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April 25, 2013

The Hendersons’ seven children have been in foster care through the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services for nearly two years

Dear friends and family,

I am deeply saddened to report to you that there are a few people who have joined this group in order to destroy my family. With regret I admit they have succeeded in part. My overnight visits with my children have stopped and my husband and I have separated due solely to the efforts of a few persons who know very little about me and who care less about my well being.

I am literally swamped on a daily basis trying to put fires out created by these monsters who are attacking my family. I am just now learning that they have been at this ever since our troubles began. For those of you that have been wondering why on earth my children have not come home, I have an answer for you. These weirdos have been emailing phone calling and writing letters to judges, lawyers, DCFS, and the media in hopes of making sure my children are adopted out. Every embarrassing part of my history that is available online has been communicated in the worst possible way to the wrong people.

In the past when there was something to be joyful about, some potential good news that we have shared with this group, contact was made by people lying in waiting in order to destroy our attempts to get our life back together. Putting our story on Facebook has not only introduced us to the most wonderful people we have ever known, and has been the greatest blessing we have ever experienced, it is also the source of our coming into contact with our worst enemies and most traumatic experiences. Until my children are back home with me, I am not able to share very much about our case with very many people. I am sorry. If you are reading this and want to help but cannot donate to my Paypal fund to help with the rent on the home where my children will be returning to, then please help me to organize a fund raiser for this months rent.

My rent is due next week and although I have been working very hard to obtain viable income, I have been able to do little more than maintain the household, pay the utilities, and feed myself. I need your help. If you are not able to help me financially, I understand, but would you please consider praying that G-d’s will be done in my life and getting the word out to those you know who care about keeping good families together.

I have some very good news to report. I have been blessed life changing opportunity to provide for my children but this business opportunity will not produce my rent overnight. I look forward to the time when I can share more details about this blessing and hope you understand why I need to leave out many of the details at this time. humbly ask for your help one more month. My rent is $1700. Please help.


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