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by Sharon Rondeau

Will Darrell Issa end the investigation into Fast & Furious, or does he still have work to do? What do the American people think?

(Sep. 20, 2012) —Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is holding a hearing with U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifying.

Live streaming is available here.

Early reports on Wednesday reviewing the report generated by the Inspector General on the Fast & Furious operation which allowed guns to “walk” to Mexican drug cartel members and other criminals stated that Attorney General Eric Holder was “cleared” of wrongdoing in the matter, but House Republicans filed a civil lawsuit in mid-August on a contempt of Congress charge in U.S. District Court.

The Inspector General’s report, however, was highly critical of the way in which ATF and some DOJ officials conducted the program, including a lack of oversight, citing “serious failures in leadership.”  One DOJ employee described as a “key Holder deputy” resigned as the report was issued, with an ATF agent filing for retirement at the same time.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, indicated that numerous individuals employed by the DOJ during the time that Fast & Furious was operating declined to be interviewed.

Is Issa’s job finished, or is more investigation needed?  Issa issued a statement that the “work is not yet done.”

The Daily Caller and The Post & Email both stated that the Inspector General’s report totaled 512 pages, while other media, including the Oversight and Government Reform Commiteee, reported that it contained 471 pages.

A contact form for Issa’s constituents is here.  His Washington, DC office can be reached:  Phone: 202-225-3906 • Fax: 202-225-3303.

Every seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is pending re-election on November 6.

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  1. Hey Darrell, I like your style but don’t you think your milkin’ this program a little too much? I would have had that beady eyed Muslim Bean Counter in Gitmo with some “seasoned” Vietnam Vets to get him talkin’ in a “reasonable” amount of time. How many more people will have to die before accountability, responsibility and leadership will show up on the “political horizon” here? What are we paying tax money for, this sham and clown parade they call a Democratic Party? They DO know how to party. 77 hotel gala festivities at $30 million a taxpayers show? $800 a bottle sparkling brews and $1,000 check per person to show up? Columbian prostitutes with an “open bar tab”? No wonder everyone wants those “government jobs”, it’s home alone and nobody’s watchin/no accountability! Yo holmes, you people want to be reelected? I got a Koo Koo clock on my wall, we are tired of seein’ the Koo Koo jump out everytime we turn on the news. The stories, the lies, the delivery and the end result ain’t happenin’ and don’t look like any time soon. I’m still waitin’ to see LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff’s story on any news agency and how Obama X ordered the criminal actions to go on there much less anywhere else. Why is a dual citizen Muslim POTUS allowed to operate and run roughshod over our country and make us pay $4 million to the Socialists at Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm to keep his legal papers away from the American Public while laughing at the destruction of our country? Was it true he did time in the CIA in Afghanistan as one of us? Would this justify destruction of America and free lolli pops? We need some answers to the sickness that seems to be sweeping over DC. It seems to have started when they let the Clinton’s in the White House and all those files Hillary stole from the Rose Law Firm. Seems like they never left. Kinda” hard to blame George Bush for that. Maybe we could ask Vince Foster about how all that got started and Republican Commissioner Jim Miller how it all ended?

  2. It is typical to see all the criminal associates of bari.x bailing out the back door. The human trash and pond scum that hang with the usurper seem to have to spend a lot of taxpayer money on finding undesirables like them selves to associate with. While people lose their jobs and homes, lavish parties abound.with these criminals loving tosee how they are hurting someone and causing damage that may not be repairable. Spoiled kids are easy to see,spoiled adults are hard to stop. In this case,we can only vote the usurper out since they have blocked all legal channels to prosecute them. I personally have lost all belief in the government or it’s ability to make decisions ans serve the people of america. As a veteran, I still support our military but now realize even that has been compromised for a paycheck and that the leadership has alsdo been compromised as witnessed by what was,has and is being done to fitzpatrick,lakin,wood and others that have tried so desperately to save this country while this criminal sham has destroyerd their lives and careers. Most patriots and veterans that are not. Democrats will be against the entire press, governmental representatives that have allowed this to go on for years while doing nothing but collecting paychecks,abandoning their old and young veterans and elderly that have given their lives for a new generation of greed and criminal Godless that will soon reap what they have sown. Do. They really think that they will keep the money they have stolen? Do you believe we will ever see any of the people prosecuted for what they have done? Do you really think the judical will ever be prosecuted? Do you think america will follow tennessee as a model of corruption and murder,illegal arrests of citizens and veterans will become everyday occurences? Will minority crime and illegals eventually cause revolution in america? Will you vote for bari x and his criminal associates? Will everyone continue to be straw men and straw woman under a failed ” corporate trust law” system that is out of control?