Republicans Lie down and Play Dead – Refuse to Fight – Let Those Who are Fighting Twist in the Wind


by Fast Eddie, ©2012

This image was released to the public on April 27, 2011 as Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but it has been declared a forgery by many experts and a law enforcement investigation in Maricopa County, AZ

(Nov. 29, 2012) — After Donald Trump offered Obama $5 million for his documents, Republicans refused to follow up.  As a minimum, they should have asked why Obama didn’t take the offer. Most people, with nothing to hide, would grab the $5 million in a New York minute.

There is considerable evidence that Obama’s long-form birth certificate (LFBC) is a forgery, yet Republicans won’t get off the dime.  They tried to defeat an opponent who would lie, cheat and steal by staying above the fray, and we know how that worked out.

Our good citizens didn’t know they elected a president who presented a birth certificate that an Arizona Sheriff’s Posse says is a forgery, has a questionable draft registration card and what many believe is someone else’s Social Security number.  Mathematicians and others have submitted affidavits that the odds are close to zero that the long-form birth certificate is authentic.  There’s even a do-it-yourself test on the web that anyone can use to check if Obama’s LFBC is authentic. 

Up to now, Republicans and the press have looked the other way, made feeble excuses, and tried to convince the public the issue didn’t exist.  They were attempting to keep voters from knowing they were too timid to raise the issue.  Many of our citizens know the issue exists—it’s time to take a hard look at the LFBC.

As a first step, Republicans need to have a neutral document examiner check the LFBC; next, someone in Congress needs to challenge Obama’s eligibility before he’s confirmed.  If they don’t act, citizens need to contact their congressman and senators and demand an investigation.

3 Responses to "Republicans Lie down and Play Dead – Refuse to Fight – Let Those Who are Fighting Twist in the Wind"

  1. Sidesaddle   Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” -William Penn (American hero of Liberty and religious freedom).

    We get the truth from Pravda again, read it and weep America.
    The Reason Obama is President

  2. 2discern   Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    Contact CONgress? What? 4 years of faxes, calls, personal visits, letters, etc. They are part of it. See archive article here in Post & Email- GOP Donates $186 million to Obama Campaign

  3. Bob1939   Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    A great article Fast Eddie. The problem is not so much that an illegal alien, with no legal papers whatsoever can be elevated to POTUS-Manchurian-Implant with the sole purpose of destroying Western Civilization as we know it, but the real problem is the mentality of those who put him in there and allow him to stay there, and who think of him as a messiah; they are the drug addicts and alcoholics who must hit rock-bottom before they wake up and realize that they have all been had. The utter destruction of a Country to prove this point is just a crying shame, however we are rapidly heading in that direction in any case, because we have a Congress, Judiciary and Military Brass that are all spineless, worthless cowards. Until we abide by our own Constitution and put God back into the picture we have truly “Had the Biscuit”; I believe that we are rapidly approaching the end-times anyway, so it WILL BE GOD who sorts this all out to-be-sure and I’m 100% GOOD WITH THAT. In the very words of Jesus… “there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth” Matt. 13:42

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