Update with Video: Carl Gallups Provides Details of Trip to CPAC


by Sharon Rondeau

Will one or more congressmen take action on the evidence they were shown of fraud and forgery committed by the putative president and commander-in-chief?

(Mar. 19, 2013) — Last week, Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the hope of meeting with members of Congress, attorneys general and governors to reveal the evidence the posse has gathered over the last 18 months regarding Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.

Prior to their trip, Gallups and Zullo indicated that evidence shows that the crime of identity fraud might have been committed by Obama.

On March 1, 2012, Zullo and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave a formal press conference which stated that the two images are “computer-generated forgeries.”  A second press conference was held on July 17, 2012, which revealed more details about how the posse reached its conclusions that the birth certificate image is “definitely fraudulent.”  Zullo and Arpaio suggested that the next step would be for Congress to launch its own investigation.

Other researchers, including private investigators, have alleged that the Social Security number Obama is using could not have been assigned to him because its prefix, “042,” emanates from the state of Connecticut, where Obama never worked or lived, according to his formal biography.

CPAC ran from March 14-16.  One of Gallups’s business endeavors, the PPSimmons YouTube channel, issued a press release recapping the results of the trip and their goals going forward.

This morning Gallup took the time to answer several questions from The Post & Email.

Q:  Are you able to say how many VIPs you presented the evidence to?

A:  Four directly (sit-down meetings) – had “side bar” conversations with several others.

Q:  Did any of them promise a time frame?

A:  Yes…loosely. Still working out the details. Hopefully we will see some real progress over the next several months.

Q:  When you mentioned a “ruling” in your interview with your substitute show host, from whom would that come (Supreme Court, House Judiciary Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, federal court…)?

A:  Rulings could come from several levels – depending upon how far this goes.

Q:  Does “several more meetings” mean trips to Washington or remotely, or a combination of both?

A:  Possibly both.

Gallups then added:
I want to emphasize:

1. We are delighted we made so much initial progress – we went there with NOTHING came away with real hope.
2. We believe some real results may come from this endeavor
3. We are prepared for the fact that nothing at all may happen, in the end. We know how these things can get derailed.
4. We are being very close to the vest with the specific information right now so as not to jeopardize forward progress.
5. We both believe the Lord was in this heavily.
6. I URGE people to donate to MCCCP fund – so that Lt. Zullo, et. al., can continue to carry this forward. Travel is expensive, investigations are expensive – this is ALL coming from private funds. VERY IMPORTANT


Editor’s Note:  Donations to the Cold Case Posse’s efforts to move the investigation forward can be made here.

A video produced by PPSimmons on March 19, 2013 states that “the evidence of fabrication, fraud and forgery is overwhelming and continues to mount…The case is solid.”


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