by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 24, 2012) — A sequel to a video produced about the exposure of corruption in the federal government and state of Tennessee has been released.

The video also explains the case of Darren Huff, who committed no crime but is now in a federal prison in Texas serving a four-year sentence.  Although deemed a violent criminal, Huff is in a minimum-security prison.

Both videos are posted at The Jaghunter, Fitzpatrick’s blog, as well as Obama Ballot Challenge and GiveUsLiberty1776.

The U.S. Attorney who deemed Huff’s conviction and sentencing “a great achievement” was the keynote speaker at the opening of an Islamic Center in Chattanooga, TN, celebrating “civil rights.”  An Obama appointee, William C. Killian has refused to act on the corruption in Monroe County, TN and elsewhere in his district and has obstructed reports of criminality from reaching the two federal grand juries sitting in Knoxville.

Both Huff and Fitzpatrick are veterans of the U.S. Navy.  After a young former Marine, Brandon Raub, was arrested and thrown into a psychiatric facility without charges, The Rutherford Institute, which defended Raub and has filed a lawsuit on his behalf, reported that it had received hundreds of calls about veterans treated similarly under the Obama regime.

While Killian states that people may “write about their anti-government views,” Raub had done just that on a private Facebook page and been hauled away by Secret Service and FBI agents.

At least two people who served as witnesses against Huff are now under investigation by the Tennessee Attorney General, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the state Comptroller’s office for misallocation of funds, prosecutorial misconduct, and other professional misconduct.  Tennessee officials have labeled Huff and Fitzpatrick “Sovereign Citizens” in the same category as murderers.

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  1. This second video shows scenes outside the courthouse annex (double wide) on April 20, 2010. The folks in the video are the ones that Killian’s expert witnesses (FBI, etc.) testified were armed militants.

    There were no armed, anybodies, in Madisonville that day except for LEO and the LEO SWAT snipers. The FBI agents lied about this in testimony and in statements made to the press.

    But when Darren’s attorney was approached with an offer to testify, by one of the “riot” participants, he refused. Testimony from any one of the folks at the venue that day would have countered the FBI lies. Darren’s attorney had obviously been “instructed” by the FBI or DOJ to throw the case, and he did.

    This is tyranny at the highest level. This will not be an easy battle to win, but win we must.

    Support Walt in his efforts and keep Darren in your prayers.