Mark Levin: Author, Commentator, Conservative, Constitutionalist and Hypocrite


by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPath

(Feb. 1, 2013) — Everyone who knows of or who has heard Mark Levin may be under the false perception that he cares about this country, where it’s headed and the slow destruction of our Constitution.  Of course it would be very easy to find oneself in that group, since his rants and raves seem to bespeak that allegiance.  But his actions, his spineless avoidance of the one thing that could, if everyone stood together, actually stop Obama’s destruction of our country, has proven that Mr. Levin cares more about his personal wealth than he does about this country and the Constitution he continues to act as if he supports.

This so-called fiery defender of our Constitution is a phony. Over and over again he references and espouses the merits and qualities of the Constitution while ignoring the most egregious breach of it this country has ever seen.  This supposed “expert” and author on all things constitutional cares not about Article II and why our founding fathers meticulously authored the “Natural Born Citizen” stipulation.  TPATH has written to Mr. Levin several times and has asked him to explain just what it was that the founding fathers meant when they wrote that Article.  Of course, we have never received an answer.  Nor will we ever, because like Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate, one does not exist.

Levin not only refuses to discuss or explain his position on this issue, but if anyone who does really care about this country and the usurpation of our laws has the nerve to bring up the topic, that person is belittled and immediately dumped from the call.  The message is, if you don’t fall in line with him and shut up about Obama’s false documents, you are an idiot and need to be silenced.

If there was any doubt that Levin has been ordered to avoid anything that references Obama’s crimes, just last week a caller, having a very educated and intelligent conversation with Levin and as a result of the trend of the debate, mentioned that Obama’s Social Security number had failed E-Verify.  Instantly, the dump button was hit and the disrespectful comment that followed was this.

Paraphrasing – Mr. Producer, one of THEM got in.

So to Levin, anyone who dares consider, discuss or even contemplate that Obama has forged documents and has spent millions of dollars hiding others, is one of THEM!

Just a quick question to the hypocrite.  How many times in the political history of this country has the left not used, misinterpreted, exaggerated and exploited the smallest of missteps which may have been taken by a Conservative or a Republican?  How many times have they actually invented things, banded together and relentlessly pounded the American people with them, until the fabrication becomes “common knowledge”?

Yet, here we have a person sitting in the White House, clearly not eligible under our Constitution, forged then issued fake birth certificates, altered Selective Service records, has been using a Social Security number which was issued to someone in Connecticut and has never provided one credible piece of documentation relating to where he was born, and our so-called leaders, both Republicans and phony talk show hosts, have no ability to band together and use the only tool America has that could get this criminal out of our White House.

Mark Levin, I am done with you.  Your  selective rants about the Constitution make me want to hurl my lunch.  It is clear, you may speak loudly and you may seem to be passionate, but in my book, you are a spineless hypocrite.

Finally, you might be interested in knowing, Mark, that about 80% of your audience is smart enough to know there is much wrong with Obama and his eligibility and probably be considered one of them.  Many of us remain being one of them, but I am no longer one of yours.

5 Responses to "Mark Levin: Author, Commentator, Conservative, Constitutionalist and Hypocrite"

  1. canman   Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 4:08 PM

    I used to listen to Levin a lot until it became clear he is another one in what i call “active denial” of the eligibility issue. For a so called constitutional expert he is the pits! These media hosts that will not talk the truth are no better than determined liars for the left. Savage is pretty good my only criticism of him is he won’t bring the issue up often enough!

  2. gigclick   Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 11:29 AM

    Amen brother! You have just spoken my mental thoughts on FOX, Beck, O’Reilly, Levin and dozens of other “talk show” and “media stars” as well as anyone could describe. You are one of few that have intelligence to notice the same sick pattern on ALL these “shows” including all the people on FOX that stay one inch away from the real truth and milk the subject to keep em’ hanging on the edge. It’s a broadcast technique used by most and it seems to work. I have never called ANY of these shows and after e-mailing FOX 1 million times to get them to cover ANY information on LTCDR Fitzpatrick, Lakin, Wood, Monroe County Tennessee or any other major topic, it gets no answers or you would be dumped from any of these talk shows, THAT’S WHY THEY HAVE “SCREENERS” to get rid of any subject callers they dont’t want asking important questions that they can’t control! You are on an electronic delay on every program before you hit the air and they can “delete” any attempt to get the program on another track they don’t want it on. Nothing new, just more people at the hog trough. I wanted to start a streaming or live blog show that would take real questions and answers, have you seen what the show pay rates are? That is another way of keeping honest “broadcasters” off the are. You have to sell advertising to pay for the shows and the “advertisers” won’t buy is you talk too much about the truth or non Democratic Party subjects so unless you’ve got a rich daddy that will pay for you to be as star, you ain’t gonna present much opposition. It’s real easy to understand, just like Democrats.

  3. Robert Quinn   Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    I agree and there is no act of treason that could be more damaging to our Republic and beneficial to our enemies than to have a man of highly questionable allegiance to our Republic serving as President and Commander in Chief of our Military forces. Particularly so if the man is a half black Muslim whose only claim to eligibility to hold that office, such as his birth certificate, selective service registration card are law enforcement confirmed forgeries and is using a social security card that was issued to someone else that will not pass E-verify, appoints another also corrupt black Attorney General to protect him and his first Executive Order is to permanently seal all of his authentic records from the public and Mark Levin doesn’t give a damn.

    We are living under the new “Politically Correct version of Treason.” Treasonous Cowards, each and every damn one of them.

  4. Kandy Ricotta   Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    Levin seems to get on his almighty high horse with condemnation and rage at anyone not following the dictates of our Constitution, but won’t even entertain the thought that there could be a major problem with Obama’s eligibility (amongst other things), let alone that there absolutely IS a major problem. I’m still trying to figure out why? He’s not alone, though…every single Fox News person, whom we would have expected to delve into this from day one, has turned a blind eye. Again…WHY??? Obviously they have been told to completely ignore and avoid the entire issue. It makes them ALL hypocrites! They bitterly complain about the mainstream media not telling Americans the TRUTH…yet, they have been every bit as complicit concerning Obama’s ineligibility. I’ve about had it with the whole lot of them.

  5. Chamberjac   Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 12:00 AM

    I agree 100%. I am sick of all of these talk show hosts who will not discuss the truth about the Criminal in the White House. Yep Levin, Hannity, Huckabee, and every single congressman & Senator. All Spineless weasels.
    At least Michael Savage has come around, sure took him a long time to wise up.

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