they think fits that label.

The chilling part is this time, it won’t matter how rich or poor you are,or what color your skin is. If your children are a part of the public school system, they will have to accept this. I say take your babies out of the Public School System. Check online with organizations like The Master Educator’s Tutoring Service, Tools 4 Preschoolers, and Tools 4 Learning, CURE, and The Frederick Douglass Society for ideas on how to do this. We’re calling on all Educators across this country to be aware that we are doing everything we can to support you. to make drastic changes to make available ways to educate your children so they won’t be used as guinea pigs in a system that does not care about anyone but their pet projects.

While women were singing “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR,” we were losing a generation of children by the fact that mothers were killing their children in the name of Women’s Rights, leaving their families to work and trying to move up that corporate ladder while the children are latchkey kids. All this was going on while they were receiving the sly introduction of so-called help that Cloward and Piven set into motion to separate husbands from wives and families if they were going to receive any aid (Welfare) from the Government.

This was the plan all along, to separate us from the only thing that comes close to what the Bible stands for, and that is our Constitution. That is the only thing that is keeping us from Tyranny, but that is slowly being evaporated through the United Nations, an organization that put forth this COMMON CORE which was implemented by people who don’t even like our country, people who come here, and do unspeakable things to Americans and can hide under the banner of the UN.

These guys know they cannot reach us directly and change our minds, so they are going after our Pre-Schoolers, our Grandchildren and Children. Educators in California have until May 17, 2013 to accept the COMMON CORE curriculum or they won’t be able to be credentialed. Educators are losing their jobs, their families and their homes, because they are refusing to go along with this agenda. That was the plan all along, to slide into our children’s lives disguising it as caring for the children by giving them computers while all along having a plan to take over their minds. It’s called Data Mining. Look it up. It’s no joke.

Only a warped mind would want to do the things that Margaret Sanger, Bill and Melinda Gates, William Ayers and others are trying to do to have a pure race.

I looked back on these Eugenicists and I don’t think they like themselves, because they are UGLY. BILL Ayers is Ugly, Rupert Murdoch is UGLY, Margaret Sanger is UGLY, and even HITLER was UGLY, and from what I have read had a self-image problem. These people have warped lives and they want to take it out on others. WE CANNOT LET THEM DO THIS. They can warp their own children’s minds, monitor and manipulate their own children’s minds. LEAVE OURS ALONE. PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE. How many companies said they want to help education? They don’t want to help; they want your children to be ROBOTS.  If you give your children over to COMMON CORE, YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NO MORE.

From Christina, Michas Palm Springs CURE Citizens United for Responsible Education) and  Breaking News Journal Producer: “This is where eugenics and William (Bill) Ayers, Obamacare, the Nationalization of our Economy, Energy, Health and Education systems come into play. Ayers is a major driver behind Common Core and sadly is a very radical Professor today that has had much influence on students thinking . He and other key players include the Clintons, Bushes, Gore, Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, Obama and his minions, etc.  Understand that one cannot “manage” most of adult America today.  The ultimate goal of these radicals from the UN, the US and other nations is to set up Internment or Re-education camps for those that will not comply with their sick agenda. You either are ‘retrained’ or you will have to be eliminated.”

You cannot hide if you are attending a  MEGA CHURCH. Many of those are a part of this One World Order with COMMON CORE, including the famous Saddleback Church in Southern California led by Pastor Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose-Driven Life. Get some coffee and watch this video as your mind is totally blown by how all of this comes together  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxY3VbBHTkY, Famous Rock Band/and Minister Bradlee Dean has a video you should obtain, “The Prayer That Rocked The Capitol, May 20, 2011”. www.youcanruninternational.com 

I’ve laid out the issues before us and have given you some referrals to start moving toward a solution. If you have a company or land or church or homeschool where you can accommodate a number of children, if you are an educator who wants to leave the public school system, but are afraid you won’t have a pay check to sustain your family, if you are a multibillionaire company and you want to put funds into an education program  to educate your employees on your properties,  and if you are a parent who want to learn with your child, we ask that you contact the Master Educator’s XChange at mastereudcatosxchange@yahoo.com or call 702.239.8955.

Last, but not least, we can see clearly that Media is a major reason our children are been herded in the direction of Common Core like so many little sheep going to their slaughter.

There are things you should do immediately about this: Support the launching of The Breaking News Journal TV Channel, and Feature Films as we develop movies and TV, Animation and more that will reach the new generation and bring them back to wholesome living and thinking.

A.)  http://www.gofundme.com/yyles or go to the www.breakingnewsjournal.net and

B) just contribute  $1 @ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1668801059/occupy-vs-tea-party-the-rematch-round-2. We will be on our way to healing. Let’s get down to business to take our country back NOW!!!!!


Editor’s Note:  Ruth Bryant White was interviewed by Audrey Russo of REELTalk on May 9, 2013, during which Ruth called for criminal charges to be brought against members of the Obama regime as a result of their deception over the Benghazi attack. Ruth also called for Obama’s impeachment.

Ruth hosts here own BlogTalkRadio show here.

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