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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Dec. 7, 2012) — We’ve got some priorities we need to take care of, and not a whole lot of options, so we need to use what we have wisely.   We could have control of the House, if the Republicans will play for real stakes and not kowtow to their “honorable adversaries.”  The debt ceiling is a crucial issue; it is a matter of reaching a point we can’t and won’t maintain our interest payments, and go down the road Greece is going.  The only other choice is to hold the line, period.

The obamanation care plan has already doubled its stated cost and it hasn’t been implemented to any significant degree yet.  We have to hammer on our Senators and Representatives  regarding the hidden tax of inflation, worthless money, constant reshuffling of banks, and all our finances.  We cannot allow our historical reliance on small business to be killed by this de facto president and his vision, and those who fit in his “high earners” include many small businesses, when that number is gross not net.  No matter what else is said, our Nation cannot afford government health care.

This Nation was founded on fixed, unchanging principles, on truth as an absolute, first and foremost.  As long as we live on fiat currency, with Federal Reserve notes instead of money, the single greatest thievery continues, and we can leave nothing of substance to our children.  We can’t even teach them about truth, the issue of the debt, or speak with any real authority because our foundation of this Nation was Truth, and now that word no longer belongs to the most prevalent part of the Nation, to most people; the government.

We must take the truth, the real figures not produced by “Washington,” and bring all to realize the real issue of massive debt, and the fact it does not have to be this way, not at all.  The end of “fiat money” could be as simple as Congress redefining the dollar as one hundred copper pennies of standard weight and purity, payable upon demand, and the adjustment would be within reason, the standard one meaningful worldwide, and our own earnings would be secure.

With a fixed currency again, all of a sudden, our payments are real money and worth more than the old, fiat payments, and we pay down debt faster.  With real capital, we have real competition with the world in terms of resources and manpower.  We can become a net producer nation, and we have to put our government on notice we expect a forward looking vibrant economy, and we can do it around them, in spite of them, without their participation, and minimizing our contact with them.

We are entering a period of austerity, either for the purpose of re-tooling our production, paying down debt and getting our house in order, or due to the depression of massive proportions this president is imposing on us; the money spent merely transferred out of the hand that earned it, and into government coffers.  Those with this in mind never note the money they remove from the economy which disappears into black holes and serves almost no one.

We will never get “our fiscal house in order” except by choosing to do so.  We must choose sound currency and simply refuse to use a fiat currency.  We cannot depend on our government to straighten up; we must demand these things and be willing to fight to see them come.  The real problem is, when we have a stable, sound economy, we benefit from our own hard work, not the politicians, and that is the whole reason for their racket after all.  Either we run our Nation, through them, or they rule over us.  The only source of revenue is the profit from the personal capital investments we make in our own plans and ideas for the future.  Without us, there is no revenue, nothing to tax.  We do have control, because without us, there is no money.  We have to be willing to tighten our belt a little, and we win, because government doesn’t have the capability of doing so.

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  1. Hey McClain,
    Haven’t heard from you in awhile.
    Even though what you say is true, the chances of a letter writing campaign seems a little on the weak side.
    There are, however, solutions, and they aren’t that complicated.
    “CREDITS = DEBITS” (to break even).
    “CREDITS + (X) = SAVINGS” (emergency fund).
    “CREDITS + (-X) = DEBT” ( trillions!”)
    One would suppose that Washington is full of MBA’s but what good is all that education if nobody learned anything?
    The real chances of ANYBODY in Washington understanding such a childish simple FACT is remote, and seems to be getting more so as we approach the end of the year/over the cliff.
    There are solutions but, as long a the Truth is avoided at ALL costs (thank you, main stream media), we will end-up as originally envisioned by most of us four years ago: the horror that is Obama is to destroy our Constitution/America.
    Bookies in Las Vegas are taking bets that Obama will take the oath of office on the Quran.
    There’s you answer.