Beck: Obama Regime Covering Up Islamic Terror


by Sharon Rondeau

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says that she “doesn’t know” where the Saudi national is who was ordered deported for April 23 but whose file was allegedly altered. Beck claims a cover-up at the highest levels is ongoing regarding the man and his ties to Islamic terrorism, including at the Boston Marathon

(Apr. 24, 2013) — On Tuesday, callers to Glenn Beck’s radio program reported calling their congressmen regarding the claim of “falsified documents” on which Beck began reporting on Monday in regard to a Saudi man who allegedly was placed on a terror watch list following the Boston bombings on April 15.

Beck responded to a caller who was told by Sen. Bill Nelson’s office that the senator does not entertain “conspiracy theories.”  Beck responded that the Obama regime is “turning a blind eye to the Islamic threat” by refusing to act on Beck’s evidence of a cover-up.

The Saudi man was first named a “person of interest” following the twin explosions which killed three and injured more than 260 on Monday, April 15.  Beck subsequently discovered that the Saudi man’s visa had allowed him to attend a college in Ohio but that he never enrolled there.  He was ordered deported by April 23, then his file was reportedly “altered.”  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a congressional committee on Tuesday that she “does not know” where the man currently is.

Another caller told Beck that Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office said it had never heard of the controversy regarding the man’s deportation order and called it an “internet theory.”

Beck says he “has the smoking gun” in regard to the Saudi national and has named him as a third suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.  “The sources [of the information] are being threatened,” Beck said.  He said that his issue “is not the birth certificate thing” or where Obama was born.  “This is the lives of our children.  You are claiming things that are not true,” he said, directing his comments to the Obama regime.

The Saudi man, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi, was first named a “person of interest” and “a suspect” in the bombings late on April 15 but then described by FBI and Boston police as “a witness” and a person who had been seriously injured in the blasts.  However, reports still online claim that he was “caught less than two hours” after the explosions took place and had gunpowder on his clothing.  One report quotes the man as having asked, “Did anyone die?”

Journalists and bloggers have been threatened by Obama supporters and internet trolls since Obama took office and possibly before.  Websites have been hacked, email accounts have been breached, and obscene phone calls and death threats have been received, including by The Post & Email.

Whether or not the FBI can take definitive action on the information is an open question, as the FBI reports to Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

Beck said that some members of a Boston mosque operated by the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center “have connections to people in Washington, DC” and implored the Obama regime to admit the truth.  “It’s only going to get worse for you, because the American people know,” he said.

A resident of Tennessee said she called Sen. Lamar Alexander, whose office would not comment.  Sen. Bob Corker’s office said the matter was “on his radar.”  Her congresswoman’s office said that it had evidence that could support DHS’s claim that the person in the custody of ICE is not the original “person of interest” identified by several news outlets on April 15.

Keith Davies, Executive Director of the Forum for Middle East Understanding, told The Post & Email last week that the Obama regime has been “infiltrated by Muslims.”

Obama has been charged seven times with treason by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, the most recent of which related to the lack of action in Benghazi, Libya last September 11 when a terrorist attack caused the death of four Americans, including the ambassador to that country.  Some 30 others wounded in the attack have reportedly been “intimidated” into keeping quiet about what they saw that night.

The original treason complaint cited Obama’s violation of the Posse Comitatus Act through Gen. Martin Dempsey for deploying U.S. troops into Selma, AL in 2009 to perform law enforcement duties.  TREASON COMPLAINT – 17 March 2009

Beck has not been willing to report on the alleged fraudulent birth certificate claimed to be Obama’s proof of birth in Hawaii, although investigators report that there now can be no doubt that it is a forgery and fraud has been committed against the American people.

If the birth certificate is a forgery, is it not also possible that the Saudi national’s paperwork is a forgery or has been “altered?”  On Thursday, Beck claimed that “There is no depth that these people will not stoop to.”

Beck has promised “new revelations” will be announced on his radio show shortly after 10:00 a.m. EDT.

3 Responses to "Beck: Obama Regime Covering Up Islamic Terror"

  1. gigclick   Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 8:46 PM

    With all the police working to find Muslim Terrorists in Boston, it only took a short time. Why haven’t we found the Sunni Muslim Terrorist using identity fraud and deceit who usurped POTUS for five years?

  2. OPOVV   Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 1:19 PM

    On Thursday, April 18, I made a comment to one of the editorials and I defined a Muslim student as a “Army of Islam Guerilla Specialist”.
    If little ‘ole me can figure it out, why can’t our government?
    If I can figure out that we’re just going to see more bombings, more senseless acts of violence, more throat slittings, more “honor killings”, more and more Sharia shoved down our throats, why can’t our government?
    If I can figure out we’re in a global war against Islam, that Islam isn’t a religion, unless you call killing and maiming a religion, and you can see it too, why can’t our government?
    If I can see the need to deport every loving Muslim from our country if we’re to survive as a Nation, why can’t the government?
    Just maybe Uncle Sam switched sides without telling us.

  3. Chamberjac   Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    I called my Congressman Michael McCaul’s ofc on Monday and was told by a staffer that they believe the man had not been deported yet at that time. That Mr. McCaul had sent a letter to Napolitano requesting information concerning the man and was awaiting an answer.


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