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by Sharon Rondeau

Does Obama use his daughters as an excuse for failing to accomplish his 2008 campaign promises?

(Sep. 3, 2012) — A CNN report on a face-to-face interview with Obama during which he was asked why he had not been able to work more effectively with Republicans claimed that Obama’s response was that he wanted to “spend time with his family in the evenings and on weekends” (found at 2:15).

The video, which bears the caption “Bipartisanship in a Second Term,” involves The Washington Post’s Dan Baltz; Jennifer Yellin, CNN’s White House correspondent, and anchor Candy Crowley.

Toward the end of the 6+ minute video, when asked, Yellin speculates that Obama would attempt to “push” “immigration and economic policies” if he wins a second term.

What has Obama been paid $400,000 a year to do?  Does his answer make sense?  Was he correct in 2004 when he said that he “lacked experience” to run for president?

Recently, White House reporters have expressed their dissatisfaction with Obama’s interviews with pop-culture magazines but dearth of press conferences.

In June of last year, Obama reportedly said that he had “failed to spend enough time with his daughters,” deploring the father he reports abandoned him when he was two. But he then said that he retained “certain memories of him taking me to my first jazz concert and giving me my first basketball as a Christmas present.”  Does a two-year-old child normally attend a jazz concert or receive a basketball for a Christmas present?

Obama’s father was reportedly an atheist of Muslim descent who had converted to Christianity in between.  If he became an atheist prior to his “son’s” birth, would he have given him a “Christmas present?”  Col. Muammar Gaddafi, former dictator of Libya, had said that Obama the presidential candidate was “of Muslim descent” and “a son of Africa,” calling Obama “a friend.”

Gaddafi had said that “even if Libya and the United States of America enter into a war,” Obama would still be “a son” to him.  Gaddafi was killed last October after the country was “liberated” from totalitarian rule.

After a Cold Case Posse investigated Obama’s long-form birth certificate over the last 11 months, it has concluded that the image is a forgery and questioned whether or not Obama’s public life story is true, including who his parents are or were.

Obama has reportedly used the word “burden” in relation to bringing up his two daughters.  One of his ideas about “spending more time” with his elder daughter was to become an assistant coach to her basketball team.  Does that make sense?

In July of last year, in speaking to an audience about the lack of a congressional budget, Obama said that “it would mean all these conversations over the last three weeks, I could have been spending time with Malia and Sasha instead.”  He compared his daughters favorably to “congressional Republicans” who allegedly procrastinate, while his daughters “finish their homework a day ahead of time.”

Last year, he did not appear to know Malia’s correct age.  He was not present at younger daughter Sasha’s “birthday bash” in June, and the news report of the party was removed from the internet.

Obama reportedly called his daughters every evening when he was campaigning in 2008 and has been portrayed as very involved with their education, at least while they lived in Chicago.  However, last June, when Malia was due to graduate from eighth grade at the exclusive Sidwell Friends School, Obama and his wife, and possibly Malia herself, did not appear to have attended.  Someone reported “seeing” the event, but no photographs are available on the web, and there appears to be no information about the event available.

Both girls reportedly spent a month in the state of New Hampshire over the summer.  Malia spent spring break in Mexico earlier this year, but the Obama White House “scrubbed the story.”

The Post & Email did not.

Does Obama really have a list of chores to do for his wife as putative President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, or is it all propaganda?  How well are Michelle and Barack functioning as a “first couple?”

Does Obama know what is is saying?

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  1. –and “popping of the blister” is such a crass and street gang kind of talk. Makes me wonder if he hasn’t already lost it. He is making even less sense now than ever before. Who is he talking to? Does he know we are real human beings out here? he has already gone mad in my opinion. Sooner or later the lies catch up to you. You can’t remember which are real and which are not.