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by Sharon Rondeau

Hillary Clinton opposed Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential primaries, and many Democrats cited instances of fraud and intimidation by Obama supporters during the caucuses.

(Sep. 3, 2012) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived today in Indonesia, where she met with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa to discuss increasing violence against minority religious groups in the world‘s “largest Muslim-majority nation.”  While violent confrontations between Muslims and Christians are not new, they have flared in recent weeks.

The U.S. plans to build a new embassy in Indonesia beginning in December.  The Human Rights Council has accused the Indonesian government of “failure to accept key UPR (Universal Periodic Review) recommendations” which would bring about change in the way alleged human rights abuses are investigated and managed.

Clinton and Natalegawa met in Jakarta, Obama’s “old home town,” and gave a press conference.  She largely discussed an issue between China and Indonesia regarding a waterway in the South China Sea affecting other countries in the region. Clinton had visited the same part of the world in July and May.  Natalegawa plans to attend a conference on Indonesian-U.S. relations, the third of its kind, later this month in Washington, DC.

Clinton will spend Tuesday in Beijing, China.

Monday was Indonesia’s Independence Day, which Obama did not forget, although he has forgone a Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery while occupying the White House.

The Democrat National Convention officially begins tomorrow, at the end of which it is expected that Obama will be the nominee for president from the Democrat Party.  Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card have been stated to be forgeries by a county sheriff’s department, but no federal law enforcement agency is known to be investigating.

Indonesia is a member of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which the United States supports.  The organization held a conference on the issue of human rights from August 24-26.

On August 7, Wayne Allyn Root, an alleged former “classmate” of Obama’s at Columbia University, said on the Sean Hannity Show that Obama is “afraid of showing his Columbia records” and raised the question as to how Obama visited Pakistan in 1981.  Root said that he had reached the conclusion that Obama had attended college as a “foreign exchange student.”

Hannity responded that Root “was not the only one to say this,” and conceded that Obama’s college applications might contain something “embarrassing,” which was what Col. Denise Lind said when Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin asked for confirmation that Barack Hussein Obama was constitutionally eligible to issue orders to the U.S. military. Lind refused, and Lakin was eventually court-martialed and imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth for five months.

Root told Hannity that Breitbart reporter Charles C. Johnson called him from Indonesia that day and said that he had found the “proof” that Obama had become an Indonesian citizen.  However, no further reporting appears to have been made in regard to the claim.

On August 6, Root had written a column published at The Blaze in which he described his conclusion about Obama’s attendance as a foreign student as a “gut belief.”

As well as Obama having spent “part” of his childhood in Indonesia, it was “one of the very first countries” Clinton visited after her appointment to the position of Secretary of State in 2009.  Clinton announced that the government organization USAID would spend $83 billion over the next five years to promote education in Indonesia.

While Indonesia held the chairmanship of ASEAN in 2011, Obama attended the East Asia Summit.  The year before, the U.S. established its “first resident Ambassador to ASEAN” and has promoted a “deepening engagement with multilateral institutions in the Asia-Pacific.”

One researcher believes that Obama spent more than just “part” of his childhood in Indonesia.  One report written before the 2008 campaign stated that Obama had been born there and was later changed with no apparent evidence to say that he was born in Hawaii.  A public biography claimed that Obama was “born in Kenya” and “raised in Indonesia” until it was changed in 2007 to say that he was born in Hawaii.  The literary agency which had affirmed his birth in Kenya later said it had made a mistake.

In late 2010, Obama said he wished to improve relationships with Muslim countries.  Beginning in December of that year, the “Arab spring” commenced, which changed several Middle Eastern countries’ governments to a leadership by the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization.  Reports from Egypt state that Christians have been hung by militant Islamists recently, after a member of the Brotherhood won the presidential election there in June.  While the Egyptian Army, which had supported the previous regime under Hosni Mubarak, had not wanted to cede power to Muhammed Morsi after he was declared the winner, it was reported as of August 23 that Morsi “is quietly taking over all the power bases in the country.”

Egypt and the terrorist group Hamas are now forging a working relationship.

Does this boy look like “Barack Hussein Obama?”  Does Obama have closer and deeper ties to Indonesia than the American public has been told?

Many questions have arisen as to Obama’s citizenship and whether or not he qualifies to serve as president as a “natural born Citizen.”

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  1. “sigh”..I guess BILL is not going to become Patriotic all of a sudden; he is carrying on right to the script that Democrats and Republicans too, suspected he would!

    Well…he DID have a chance to redeem himself!

  2. If we read all these articles (Hillary in Indonesia, Bill not showing a copy of his speech to DNC, Only 40% thinking Obama deserves a Second Term, A Possible Surprise at DNC,Trump Promising a Surprise and not giving it at the RNC) one COULD imagine that the Paradigm is this:

    Trump defers to Clinton who Exposes Obama at the DNC, making “Hillary Happy” in Indonesia, and making her the de facto candidate against Romney.

    Just a conjecture, but there is “Something” in the air.

    If Trump promises a “Surprise,” America can be sure he will make good on it!

    Given the animosity of the Clintons towards Obama and now, we read, the Kennedys, and given America’s unwaivering support of Israel, which Obama seems to be feeding to the wolves, we may be in store for One big, beautiful American, bipartisan moment in Constitutionalism!

    All ears will be on Bill’s speech.

    1. The theory of Trump blowing Obama out of the water and Hillary being the front runner is interesting.

      Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe have probably traded information.

      We shall see. :-)

      1. Leave it to Trump to REALLY “TRUMP” the DNC by collaborating with BILL to expose the fraud.

        Now that is a real HARD BALL tactic and would serve Obama right and RIGHTLY SERVE AMERICA and our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! :)

        Here’s hopin’!

      2. PS, speaking of Obama’s “feeding Israel to the wolves,” Krauthammer is on now speaking about the fact that JERUSALEM as the capital of Israel has been LEFT OFF THE DNC PLATFORM.

        Obama fools NO ONE ANYMORE.

      3. ONE MORE “P.S.”:

        ZERO mention of “GOD” in the Democratic Platform.

        Their defeat will be STUNNING, if Obama is not found INELIGIBLE or exposed by Trump and/or Clinton first!

        Start making popcorn, America!

  3. The Muslim Brotherhood was officially outed as a terrorist group during the Holy Land Foundation trials when a raid on a MB facility found the “Memorandum” published in 1991 whereby the MB was shown to be a self declared enemy of the United States.

    Side note: HLF was formed in 1955 by President Clinton by EO12947.

    PBO has shown deference to the MB by entertaining their representatives in the White House, granting them money, and supporting their efforts, effectively, thru out the mid east and north Africa, most recently with the ascension of Morsi to take over Egypt.

    So the Constitution Art. III, Sec. 3 says: Treason against the United States shall consist . . .adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid Comfort.”

    So Obama has committed acts of treason going back to Sampson, Al in 2009 and perhaps before but certainly many times since and where are our good men and true duly elected 535 weasels in congress on this issue? Silent! And is this not tyranny?

    Go to your pocket Constitution. Take this test: how many of the Facts listed in the Declaration of Independence can you assert to today? If you checked a majority of them then it is time for you to go face to face with your elected person and ask him or her what they intend to do about it.