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by OPOVV, ©2013

Both Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificates have been declared forgeries by experts investigating his background and documentation.  Nevertheless, he was allowed to run for president a second time and is scheduled to be reinaugurated on January 21

(Jan. 15, 2013) — Disclaimer: what we are dealing with are called “absolute truths.” Here’s an example. I have a loaded gun and I say I’m going to shoot you in the knee. You hear me and acknowledge my intent; you even sign a statement that you understand that I’m going to pull the trigger and shoot you in the knee. Bang! Hey, I just shot your knee, believe me? Am I telling you the truth? See, that’s what we call a fact: you were informed, you were exposed to an “absolute truth.”

In Academia Land of Make-Believe, in cloister enclaves cushioned from the raging truths of the outside world, where “let’s share the wealth” will get you a well-deserved black eye, religion is taught as sermons from the darkest regions of Africa, hocus-pocus choreographed with the cadence of log drums, none of this “Do unto others as you would wish done unto you” nonsense, none of this “Thou shall not steal” unless it’s from a warped sense of reality where sloth and envy are attributes to be revered as admirable traits. After all, isn’t conquering and theft also work?

It used to be that knowledge could be obtained only at higher places of learning, at monasteries and then at colleges and universities, where only the rich (the Church) had access to the printed word.  Then came Guttenberg with his printing press and then our own Benjamin Franklin with the Public Library, affording knowledge to all. One doesn’t have to attend the Ivy League schools to understand that “Moby Dick” was nothing more than “a big fish story,” or reading “War and Peace” to learn about the Russians’ unending belief in “Fate.”  That includes reading about a horse bolting towards the enemy rather than any other arbitrary direction, thereby rallying the troops who won the skirmish which won the battle which won the war. End of story.

The word “Patriotism,” among others, is, in today’s “politically correct” lexicon considered “unsophisticated, backwards, and foolish,” unlike “Behead those who insult Islam, Death to Infidels, and honor killings.”   These became acceptable phrases which were allowed to be uttered within the hearing of mixed company (NOW) and children.

The vast majority of America’s teachers and professors are at the far left of the political spectrum and, consequently, pass their brand of an unrealistic utopia to their students to the detriment of us all. Socialism has never been successful, just because of the fact that I’m not working for you and I sure don’t expect anybody to work for me. To put it another way, my taxes pay for my protection and well-being, not for yours. I understand that some people need help, and our society is willing to do so, but I’ll not help someone who can help himself, nor should anyone be required to reward those who believe the world owes them something other than a swift kick in the behind. We coddle those who whine the loudest, reward those who threaten to “boycott and march,” but we do so only because the hue and cry are always for superficial and meaningless causes:  the right to vote but the curriculum hasn’t changed. The right to attend any school but the standards are lowered. The right to speak their mind but they don’t even know the subject: Freedom doesn’t mean being forced to play the Federal Reserve Bank’s game, nor does it mean being forced to bow (acquiesce) to Islam in any of its destructive forms.

The court-martial of LTC Terry Lakin was the turning point, the day that marked the end. The question was not about Obama’s non-existent Birth Certificate; the question was whether or not the Obama régime could deny Lakin the opportunity to present a defense and then send him off to prison, exactly as Nazism treated the courts in pre-war 1930’s Germany. Exactly. And they got away with it; the military refuses to stand up for the UCMJ and the Constitution, a day, if there ever was one, that will live in infamy.

FACT: Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirements to hold the office of President, which is why he is referred to as a “de facto president.” He has never completed the vetting process, a process that was waived by people who were paid off, threatened, murdered, or are just too stupid to know when they’ve been had.


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  1. “HELLO, Can You Hear me, NOW??!!”~I Say, Again: #1~Nancy PIGlosi and her DNC buddies should already be enjoying GITMO for Fraud, their deceitful ONE “Petition of Candidate for President” presented to THE State of HI., stating that the USURPER was Certified as meeting the “Constitutional Requirements” for “The Office of the President of the United States of America”, and the OTHER 49 that did NOT contain the paragraph of “Constitutional Requirements” Certification was deliberately and with MALICE and Forethought, perpetrated upon the Citizens of this Republic~PERIOD, Statement of FACT!!
    #2~In 2007, when I heard the USURPER say: “We have five days before we begin the Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America!”, I took this Narcissist seriously and told my Wife, “This Guy is Dangerous!”~FACT!
    #3~I watched in Disgust and Horror as the USURPER FLUBBED and DISMISSED his Swearing and Attesting to the “Constitutional Oath”-(a requirement for attaining the Office)-then I was further Horrified by the Second, Closed-Room Issuance of the “Oath” by Chief TRAITOR, Roberts-(Sworn on the Ko’ran??)-and again, I stated to my Wife: “This is NOT the Lawful holder of “The Office of the President of the United States of America!”-FACT!
    #4~For over four years and thousands of words on these pages and elsewhere I have railed about the USURPER, through the 2010 Debacle, and the RHINO’S that became our 535 TRAITOR, Complicit to TREASON “People’s Representatives??” that have stood-by and participated in and supported the USURPING and the DESTRUCTION of MY COUNTRY by this Narcissist with Delusions of Grandur and DONE NOTHING!!~FACT!
    #5~40+ ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, USURPING from the “Balance of Powers requirements of the Constitution, “CZARDOMSHIPS”, expressly used to circumvent “Congressional Oversight!” 900+ “Executive Orders”, the passing and instituting of the NDAA by 95 TRAITOR Senators, and a host of additional UN-Constitutional USURPING Actitities with Fiats, Directives, e.t.c.~FACT!
    #6~I am @1960 U.S. Navy and I stood before the “Colors of my Country” and Swore and Attested to the “Constitutional Oath” as required for Military Service~and “I REMEMBER!!” What has happened to “MY Country” in the last four years is “A TRAVESTY of JUSTICE and INSULT to MY Country, “The ONE Nation, under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!”~FACT!
    Larry M. Meyer
    USN Sn#~535-03-66