by Sharon Rondeau, via GiveUsLiberty1776

(Aug. 29, 2012) — The first of a series of videos detailing judicial corruption in Tennessee and throughout the country has been exclusively released at GiveUsLiberty1776.

The videos detail the exposure of corruption in a small community in eastern Tennessee beginning in September 2009 and continuing through the present.

A retired Naval Commander, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, discovered that the acting grand jury foreman in Monroe County, TN had been serving in the position at the behest of the judge or judges for 27 years.  After he and another Navy veteran, Darren Huff, attempted to expose the violations of the state and U.S. Constitutions by such a practice, both were retaliated against and imprisoned:  Huff in a federal prison and Fitzpatrick in the Monroe County jail after being physically abused and tasered by members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

Public corruption has been confirmed by recent reports in The Chattanooga Times Free Press, a major regional newspaper which has identified questionable financial practices within the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee, which includes Monroe County.

Judicial corruption is so deep in Tennessee that laws passed nearly three decades ago which were not enforced have led to questions over whether or not the convictions and incarcerations resulting from illegal indictments and trials can withstand scrutiny if the public can be made aware of the problem.  Thus far, the mainstream media has not reported on Fitzpatrick’s recent discovery of the flouted laws.

Tennessee has a long history of infighting between the Judicial and Legislative branches of government.  The first state constitution, ratified in 1796, did not contain a provision for a judicial branch but rather, stated that judges were appointed by the legislature.  Later, judges adopted their own rules of conduct, and by 1829, a volume had already been written stating that the Tennessee court system was confusing, overly complicated and corrupt.  The Post & Email will be releasing more on this research in the near future.

Fitzpatrick contends that in order for constitutional governance to be restored to Tennessee and the rest of America, Fifth Amendment grand juries with properly selected and empaneled jurors, including the foreman, must become active again.  In colonial America through the early part of the 20th century, citizens comprised grand juries, and their findings were taken to law enforcers who then acted upon them if there was probable cause to do so.  Today’s grand juries are co-opted by the government and shielded from the public such that the average citizen cannot file a criminal complaint.

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  1. Wonderful job, Sharon! Thank God we get the truth out and quantize the ugly sham that this administration is and the false identity of the usurper bari malik shabazz and what they are doing to those that stand in their way to grab more power and money!

  2. “Praise the LORD, and Pass the Ammunition!!”
    After years of following the “PLIGHT of Fitz”, this is beyond words of excitement!!
    GOD’S SPEED, Good and Faithful Warrior!!