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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, ©2012

Darren Wesley Huff is serving the first year of a four-year sentence for a crime which never happened

Edited by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 25, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  Darren Huff is presently incarcerated in a minimum-security prison in Texarkana, TX.]


The federal arrest, prosecution and conviction of Mr. Darren Huff was a successful disinformation operation carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in hand-to-glove cooperation with their “law enforcement partners” (Link #1) (Link #2) (Link #3)

The mission of the DISOP was to render an obscure and heinous law actionable as part of the creation of a new government offensive against Citizens’ fighting crime in government.

FBI Special Agent Scott Johnson said, “This case is monumental to the FBI because it will set precedent for case law in future DOMESTIC TERRORISM CASES throughout the United States!

So anyone who even THINKS about standing up to federal or local government outlawry is this day considered an EXTREME DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

Having realized breathtaking success in appropriating and neutralizing federal and community grand juries everywhere in the nation, the goal of this FBI DISOP was to steal away an individual’s authority conduct a Citizens’ arrest.

In this case purported to be one of “domestic terrorism” carried out by “extremist militiamen,” elsewhere characterized as “Sovereign Citizens” in the FBI’s pejorative, there were no extremists, there were no “extreme militiamen,” no Sovereign Citizens, there was no “plot,” there was no planning, no threat stream, and no criminal conduct.

On 20 April 2010, in the city of Madisonville, Tennessee, there were no guns except for the guns the cops carried. And there were a lot of guns in Madisonville that day!

Law enforcement officials (LEOs) everywhere in East Tennessee were placed on notice regarding the corruption in Monroe County (Madisonville the county seat) and throughout the region going back to 2009.

LEOs were put on notice regarding the necessity, the authority and the intent to carry out a series of Citizens’ arrests on 8 March 2010. We asked for their assistance.

Instead, all we heard was the cricket laugh-track.

When questioned, Darren Huff reaffirmed his intent to carry out the lawful exercise of Citizens’ arrest.

Darren told FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed that if there were any problems, to give Darren a call.

Reed never called.

Darren drove to Madisonville.

Then LEO lying began.

Exploiting the press like the big-man-on-campus exploits the raging hormone adoration of nearby teen-age girls, the FBI and other LEOs played the press for all they could.

The FBI played us all!

The FBI planted a story working the criminal syndicate that’s this day splashed all over the front pages of local and regional newspapers, reports that when gathered together are book-length,

Success in their lying to the press, LEOs were emboldened to lie in court.

Now caught in their foolish allegiance to the government criminal adventures, press outlets of every description are the three monkeys on the fence: Hear no Evil; See no Evil; Speak no Evil.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are deflecting questions away like animals in a horse stable swatting at flies.

Afraid of what they might step in, and overwhelmed by the aroma, the press—until just recently—refused to put them to the question.

Well, we’ve only just begun!

In the winter of 2009 moving into the spring of 2010 federal agents and state and local law enforcement described Citizens standing up for their Constitution in the fight against a mindboggling government criminal industry as holding an “EXTREME POLITICAL BELIEF!”

So now that’s it’s out in the open, reported using barrels of ink, whatta we gonna call it today?


This report is submitted for a number of reasons.

First: To secure Mr. Darren Wesley Huff’s immediate release from federal prison.

Next: Accept this writing as a public criminal complaint aimed at seeing to it that the people who locked Darren up as an innocent man take Darren’s place in his cell and fill up several more.

Next: As an object lesson regarding the dictatorial oppression and totalitarian actions being visited on us all by high and low governments alike, functioning within OBAMA’s criminal industry.

Next:  To get this report into the hands of state and federal grand juries.

Additional motivations are discussed at the end of this work.


This case began when Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington and I crafted and advanced a criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein Obama in commission of Treason. (Link)

Repeated attempts were made to advance the Obama treason complaint to a number of federal grand juries. All were repulsed.

In September 2009 the treason complaint was brought before a four-member panel of the Monroe County grand jury.

While expending maximum effort to bring the treason complaint before the full 13-members of the local, county grand jury it was disclosed that the jury foreman—Mr. Gary D. Pettway—was holding his foremanship illegally.

Eventually we’ve come to discover Pettway stood as foreman in front of 56 different county grand juries over the course of 28 years consecutively.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officials refused to remove Mr. Pettway from his career post, leaving in place Pettway’s obstruction of the criminal complaint for treason.

An assistant district attorney named James H. Stutts stood shoulder-to- shoulder with Pettway in blocking the complaint.

Meanwhile, much more had been discovered regarding the corruption in Monroe County.

The situation deteriorated to the point where Citizen’s arrest was the only peaceful recourse left to me by way of removing the Pettway-Stutts obstructions.

Notice of necessity, authority and intent to carry out a series of imminent Citizen’s arrests was delivered to local law enforcement officials on Monday, 8 March 2010. The notice included a request for local law enforcement guidance and participation.

The written notice went ignored.

Mr. Pettway and others were subsequently placed under Citizen’s arrest during the scheduled assembly of the Monroe County grand jury on the first Thursday in April 2010 in the brick and mortar County Courthouse.

A judge not present in the Courthouse counter attacked and ordered my arrest for misdemeanor charges of riot, disorderly conduct and disrupting a meeting. (Link)

Darren Huff had operated a video camera and captured footage of the Citizen’s arrest inside the courthouse.  I had never met Darren prior to April 1 and had no contact with him afterward.

I was locked up and manhandled in the Monroe County Jail (dungeon) for five days and over Easter.

Judge J. Reed Dixon finally released me on 6 April.

As a condition of my bond, Dixon ordered I show up for a psychological examination in Knoxville on Friday, 16 April, and to appear in his court for a preliminary hearing set for Tuesday, 20 April 2010.

Dixon ordered the psychological evaluation to determine my competency to stand trial and to determine my mental condition on 1 April 2010, the day of the Citizen’s arrests.

Recognizing the assigned clinical psychologist as a law enforcement official no different than any sheriff or policeman, I arrived for my appointment and had him read me my rights.

He did.

Then I walked out the door.

News reporters Sharon Rondeau and J.B. Williams watched closely and reported carefully.

The news spread over the Internet and by word of mouth regarding the rumblings and expansive government corruption in Monroe County Tennessee.

As the date of my preliminary hearing approached, righteous outrage and public support grew.

Word reached Mr. Darren Huff in his Georgia home. And support grew.

Darren learned that the county grand jury foreman had acted as foreman for 27 consecutive years.

Darren was aware of other dimensions of the official banditry.

Darren, with others in support, was concerned about what this meant regarding our country and our Constitution.

In the context of Obama’s treason at the national level, Darren was aware that I was being assaulted and brutalized for bringing a newly-discovered local criminal industry to public attention in our own back yards.

On Tuesday, 20 April 2010, in a continuing effort to fight back against and further expose government tyranny, Darren drove to Madisonville, Tennessee to attend my court hearing.

Darren came to act as a court watcher and to stand in peaceful assembly with other folks as upset about government outlawry as he and I were.

In simple terms, Darren was coming to Madisonville, Tennessee to protect me and other Americans from a tyrannical and dictatorial local government operation.

Darren signaled his purpose speaking with others in his community.

Darren wanted people in his hometown to take a hard look at what was occurring in Monroe County as an example of what they were sure to find, to one degree or another, in their own neighborhoods.

By calling attention to the emerging news of the cancerous corruption in Tennessee, chillingly exampled by the government takeover of the Monroe County grand jury, it was hoped that folks in their own locales would be inspired to take a first look, a hard look into the scope and operation of their own local governments, (Link) and to especially take a hard look at government as it related to the scope and operation of their own community grand juries.

On 20 April 2010, in a continuing expression of the people’s power of Citizen’s arrest, Darren and I were simply and peacefully doing what could be done to fight government corruption, and with that, to start the process of taking back our grand juries back.

Others traveled independently to Madisonville that day for the same reasons.

In turn, state and federal government sycophants, who to this day still run roughshod over state and federal grand juries, criminalized the Citizen’s arrest and turned the peaceful exercises of people seeking remedy and redress into gun crimes and the crimes of riot, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, and disorderly conduct.

What we shall review here is the violently tyrannical government retaliation Darren Huff and others have experienced as government officials of every stripe tried to stop us from finding out more of their corrupt activities and  hold them accountable.

This report is about Darren Huff for sure.

It’s also about folks who stood up for America and blew the whistle loudly!


Tuesday, 6 April – Monday, 19 April 2010

Unknown to anyone at the time, William Little Bryan was involved is some sort of intrigue that alerted state and federal law enforcement officials that I was part of a group threatening to take over the city of Madisonville and the courthouse(s) in that city.

William Bryan is also known as William B. Given and goes by a number of aliases. (Link)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Darren went to his bank, the Chase Manhattan in Hiram, Georgia. Darren reportedly engaged in conversation with the bank’s manager, Shane Longmire, and teller Erica Dupree, with all three standing together.

Longmire and Dupree reported their conversation with Darren to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The two bankers told FBI agents that Darren said he was traveling to Madisonville, Tennessee on 20 April 2010 “with the Georgia militia along with eight or nine other militia groups to “take over the city.”

Monday, 19 April 2010

During the day, the FBI, working with their “law enforcement partners,” made preparations in expectation of Darren’s trip to Madisonville.

Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens assigned inmates from the County Jail (dungeon) to set up FBI pole cameras in town.

The FBI placed banks, schools, and government employees throughout the nearby area on alert to close down or skip work on Tuesday.

Tennessee State Highway patrolmen were assigned to the 10th Judicial District Drug and Violent Crime Task Force for planned operations the following day.

Acting on information allegedly received from the Chase bankers, FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed drove to Darren’s home on Monday night, April 19, to officially interview Darren.

Two Paulding County Sheriffs escorted S/A Reed (Link)

S/A Reed showed up on Darren’s doorstep wanting to know about what Darren was going to do.

More about this interview and the bankers’ involvement is found below, as the bankers and S/A Reed testified at Darren’s trial.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

On Tuesday morning, 20 April 2010, Mr. Darren Huff drove from Dallas, Georgia toward Madisonville, Tennessee to attend and witness my preliminary assignment hearing in the General Sessions Court in Monroe County, Tennessee.

Riding with Darren was a young 19-year old man named Michael DeSilva. Michael was a friend of the family and part of Darren’s Bible study group.

Tennessee Highway Patrolman Michael Wilson was up early that Tuesday morning and on the road with Darren.

When Tennessee State Trooper Michael Wilson left his residence that morning he said,

 “I felt sick to my stomach not knowing what might happen.” (Link)

Wilson was one of the Highway Patrol troopers deployed as part of the Tennessee 10th Judicial District Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. (Link)

The Traffic Stop on New Highway 68 in Sweetwater, Tennessee Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trooper Wilson pulled Darren over on 20 April 2010. Wilson’s cruiser is parked directly behind Darren’s truck in film footage recording that 20 April 2010 felony stop.

(Dash cam video links #1 & #2)

(You Tube link)

(You Tube link#2)

(WBIR video footage capturing events on Thursday, 1 April and Tuesday, 20 April 2010)

The officers claimed that Darren had run through a stop sign and was following the vehicle ahead of him too closely, claims which Darren and an eyewitness refute.

Darren declined a search of his vehicle requested by the Tennessee Highway Patrol because the officers did not have a search warrant.  One of the officers suggested that Darren lock his firearms in the toolbox in the back of his truck upon arrival in Madisonville.  Instead, Darren locked them in the toolbox in the presence of the officer at the traffic stop.  He was allowed to proceed into Madisonville.

An eyewitness who had traveled from out-of-state to observe the proceedings stated that upon Darren’s arrival in town, he led a small group in prayer before approaching the courthouse to attend my hearing.

In the City of Madisonville, Tennessee 20 April 2010

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department S.W.A.T. was deployed.

SWAT teams from 6 (six) surrounding Tennessee Counties deployed to Madisonville, Tennessee on this day.

A total of 7 (seven) S.W.A.T. were in the field in Madisonville.

Many S.W.A.T. sniper teams were seen in windows and on roofs.

Uniformed and plain-clothes LEOs and sheriffs were on the ground like ants at a picnic.

The Tennessee State Highway Patrol in force set up checkpoints on roads leading into and out of Madisonville.

A number of canine units roamed Madisonville streets.

The FBI had alerted local banks to shut down.

Two helicopters flew in umbrella coverage.

Local schools were locked down.

The presiding judge that day—J. Reed Dixon—was under Tennessee Highway Patrol armed escort and driven to within feet of the entrance to the trailer park courthouse.

State Highway Patrol, Sheriffs’ and City police cruisers of every description ran up and down the streets of Madisonville.

Cost to the community here was in excess of $450,000.00 (nearly half a million dollars). This is believed an extremely conservative estimate.

Federal Agents were in Madisonville on 20 April 2010.

  While local news reports were issued stating that several people had been seen carrying guns near the courthouse, no arrests were made and such individuals were never identified or arrested.

While Darren Huff and I have been characterized as members of “right-wing militia groups” plotting to “take over the courthouse,” there was no contact between Darren and me prior to the 20 April 2010 assignment hearing.  I did not know who would be coming, nor did I expect the turnout of folks from out-of-town and out-of state who came.

Darren Huff and many others traveling from out of the area were not permitted to observe my hearing, and several went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch, including Darren.  Afterward, Darren traveled home uneventfully.

However, on April 30, 2010, Darren Huff was arrested on two federal firearms charges, jailed over the weekend, and interrogated by federal agents for six hours.

Eventually released on bond, he was tracked with an ankle bracelet and experienced severe economic hardship.  He insisted that he was innocent of any crime and repelled a plea deal, choosing instead to go to trial.


At some point after Tuesday, 20 April 2010, and prior to Darren’s trial in October 2011, Madisonville Chief of Police Greg Breeden officially interviewed Chase Manhattan Bank Teller Erica Dupree.

Breeden and Dupree both testified at Darren’s trial.

Dupree gave testimony during the case-in-chief.

Breeden testified during the sentencing phase.

A witness talking to another witness before a trial is a prosecutable offense.

Breeden’s crime is aggravated by the fact it was Breeden who approached Dupree under color of authority, representing himself as an investigator in the case.

The FBI was the lead-investigating agency. (Link #1) (Link #2) (Link #3)

DARREN’S TRIAL (22 September, 18 – 25 October 2011)

Darren faced two gun charges during his October 2011 trial:

CHARGE 1: Transporting a firearm in furtherance of a civil disorder (18 U.S.C. § 231(a)(2));


CHARGE 2: Using a firearm in relation to a felony crime of violence (18 U.S.C. § 924(c)(1)(A)).

The statute for CHARGE 1 reads:

“Whoever transports or manufactures for transportation in commerce any firearm, or explosive or incendiary device, knowing or having reason to know or intending that the same will be used unlawfully in furtherance of a civil disorder” is guilty of this crime.

The statute for CHARGE 2 reads:



(A) Except to the extent that a greater minimum sentence is otherwise provided by this subsection or by any other provision of law, any person who, during and in relation to any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime (including a crime of violence or drug trafficking crime that provides for an enhanced punishment if committed by the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon or device) for which the person may be prosecuted in a court of the United States, uses or carries a firearm, or who, in furtherance of any such crime, possesses a firearm, shall, in addition to the punishment provided for such crime of violence or drug trafficking crime

(i) be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 5 years;

(ii) if the firearm is brandished, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 7 years; and

(iii) if the firearm is discharged, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 10 years.


Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeff Theodore and William Mackie prosecuted Darren. Theodore and Mackie worked under William C. Killian, U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Eastern District.

It was the United States’ position in charging Darren that:

(1) Citizen’s arrest in Tennessee State constituted a violent crime, an act of domestic terrorism, an act of aggravated kidnapping, an act of aggravated assault,

(2) Darren intended to carry out a Citizen’s arrest in Tennessee State while armed,

(3) Darren was a domestic terrorist, an extreme militiaman

(4) Darren plotted together with other domestic terrorists and extreme militia members to “take over” courthouses in Madisonville, Tennessee, and carry out citizens’ arrests,

(5) Darren joined with domestic terrorists in Madisonville, Tennessee to carry out the plot,

(6) And that Darren actually used a gun in carrying out an act of domestic terrorism.

Prosecutors maintain Darren committed the crime described by CHARGE 1 the moment Darren crossed from Georgia into Tennessee. (Link)

U.S. Attorney William C. Killian, his two assistants Theodore and Mackie, FBI agents Mark A. Van Balen, Scott Johnson and Chuck reed maintains a citizen’s arrest conducted in Tennessee state meets the threshold for the crimes of riot, civil disorder, aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping, although it is legal by state statute. Prosecutors Theodore and Mackie maintained that “intent to unlawfully arrest government officials would constitute confining them unlawfully, substantially interfering with their liberty.” (Link)

Repeating for emphasis: A Citizens’ arrest in the State of Tennessee is legal.


Wednesday 22 September 2011

U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Guyton presided over this preliminary hearing in Darren’s case.

Jonathon Moffat was Darren’s assigned defense counsel. Darren dismissed Moffat days later.

Michael Wilson, a Tennessee Highway Patrolman who had pulled Darren over on 20 April 2010, testified this day for the prosecution.

Wilson’s cruiser is parked directly behind Darren’s truck in film footage recording of that 20 April 2010 felony stop.

Wilson said he was deployed as part of the Tennessee 10th Judicial District Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. (Link)

Twenty-seven (27) days later, testifying at Darren’s trial on 19 October, 2011, Wilson said,

“When I left I that day, I felt sick to my stomach not knowing what might happen.” (Link)

At the 22 September 2011 preliminary hearing, Wilson denied knowing about FBI S/A Chuck Reed’s interview with Darren the night before Wilson stopped Darren on New Hwy. 68 in Sweetwater, TN.  In that 19 April 2010 interview with Reed, Darren told Reed that he would be traveling from Georgia to Tennessee carrying his legally-owned and registered firearms. (Link)

Trooper Wilson said under oath that when Wilson pulled Darren over, Wilson didn’t know anything about Darren’s FBI interview the night before. Wilson said he didn’t know Darren had announced his travel plans to FBI S/A Reed.

Darren’s black truck is captured in pictures all over the Internet. It was tricked out with decals and huge artwork. The words “Oath Keepers” were decaled on the truck’s rear window. And there was a decal celebrating militias (you know, those pesky “well-regulated” militias our Founding Fathers championed in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

While “feeling sick to his stomach, not knowing what might happen,” Trooper Wilson said he just happened upon Darren’s truck serendipitously, a chance encounter while driving to Madisonville.

Wilson admitted to profiling Darren’s truck.

No doubt Wilson had been trained to profile vehicles bearing markings and bumper stickers such as those found on Darren’s truck.

Wilson testified, “This vehicle [Darren’s truck] had suspicious indications on the vehicle. This vehicle caught my attention [because] the vehicle had a large amount of writing on it.”

Wilson lit up Darren’s truck in a felony stop, with four LEO chase vehicles in trail, because, according to Wilson, Darren had committed a few minor traffic violations.

Darren was held for around two-hours according to one witness on the scene.

The black LEO SUV chase vehicle that pulled up directly behind Trooper Wilson’s cruiser videotaped the stop using a dashboard camera.

According to one press account, “Wilson ultimately issued warning citations for Huff for following too closely to another car and failing to stop at a stop sign.”

“It also netted federal authorities Huff’s own admission that he was headed to help [with others] to take over Madisonville.” (Link)

OPENING ARGUMENTS Tuesday, 18 October 2011 – Day One

The prosecution

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeff Theodore and William Mackie represented to Darren’s jury that Darren was a poster child for a “domestic terrorist” bent on mayhem.

The federal prosecutors said Darren drove to Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 with a .45 Colt handgun and AK-47 rifle threatening to use force and give up his life if necessary to “take over” the city and the Monroe County Courthouse. (Link)

In this regard, the prosecutors said Darren plotted with and was going to join with other domestic terrorists (militiamen) in Madisonville to carry out their plot.

The Defense

G. Scott Green, Darren’s appointed defense attorney, delivered this first impression to Darren’s jury. “Everyone of you might think [Darren] and his ilk [those other extremists and terrorists as prosecutors depicted] are kooky as all get out.”

Green called Darren a “loudmouth.”

Backtracking a bit, Green feebly offered that Darren was “not the scary guy [prosecutors] have been trying to paint.” (Link)


FBI Special Agent Mark A. Van Balen’s Sworn Affidavit

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Mark Van Balen’s sworn affidavit was entered into the record.

Prosecutors relied heavily upon Van Balen’s sworn statement. (Link)

Agent Van Balen reported Darren was interviewed at Darren’s home in Dalton, Georgia on the evening of Monday, 19 April 2010. Van Balen stated that Darren “told the agents that he [Darren] was planning to travel to Madisonville, Tennessee the next day.”  As Van Balen put it, Darren “and others were planning to assist Fitzpatrick in making citizens arrests.”  Van Balen attributes to Darren the statement “that [Darren] and others were planning to assist Fitzpatrick in getting the charges against Fitzpatrick dropped.”

It’s reported that Darren “was not sure how many individuals would be traveling to Madisonville to assist Fitzpatrick” and that, “there would be no violence unless they were provoked into violence.”

Van Balen attributes to Darren the statement that Darren “would be armed with his Colt 45 handgun when he traveled to Madisonville, TN” and that [Darren] would also be carrying his AK-47 rifle in his truck.

According to Van Balen’s written statement, Darren told other law enforcement officers (LEOs) the same thing.

Van Balen told us that he [Van Balen] personally knew that Darren was under constant FBI surveillance from the time Darren left home the next day and all through the rest of that day (Tuesday, 20 April 2010).

Agent Van Balen recorded the time Darren crossed the Georgia/Tennessee state line as approximately 0650 hours local (ET)

Van Balen says he interviewed Lieutenant Donald Williams from Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force over the course of two days, 21 and 22 April 2010. According to Balen, Williams said this:

  • Tennessee Highway Patrol Troopers Michael Wilson and Kelly Smith, with Lt. Don Williams in company, pulled Darren over on the morning of 20 April 2010 for traffic violations.
  • Lt. Williams saw Darren’s .45-hand gun and disarmed Darren for “officer safety reasons.”
  • Williams said that when [Darren] opened the door [of Darren’s truck] Lt. Williams observed two blue .45 pistol magazines in a pouch for which Darren claimed ownership.
  • Williams said Darren declined to relinquish his weapon, but agreed to lock it in his [Darren’s] toolbox later when he approached the Courthouse.
  • Williams said Darren would not consent to the officers searching [Darren’s] truck.
  • Task Force Supervisor Williams took a copy of an Affidavit of Complaint and Citizens’ Arrest Warrant Darren held. These documents were those Walter Fitzpatrick had written, signed, filed and executed on Thursday, 1 April 2010. These documents named 24 federal, state and local officials.
  • Lt. Williams said that once Darren was free to go, Darren engaged LEOs there assembled in a conversation. During that conversation Williams quoted Darren as saying:
  • “…all the members of the group he planned to join in Madisonville (which [Williams] believed included members of a group known as the ‘Oath Keepers’) had a copy of the Complaint and arrest warrants and were going to effect a citizen’s arrest”
  • “they [this group] intended to make physical arrests of various individuals and then turn these officials over to the State Police to place them in jail.”
  • “that their group had their own Grand Jury and Judge.”
  • “that he [Darren] had the constitutional right to bear arms, that he had an AK-47 and ammunition in the tool box of his truck and that he [Darren] had the right to take it out to protect himself.”
  • “that if necessary, they [this group] didn’t have enough people on April 20 to do all they planned to do that day, that they would be back in one to two weeks.
  • Lt. Williams repeated to S/A that Darren said, “that if necessary, they [this group] would come back and have a lot more armed people to take over the Courthouse and effect the arrests.”
  • According to Lt. Williams Darren said “he [Darren] was ready to die for his rights and what he believed in.
  • After his interview with S/A Van Balen on Wednesday, 21 April 2010, and later the same day, Lt. Williams  “recorded a radio broadcast in which [Darren] talked about his traffic stop on April 20, 2010.”  Williams then interviewed with Van Balen the next day, Thursday, 22 April 2010. According to Williams, [Darren] “stated in the broadcast that when he [Darren] had traveled to Madisonville, TN on April 20 he had his AK-47 and ammunition with him.”

It was based upon the statements of Longmire, Dupree, and Williams that FBI S/A Van Balen affirmed Van Balen had:

“…probable cause to believe the [Darren] had both the intent and the means to immediately carry out his [Darren’s] threats of violence to take over the Madisonville, TN courthouse and/or arrest individuals by force based on the FITZPATRICK complaint and “citizens arrest warrants.”

Van Balen wrote that [Darren] had traveled interstate with one or more weapons to accomplish his [Darren’s] planned takeover of a courthouse and/or arrests of persons together with more than three persons.

Speaking on his own behalf, S/A Van Balen wrote under oath that he [Van Balen],

“…was present in a Command Post in Madisonville, TN, where [Van Balen] was informed by law enforcement officers who were reporting that [Darren] and several individuals were in possession of openly displayed and concealed firearms and were at the time” seen at various locations in Madisonville, TN… “Some of these persons,’ Van Balen wrote, “gathered outside the Courthouse appeared to be conducting surveillance on law enforcement officers, their vehicles and police observations posts, as well as entrances to the court building.”

FBI S/A Van Balen asserts that he personally knew on 20 April 2010,

“…there were over a dozen armed members of this loose knit group who had Assembled with the stated intent to effect citizens arrest warrants that had been issued by FITZPATRICK and /Or take over the courthouse if it was deemed necessary.” (Link)

Van Balen wrote that based upon Longmire’s, Dupree’s, and Lt. Williams’ statements, taken together with his own personal knowledge, Van Balen had:

“…probable cause to believe that [Darren] traveled in interstate commerce from the State of Georgia to the State of Tennessee on April 20, 2010, with the intent to incite riot at Madisonville, TN and that he transported in commerce a firearm knowing or having reason to know or intending the same would be used unlawfully in furtherance of a civil disorder…” (Link)

Van Balen said in his sworn statement that surveillance in [Madisonville] “found Huff and more than a dozen other individuals with openly displayed and concealed firearms outside the courthouse. Some of these persons appeared to be conducting surveillance on law enforcement officers, their vehicles and police observation posts, as well as entrances to the court building.” (Link)

Darren asked for permission to travel to Madisonville legally armed. The FBI said it was O.K. Van Balen added in his sworn statement that Darren was traveling with others to Madisonville to help carry out citizens arrests of 24 federal, state and local officials.

The Prosecution: Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gary Pettway testified that he’d been placed under Citizen’s arrest on 1 April 2011 because Pettway blocked a complaint naming Obama in commission of treason. Pettway was the illegitimate Monroe County Grand Jury foreman from 1982 through 2010.

Shane Longmire testified. Longmire was the Chase Manhattan branch manager in Hiram, Georgia, Darren’s bank. Longmire testified that on 15 April 2010 Darren “came to the bank and said he had an AK-47 and intended to travel to Madisonville, Tennessee to take over the town with militiamen.”

Erica Dupree testified: Dupree was a teller at the Chase Bank. Dupree testified that on 15 April 2010 Darren “came to the bank and said he had an AK-47 and intended to travel to Madisonville, Tennessee to take over the town with militiamen.”

Longmire and Dupree described Darren as a longtime bank customer. (Link)

The Prosecution: Wednesday, 19 October 2011:

Michael Wilson testified. Wilson was the Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper who told the court with tears:

“When I left I that day, I felt sick to my stomach not knowing what might happen.” (Link)

Jamie Satterfield captured Wilson’s quote and emotions in her Knoxville News Sentinel article initially datelined 20 October 2011 at 5:56 a.m.

(Note: That portion of Satterfield’s article regarding Trooper Williams testimony has since been scrubbed from the online report. But screen shots of people quoting Satterfield before her comment was stricken are captured from among the 61 comments Satterfield’s narrative generated before it was scrubbed). Satterfield was otherwise quoted elsewhere on the Internet with the comment.) (Link)

An Associated Press reporter, Lucas L. Johnson, II, is here quoted in an article Johnson published on 25 October 2011 at 7:31 p.m. (ET),

“Huff said in the video that he and others were ready to help carry out the citizen’s arrest Fitzpatrick wanted.” Johnson went further, writing that Darren told police, “I’ve got my .45 because ain’t no government official gonna go peacefully.” (Link)

A Knoxville News Sentinel staff reporter wrote in a piece dated 15 May 2012:

“When a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper stopped Huff, Huff told the officer, “I’ve got my .45 because ain’t no government official gonna go peacefully.” (Link)

LEOs recorded Darren’s felony stop using a dashboard camera.

The dashboard camera is positioned in an unmarked, black SUV.

Trooper Wilson’s cruiser is depicted in film footage parked directly behind Darren’s truck.

The black SUV with the dash cam is parked directly behind Trooper Wilson’s cruiser.

(Dash cam video links #1 & #2)

(You Tube link)

10th Judicial Drug and Violent Crime Task Force Supervisor Donald “Don” Williams testified on Wednesday morning of the trial that he pulled [Darren] over on the morning of 20 April 2010 for a traffic violation as Darren was on his way to Madisonville.

A dashboard camera positioned in an unmarked, black SUV recorded the stop. The black SUV was directly behind the Tennessee Highway Patrol cruiser that was directly behind Darren’s truck. (YouTube link)

In agreement with FBI S/A Van Balen’s sworn statement, Williams told Darren’s jury that just before Darren was to drive off, he started talking about his “intentions of taking over the Monroe County Courthouse and effecting citizens’ arrests.” It was Williams who said Darren handed Williams a copy of the Citizens’ Arrest Warrant.

Williams opined, “It wasn’t a real arrest warrant.”

Williams added, “(Darren and others) had their own grand jury and judge.”

The dashboard camera video was played. It’s reported that Darren said on camera that he and others were ready to help carry out the citizens’ arrests Fitzpatrick wanted.

It’s also reported that Darren is heard on the dashboard video footage as having said, “I’ve got my .45 because ain’t no government official gonna go peacefully.” (Link)

Williams said that Darren had a loaded .45 in a holster on his hip as well as an AK-47 assault rifle and 200 or 300 rounds of ammunition in a toolbox in the bed of Darren’s truck.

Task Force Supervisor Williams told the federal jury he [Williams] didn’t arrest Darren, allowing him to continue his journey into Madisonville, because “he [Darren] had not violated state law.”

Former 10th Judicial Drug and Violent Crime Task Force Supervisor Mike Hall (link) testified after Don Williams. Hall guessed under oath that “the presence of about 70 officers likely discouraged Huff and other out-of-towners carrying guns from getting violent. Hall said, “Police restraint was more important than anything. There was a sense of who is going to fight first. It was very tense.”

FBI Special Agent Charles Reed testified.

S/A Reed told the jury he drove with other LEOs to Darren’s Dallas, Georgia home on Monday evening, 19 April 2010.

S/A Reed said he interviewed Darren at home that night, the night before Darren’s trip to Madisonville.

S/A Reed testified that Darren told Reed that Darren was traveling to Madisonville “to take over the courthouse and make citizens’ arrests of judges and other government officials.” (Link)

S/A Reed said Darren told him that Darren “wanted to help Walter Fitzpatrick, a military retiree who was arrested after he tried to put the local grand jury foreman [Gary Pettway] under citizens’ arrest.”

Darren assured S/A Reed there was going to be no violence. But the FBI followed Darren the next morning, holding him under surveillance.

S/A Reed said Darren wasn’t arrested the night of 19 April 2010 because, as Reed testified, “no crime had been committed.” According to Reed, Darren said, “[I] and others would not resort to violence unless they were provoked. Darren also told S/A Chuck Reed “if there’s a problem, would you call me? Don’t kick in my door at four in the morning. Just call me.”

The Prosecution: Friday, 21 October 2011

Tenth Judicial District Attorney General Robert Steven Bebb testified Friday morning. Bebb said he coordinated around 100 LEOs in Madisonville on 20 April 2010 to deter what Bebb described as “extremists.” Bebb had sniper teams in windows and on roofs. Bebb said “it was the tensest day we ever had…there were a lot of people I didn’t know carrying guns…I saw one man loading a gun in the parking lot near the jail.” (Link)

Bebb testified “The citizen’s arrest warrant that Huff and others were there to support stemmed from the Monroe County grand jury’s refusal to allow Fitzpatrick, a military retiree and government critic, to pursue treason charges against local judges, and other officials” and resident Obama. (Link)

District Attorney Steve Bebb testified that he was the top operations law enforcement officer in Madisonville coordinating about 100 officers. (Link)

Accounts from eyewitnesses report that Bebb’s battalion included S.W.A.T. teams from Monroe County and six nearby counties. LEOs were called in from 100 miles around in every direction. On cross-examination, G. Scott Green, Darren’s appointed defense attorney, asked Bebb about film or photo coverage of the days events in the city of Madisonville. Bebb responded that there was none.

Green shot back: “I can’t fathom how something this monumental—and you’re telling me they didn’t have a single camera there! I submit to you there was nothing to see.” (Link)

I’m told Jim Stutts and Gregg Breeden also testified for the prosecution. Jim Stutts works under Robert Steven Bebb as an assistant district attorney in the Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District. Breeden is the grossly overweight police chief in Madisonville. I have no more details about when or what they testified about.

Prosecutors Jeff Theodore and William Mackie elicited testimony from prosecution witnesses that Darren possessed an “anti-aircraft” gun, and that Darren was a “racist.” Theodore and Mackie called Darren other names. (Link)

The prosecution rested on Friday morning, 21 October 2011.

The Defense: Friday, 21 October 2011

John Bigham testified. I can find no press coverage of Mr. Bigham’s testimony. John was a member of the Georgia militia with Darren. Bigham was not part of the group in Madisonville on 20 April 2010.

Carl Swenson testified. I can find no press coverage of Mr. Swensson’s testimony.  Carl traveled to Madisonville from Georgia driving his own car. Carl saw Darren get pulled over in Sweetwater. Carl then positioned himself to film the felony stop from a distance.

Jim Renn testified: Jim rode with Carl Swensson. Messrs. Swensson and Renn arrived in Madisonville with Darren.

Cindy Huff testified: Darren’s wife. I find no press coverage of Cindy’s testimony.

Michael William DeSilva testified: Michael was Darren’s passenger on the trip to Madisonville. I don’t find reports of Michael’s testimony in any press account.

Darren Huff testified. Darren vehemently denies he ever claimed a “takeover” of anything.

About FBI S/A Chuck Reed’s interview with Darren the night before Darren’s trip to Madisonville, Darren said, “I told Reed I ‘intended to go armed with a .45 on my side and an AK-47.’” Darren added “I never made a statement about taking over the courthouse, the city, the state, nothing. I never said anything about taking anything over.”

Darren gave his cell phone number to S/A Reed. Darren asked Reed to call Darren if there were any problems.

Darren even asked for permission to travel to Madisonville legally armed. The FBI tacitly agreed it was okay for Darren to make the trip.

Darren told S/A Reed, “If there’s a problem, would you call me? Don’t kick in my door at four in the morning. Just call me.” Darren told Reed that “he would call the whole thing off if there was a problem.” (Link)

That call never came! (Link)

Darren told the court he and about 15 others traveled (independently) to Madisonville in support of Walter Fitzpatrick who had a hearing that day. (Link)

Darren said “We were going up to protest” the massive government corruption which The Chattanooga Times Free Press is finally reporting now, two years later.

In August 2012, an investigation was launched by the Tennessee Attorney General, State Comptroller, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation into allegations of jury-influencing, professional misconduct and misallocation of taxpayer funds on the part of R. Steven Bebb and others under his supervision as well as members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, at least two of whom testified at Darren Huff’s trial.  (See additional information below)

It was reported to the jury that Darren locked up his handgun with his rifle while stopped in Sweetwater, 14 miles away from Madisonville. Darren said he kept his handgun and rifle locked in the truck bed toolbox for the remainder of that day (20 April).

“Huff told jurors he kept his handgun and assault rifle locked in a toolbox on his truck that day and took no action to seize the courthouse or the town. He noted he was in the midst of a campaign to recruit East Tennessee sheriffs to the cause of combating corruption in Madisonville when, 10 days after his…trip [to Madisonville], he was arrested on the federal charges…” (Link)

Darren told jurors he was looking for East Tennessee sheriffs to take action against the corruption in Monroe County when the FBI arrested him.

During his testimony Darren broke down, saying, “This is the most humiliating thing I have ever been through. My government has called me a potential domestic enemy.”

The defense rested.

Darren’s defense counsel ran through six witnesses in less than one day.

I was waiting to testify, but was not called, as defense attorney G. Scott Green talked Darren out of using me as a witness.

I was in federal custody and in the building wearing my jail “stripes.”  Green was concerned about how Darren’s jury would react to my appearance, and I had been denied access to basic hygiene while incarcerated in the Monroe County jail.

Green made no effort with the feds to allow me to wear civilian clothing and appear in court unshackled.

During trial prosecutors insisted Darren and his “fellow supports were outgunned and outmanned by a slew of law enforcers and the plot, therefore thwarted. His intent, they insisted, is what was at issue in the case.

State and federal LEOs said “Huff and several others ‘were in the possession of openly displayed and concealed firearms’ outside a court building and some appeared to be conducting surveillance on officers.” (Link)

According to an FBI affidavit attributed to FBI agent Mark Van Balen, Huff claimed he and others were going to Madisonville to help carry out citizen’s arrests of 24 federal, state and local officials named in the so-called warrants signed by Fitzpatrick.” (Link)

Federal U.S. Attorney William C. Killian says in separate writings that the FBI was the lead investigative agency. (Link #1) (Link #2) (Link #3)

CLOSING ARGUMENTS (Friday, 21 October 2011)

In closing arguments, federal prosecutors described the peaceful assembly as “a frightening standoff between law enforcement and an armed man who vowed to take over [the Courthouse].” (Link)

Attorney Mackie said, “This is a well-established statute that just hasn’t been used that much but fits the circumstances of the events that happened in Madisonville that day.”

Mackie was talking about carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorder (citizens’ arrest) if he has to arrest these people and take over the town. Everybody took it serious because it was serious, and that is a crime.”

Mackie told jurors in his close, “There was a very real and immediate danger of acts of violence. [Darren’s] stated intent was to use (guns ferried across state lines) if he has to arrest these people and take over the town.” Mackie said, “Everybody took it serious because he was serious, and that is a crime.” (Link)

Mackie pleaded with jurors “to consider what could have happened if law enforcement had not had such a show of presence in the town to discourage action by Huff and his militia friends.”

Attorney Theodore said in summary remarks, “It is because of [Darren’s] actions. There are so many people who have extreme political beliefs. It is what he did on April 20 and what his intent was on April 20.”

Theodore said, “The fact [Darren] backed off because they [Darren’s alleged militia team mates] didn’t have the numbers is not a defense.”


Friday, the 21st, Monday the 24th, and Tuesday the 25th of October 2011

The jury received the case late Friday afternoon, then adjourned for the day.

Jury deliberations began on Monday, 24 October 2011. They came back at the end of the day reporting to Judge Varlan they were deadlocked.

Refusing the jury’s position, Varlan called them back to work on Tuesday.  (Link)

It took one hour on Tuesday morning for the jury to come back with a finding of “guilty” on Charge 1, and “not guilty” on Charge 2.


15 May 2012

Scott Johnson, the FBI case agent, said of Darren that “he thought he was going to ride in from out of town with the guns on his hip and right all the injustices.”

Daniel Dockery is reported to me to have testified against Darren in the sentencing phase of the trial. Dockery was a detective in the Madisonville Police Department.

The jury deliberated about 8 hours on Monday. They came to Judge Varlan deadlocked. Varlan sent ‘em back to the jury room. On Tuesday morning 25 October 2011 they came in with a verdict.


U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Eastern District released this statement on Tuesday, 15 May 2012,

“Militia Extremist Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

for Take Over Plot”

“This sentence will send a strong message to those who attempt to take the law into their own hands. Under our federal Constitution and statutes Mr. Huff and others like him can talk or write about their anti-government views. They cannot arm themselves and make threats to arrest public officials and take over government buildings.” (Link #1) (Link #2)

A week later on Tuesday, 22 May 2012, the FBI launched this Podcast and Radio press release,

“Militia Extremist Sentenced

Mollie Halpern: The FBI prevents a group of militia extremists from taking the law into their own hands.

I’m Mollie Halpern of the FBI, and this is Gotcha.

Darren Huff, of Georgia, and his followers wanted to indict President Barack Obama and many other federal, state, and local officials for treason. When a Tennessee County grand jury refused them, they wrote up their own bogus arrest warrants. Case Agent Scott Johnson, of the Knoxville FBI Division, says Huff armed himself with a handgun, an AK-47, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and headed for the courthouse.

Scott Johnson: He thought he was going to ride in from out of town with the guns on his hips and right all the injustices.

Halpern: When Huff and others arrived, they found the FBI and its law enforcement partners waiting for them. Huff was sentenced to four years in prison for transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disorder. It was the first time this violation was successfully prosecuted.

Johnson: This case is monumental to the FBI because it will set precedent for case law in future domestic terrorism cases throughout the United States.

Halpern: This has been the FBI’s closed case of the week.



Not brought up in Darren’s trial by either side is the self-proclamation of William Littell Bryan, Jr., also known as “P.J. Foggy.”

Bryan is a well-known Obama operative. Working with his associates, Bryan has “engaged in an aggressive campaign to disrupt any and all attempts to pursue legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility, while seeding to ridicule in vile and abusive terms those who dare advance or support publicly such legal efforts.” (Link)

In a 16 June 2011 article, 14 months after 20 April 2010, these two Bryan Internet postings were captured and publicly printed:

“We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops for Cdr. Walt Fitzpatrick when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over Monroe County.” (Link)

“We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for Cdr. Walt Fitzpatrick when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.” (Link)

Bryan and his criminal cohorts advertised that they had incited the federal and state LEO response we all experienced on 20 April 2010.

Bryan does not itemize the names of those people implied in the use of the personal pronoun “we.”

The dates of these two postings are not known.


We’ve all been played!

Law enforcement officials served up to the liberal left media a story they couldn’t refuse.

 Birthers Plan Armed Takeover of Courthouse!

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, TIME magazine’s Managing Editor Richard Stengel, TIME’s Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy and Pulitzer Prize winning investigative correspondent Barton Gellman, Jim Matheny of  NBC’s Knoxville affiliate –WBIR, Pam Sohn of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Jamie Satterfield, Lance Coleman and Tom Humphrey, from the Knoxville News Sentinel, Bill Poovey and Lucas L. Johnson, II from the AP, Michael Thomason and Tommy Milsaps from the Monroe County Democrat & Advocate, and cowardly staff reporters ashamed to print their names lapped it up like kittens splashing in warm milk.

Then there’s J.J. McNabb, the self-descried expert on “Sovereign Citizens,” and right-wing extremists and militiamen. (Link)

But none of these charlatans ever checked for facts!

Law enforcement officials represented to press lackeys they were acting on actionable intelligence that a “domestic terrorist” episode was in planning and under way when they interdicted to save the day.

Press chuckleheads just bought the spoon-fed and ridiculous notion that the feds and their “law enforcement partners” prevented a gun battle bloodbath from erupting in the streets of Madisonville, Tennessee!


But this is the premise reporters of the day swallowed, worm and all.

WBIR-TV reporter Jim Matheny had a cameraman on the ground in Madisonville that day. There was nothing in the news that night or in the papers the next day about any “takeover” attempt.

In Madisonville, it had been a very quiet and peaceful day.

In the immediate aftermath, Rachael Maddow interviewed retired BATFE S/A James Cavanaugh. (Link)

Cavanaugh is in other places known as “WACO Jim,” a reported perjurer in testimony he gave regarding his participation in the Branch Dividian tragedy in Waco, Texas. (Link)

(Sidebar: The federal siege of the Waco compound began on 28 February 1993. It came to a violent end 51 days later on 19 April. “WACO Jim” Cavanaugh played a central role.)

Cavanaugh is a “go-to guy” for the press anytime they want to build a molehill into a mountain regarding “extremists,” or “Sovereign Citizens.”

In October 2010, Barton Gellman jumped on the bandwagon in his “special investigation” TIME MAGAZINE cover report “Locked & Loaded: The secret world of extreme militias.” Mr. Gellman names both Darren Huff and me as objects of his derision and defamation. (Link)

Links to the fictional reports from the others are spread throughout this work.


The FBI declares Darren Huff, myself, and everyone who drove to Madisonville to support me and fight against government corruption on 20 April 2010 as “Sovereign Citizens:” A code phrase meaning “domestic terrorist.”


More has come to public attention since the winter of 2009 and spring of 2010.

Beginning on Sunday, 12 August 2012, a regional mainstream newspaper in eastern Tennessee, The Chattanooga Times Free Press, launched a scathing series of articles laying out massive corruption in Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District, which includes Monroe County and the town of Madisonville.

The print narrative ran for six days, front page above the fold, from 12 to 17 August this year. Those reports spawned two editorials and three side stories. Editors allocated approximately 1,844 column inches in newsprint. Taken together with articles published exclusively online, the reportage became a narrative of book length.

Links to the articles are supplied below for ease of reference.

Described in this extraordinary writing is an institutionalized and industrial culture of corruption that is predatory and cannibalistic which Darren Huff and I recognized back in April 2010 and about which average citizens tried to take action.

Government in the 10th District is eating its own citizenry.

The 10th Judicial District comprises four counties: Bradley, McMinn, Monroe and Polk. R. Steve Bebb, the 10th District’s attorney general, is a point target of the Times Free Press exposé.

A partial list of the scoundrels named in the CTFP work includes:

  • Lieutenant Mike Hall – former supervisor to the 10th Judicial District’s Drug and Violent Crime Task Force (DTF). Hall skedaddled in August 2010. (Link)
  •  Lieutenant Donald Williams – former #2 under Hall in the DTF. Williams was promoted to supervisor upon Hall’s escape. Williams holds the DTF top position as of this writing and testified at Darren Huff’s trial.
  • Bill Bivens – Monroe County Sheriff (MCSO) since 2006. Up for reelection in 2014. (Link)
  • Pat Henry – former detective captain under Bill Bivens in the MCSO.

Many law enforcement officers named in the CTFP diatribe are variously accused of ripoffs, shakedowns, courtroom perjury, misspending of taxpayer dollars, tampering and withholding evidence, jury tampering, violating Citizens’ civil rights, and manipulating the justice system.

These ingredients were all baked into Darren Huff’s charade trial.

The former McMinn County grand jury foreman, Joel Riley, working with 10th District ADA Paul D. Rush, are publicly accused of jury tampering in 2010.  Riley and Rush were illicitly attempting to influence the McMinn County grand jury at the same time Gary Pettway was discovered illegally heading the Monroe County grand jury with sidekick, ADA Jim Stutts.

Stutts and Rush both work under R. Steve Bebb, who testified at Darren Huff’s trial.

Bebb is further accused of patronage hires and firings.


Statements Donald Williams attributed to Darren are uncorroborated and unsubstantial.

The United States relied heavily on the theory that Darren planned to join a group of people who were carrying guns intending some type or kind of “civil disorder.”

The case regarding Darren’s “intent” is based solely upon statements made by two bankers and government officials. And those statements are undone by what Darren actually did.

What Bebb left out is this: The Monroe County dungeon is across the street from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. So what Bebb said to Darren’s jury is that there were a lot of people I didn’t know carrying guns—all of ‘em cops amongst the 100 cops Bebb was “coordinating,” that day, and that Bebb saw one man in a parking lot next to the Sheriff’s Office loading a gun…most likely a Sheriff’s deputy.

S/A Reed’s statement is uncorroborated!

Now this is the scenario law enforcement officials want the outside world to believe.

Van Balen swore in his statement that Darren plus “more than a dozen other individuals” were observed outside a Courthouse in Madison “with openly displayed and concealed firearms.” Other LEOs in Madisonville that day reported that “several others” (no number specified) were in the possession of openly displayed and concealed firearms.”

But no one tells us who were carrying guns.

No civilians are known to have been carrying weapons that Tuesday. No one!

Van Balen failed to tell his readers that only LEOs were carrying guns in Madisonville on 20 April 2012.

Consider this as well: No one fact-checked Van Balen’s written sworn statement at that time or since!

Van Balen’s sworn statement was uncorroborated the day he signed it and goes uncorroborated to this moment.


Lying LEOs give up the game.

Trooper Wilson about how and why he pulled Darren over in Sweetwater.

The two top dogs on the Drug Task Force, Mike Hall and Don Williams, both lied. Hall left the Drug Task force under suspicion of being a “pill-billy,” that is, using drugs himself. The CTFP accuses Hall of a great deal more. (Link)

District Attorney Bebb and FBI S/A Van Balen stood together in a command post on 20 April 2010.

Implying it was folks in my support group, Bebb said he saw people he didn’t know carrying guns. Bebb said he spotted one person loading a gun.

Pointing to people in that same group, Van Balen said he had personal knowledge that over a dozen people were carrying guns in plain sight or concealed.

Both men lied.

The only people carrying weapons that day were cops. They carried badges and they carried guns. A lot of guns!

No one—I say again!—No one who drove to support me in Madisonville was carrying a gun on his or her person.

Tennessee State troopers told Darren during the I-75 felony stop he’d be arrested if he decided to proceed into Madisonville (14 miles distant) openly carrying his sidearm.

So Darren locked the gun in his truck bed toolbox. (Link)

No one was arrested.

No LEOs stopped a single person for questioning, as Darren was stopped off the road in Sweetwater some 14 miles distant.

Drug Task Force honcho Don Williams testified in court that no arrests were made in Madisonville, fearing an arrest would spark a running gunfight. (Link)


The local NBC TV affiliate, WBIR, had a cameraman on the ground in Madisonville and captured footage of people peacefully assembled.

FBI pole camera film footage shows the same thing. That footage betrays people who testified against Darren, people who lied, so it’s not been released to the public.

Days after the peaceful assembly in Madisonville, the FBI fanned throughout Tennessee and Georgia to interview people who were in Madisonville on 20 April 2010. It’s suspected LEOs took down vehicle license plate numbers facilitating the FBI showing up at people’s front doors in the next week.

No one the FBI interviewed came up as having carried a gun to Madisonville on April 20th. No one turned out to be a militia member. No one showed any evidence of being anything but a solid U.S. Citizen in good standing.

We’d know the name(s) today of any civilian who was carrying a gun in Madisonville. They would’ve been approached, questioned and made part of an official report.

Didn’t happen!

FBI Special Agent Mike Harrell called me at home on 9 March 2011 to set up an interview with me the next day. I volunteered to come into the Knoxville, Tennessee FBI complex.

Tennessee Highway Patrolman (Senior Trooper) J.C. Parrott and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation S/A Andy Corbitt joined with Special Agent Harrell for the 10 March 2011 interview.  The three were members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

These three knuckleheads targeted me as a “domestic terrorist.”

Contrariwise, the FBI never approached William “P.J. Foggy,” also known as William Given.

The boastings and self-admitted role William “P.J. Foggy” Bryan were reported to FBI S/A Roxanne West (28 June 2011), and Reanna Day (6 December 2011).

The FBI didn’t follow up.

To this day we do not know if there’s a connection between the Chase bankers and “P.J. Foggy,” all three people attributed as saying there was a “take over plot” of Madisonville being hatched in the days leading up to 20 April 2010.

Two folks in Georgia, one buffoon in North Carolina using the same phrase “take over,” and the FBI doesn’t see the need to investigate a possible connection?


The major point here is that there was NO plot. Darren never spoke the words “take over,” and the people who said he did are liars!

I talked about Gregg Breeden’s interview of banker Erica Dupree above.

What’s that about?

Recall Gregg “jabba-the-hut” Breeden is the Madisonville police chief.  He and Dupree were both witnesses against Darren, not allowed to talk with each other.

Breeden did not play any investigative role in Darren’s case. So what’s he doing interviewing Dupree?

Today there is an outcry demanding folks in the 10th Judicial District “Give Bebb the Boot” regarding the operation of Bebb’s fantastical criminal machine. (Link)


Once Darren became aware of massive government corruption in Monroe County, Tennessee he took a stand against it.

Darren didn’t know that due to statements he had made (some corroborated, some not) the Federal Bureau of Investigation would use and manipulate him as one of many props in a government disinformation operation that would make guys like Hitler and Stalin proud.

Certainly it does OBAMA proud!

The successful mission of the FBI’s DISOP was to make and take America’s first “Minority Report Thought Crime” law operational.

Today Obama’s anointed U.S. Attorney William C. Killian is bragging about how the Obama Justice Department is going to do it again and keep doing it until they’re stopped. (Link #1) (Link #2) (Link #3)


Obama’s Justice Department (FBI) unilaterally rendered Tennessee statutes regarding Citizens’ arrest null and void, thereby denying U.S. Citizens their right to make use of it!

More than that: Obama and his team transformed the laws of Citizen’s arrest into the violent criminal acts of riot, aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Obama, on his own initiative and outside the legislative and rule-making process, created a new way of making and enforcing federal and state statutes, not constitutionally recognized, which violates current laws and rules governing Citizen’s arrest.

Obama and his criminal assistants prevailed in these activities to include the wrongful prosecution of Darren Huff by deliberately misrepresenting material facts upon which Darren’s case relied.

Memo to U. S. Attorney William C. Killian and his two nefarious assistants, Theodore and Mackie: Citizen’s arrests are legal in the United States. (Link)

In Tennessee, the laws regarding Citizen’s arrest are considered some of the strongest in the nation.

Anything Darren did in furtherance of a lawful act is lawful.

See Tennessee Code Annotated (state statutes) applying to Citizen’s arrest that is available online:

  • 40-7-101: An arrest may be made by a private person,
  • 40-7-103: Grounds for arrest without Warrant,
  • 40-7-109: A private person may arrest another for a public offense committed in the arresting person’s presence, or when the person arrested has committed a felony (although not in the arresting person’s presence), or when a felony has been committed and the arresting person has reasonable cause to believe that the arrested person committed the felony,
  • 40-7-110: A private person may make an arrest for a felony at any time,
  • 40-7-111: Notice of grounds in support of arrest by a private person of another,
  • 40-7-112: Notice of intention to make an arrest – If the person to be arrested has committed a felony, and a private person, after notice of the person’s intent to make the arrest is refused admittance, the arresting person may break open an outer or inner door or window of a dwelling house to make the arrest,
  • 40-7-113: A private person who has arrested another for a public offense shall, without unnecessary delay…deliver the arrested person to an officer.

Specific felony criminal acts, for example, supporting a Citizens’ arrest include:

  • 39-16-402: Official misconduct, and,
  • 39-16-403: Official oppression.

Darren and others knew two years ago what Judy Walton at The Chattanooga Times Free Press is reporting today.

To make Darren’s prosecution possible, the test and criterion which the assistant U.S. attorneys Theodore and Mackie applied in Darren’s case is that Citizen’s arrests in Tennessee State are unlawful.

Judges Guyton and Varlan played right along.

So did G. Scott Green, Darren’s appointed defense attorney. It was Judge Guyton who appointed Green.

Now…how was Darren’s intent manifested? Where did it come from? Well, policemen put words in his mouth. Words Darren did not speak!

The Carl Swensson videos were not shown to the jury.


Of primary concern is to see to the immediate release of Mr. Darren Huff from federal prison.

This acts as a criminal complaint

A third purpose is to directly connect the explosive government corruption that began to come into public view back in the fall of 2009 to reports just five weeks ago in a local, regional newspaper, The Chattanooga Times Free Press (CTFP). It needs to be brought to public attention how concerned citizen watchdogs were handled and treated compared to how the identical reports of government’s criminal industry are being viewed today.

Another purpose is to revisit the events of 2009-2010 in the context of the CTFP book-length exposé, as it appears the managers and editors of that paper aren’t likely to do so on their own without this encouragement.

Then there is a need to teach the object lesson regarding the dictatorial oppression and totalitarian actions being visited on us all by high and low government as it functions under OBAMA’s criminal industry.

Sharon Rondeau and J.B. Williams have been reporting on the events in East Tennessee from the beginning of this nightmare.

Sharon is the owner and editor of The Post & Email.

J.B. Williams is a freelance writer and co-founder of The U.S. Patriots Union. with Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington.

Articles Sharon and J.B. wrote are linked in this work. Others are easy to find online.

I and others, to include The Post & Email Editor, Sharon Rondeau, are the object of death threats.

Worthy of attention is that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is enjoying and nurturing the masquerade that defames Editor Rondeau and myself as “cult” members, “radicals,” and “eccentrics.”

Death threats can be connected not only to Mr. Bryan, but also collectively to deputies in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. (Link)

This report is meant to expose those responsible for locking Darren up as having carried out a tremendously successful disinformation operation (DISOP) to protect themselves, working as criminals with their criminal assistants in a massive governmental criminal industry, from We the People exercising our power of Citizen vigilance and oversight and from We the People exercising our Power of Presentment as we find these powers in our state and federal Constitutions.

The narrative discussed herein is intended to be taken up by anyone in the country to present to either a federal or state Grand Jury as they find appropriate.

Darren had become aware of massive government corruption in Monroe County, Tennessee, of which Madisonville is the county seat.

Of primary concern is to see to the immediate release of Mr. Darren Huff from federal prison.


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From J.B. Williams and Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington:




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Tennessee Grand Jury Joins DOJ in Obstructing Justice – Sep 9, 2009

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Monroe County Grand Jury Still Sitting on Treason Case – Dec 16, 2009


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