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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Obama preparing to leave the White House? If so, why?

(Aug. 17, 2012) — Fred Brownbill of The Save America Foundation claims that 80 countries have signed a criminal complaint against Barack Hussein Obama and filed it in the World Court.  Brownbill states that the complaint is one of four matters which will cause Obama to resign.

The Post & Email interviewed the founder of the Save America Foundation, John Chambers, on May 10 of last year.  Brownbill does not mention “if” Obama will resign, but rather, “when.”  However, we could find no substantiation for the criminal complaint claim at this time.

Brownbill’s piece is reposted at The White Hats Report without attribution.  Who are the “White Hat Reporters?”

Brownbill believes that Obama is seeking a nation which will give him sanctuary and states that the Save America Foundation “has the answer” as to when Obama leaves and for what reason.  Brownbill compares Obama’s current situation to that of the Watergate investigation which prompted President Richard M. Nixon to resign the presidency on August 8, 1974.  Some members of Congress believe that the Fast & Furious gunwalking scandal rises to or exceeds the level of malfeasance in Watergate and will yield the same results.

Two years ago, some citizens were calling for Obama to resign, predicting that calls for his birth records and college records would break through the mainstream media blockade imposed on anyone who asked for information on the secretive man who had gained access to the White House.

Fox News Pundit Sean Hannity is now asking Obama to release his college transcripts following Donald Trump’s demand that Obama do so last month.  Four years ago, Obama’s background was not discussed, including questions about his birthplace and life story.

Despite reports that Joe Biden will be removed from the ticket and replaced with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the White House has stated that is not the case.  Brownbill believes that Hillary Clinton will ultimately replace Biden and possibly even Obama.  The rumor about Cuomo began in July of last year.

Biden is known for his tactlessness in public situations.

Several others have predicted that Obama will not be on the ballot in November, despite his aggressive campaigning.  When he is not campaigning, the White House schedule lists meetings he is allegedly attending which are closed to the press or simply “No public schedule.”

While Obama’s campaign manager has stated that Romney’s release of “five years” of tax returns would satisfy them, Obama continues to hide behind a birth certificate deemed fraudulent by an official law enforcement investigation, a Connecticut-issued social security number, a Selective Service registration card also labeled fraudulent, unrevealed school, medical and university records and transcripts, withheld documents on the Fast & Furious operation, and unanswered complaints for treason on the part of several thousand citizens.

One U.S. representative wants Congress to vote to repeal everything Obama has signed during his four years in the White House.  In early 2009, the same congressman had mailed to this writer copies of alleged birth announcements from two Hawaii newspapers as “proof” that he claimed he had found of Obama’s birth in Hawaii and alleged constitutional eligibility to serve.

The Daily Pen, which appears to have inside information about Barack Hussein Obama and began its reporting in January 2009, contends that the birth announcements do not prove that Obama is a “natural born Citizen” because they were not “medically verified as occurring at a Hawaiian hospital.”

Obama’s actions have been described as “bizarre.”  A journalist embedded with Obama during his return flight to the U.S. from Portugal reported that Obama had joked about stopping to see socialist dictator Hugo Chavez before returning home.  Earlier this year, Obama was late in appearing for a campaign event in California.  A psychotherapist questioned Obama’s “odd mannerisms” two years ago, and foreign heads of state reportedly saw him as “detached from reality.”

What is the reality of Obama’s identity?  Is his name “Barack Hussein Obama II,” or has he hidden that, also?  If he has another identity, will its discovery usher in a new, more devastating Watergate?

Does Obama have an identity crisis?  Writer Edward Klein says that Obama “doesn’t know who he is.”

Do the American people?


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  1. Might one more reason be added why Obama will RESIGN rather than run in November:

    The breaking news that the UNITED STATES had knowledge 48 hours BEFORE Embassy attacks…and DID NOTHING…..

  2. Is Donald Trump giving us a foreshadowing of Obama’s imminent Resignation (and/or imprisonment)?

    He is “twittering” that SOME people may be surprised at what is about to be released about Obama’s background..but that he WILL NOT BE.

    A wild guess is that the POST & EMAIL story will be shown to be like a declaration from the Oracle at Delphi….

    OBAMA will NOT BE on the BALLOT.

    Patientia Virtus Est!

  3. Hey Sharon,
    Now wouldn’t that be a nice gift to the American people: Obama checking himself into Hotel Gitmo, along with his administration and everyone who had a hand on his name being on the ballot in 2008, and so on.
    But comparing Watergate with the mess that Obama has put us in is like comparing cheating on the geometry test to blowing up the whole school, don’t you think?
    Maybe I’m wrong, but the chances of Obama turning tail WITHOUT the Martial Law and Sharia nonsense being declared are somewhat remote, if not for the fact that the Joint Chiefs of Staff sided with Obama against the UCMJ and our Constitution during the LTC Terry Lakin kangaroo “trial”.
    A previous commenter, “2discern”, hit the nail on the head when he wrote that Obama sneaking out in the middle of the night is totally unacceptable: he must be tried in a court of law, preferably in front of a judge who abides by the Constitution, and not some gutter-swamp low-life judge that heard any eligibility case.
    “Prepare for the worse, and hope for the best” is what we tell the troops we put in harm’s way. Again, “2discern” was right-on about all the harm and nonsense caused by Obama be rendered “null and void”. Which is, now that I think of it, one of my arguments against illegal immigrants, grandparents to babies: if you can’t respect my country’s laws, then you surely do not respect me our my country, so please, vacate the premises. That would include Obama, now wouldn’t it, since he’s also an illegal immigrant.

  4. NEWSMAX reporting that TRUMP is calling Robert Gibbs “VICIOUS and HATEFUL.”

    Donald MUST realize that Gibbs’ remarks about him, whom the Obama spokesman referred to as a “right wing nut-job,” are merely extensions of the White House “persona” and its squatters.

  5. A resignation is unacceptable. An arrest and prosecution is the ONLY avenue of restoring confidence that America can work as a Republic. The legislation, appointments, Executive orders, of barry soetero are not legal, cannot be deemed legal and if not nullified along with the illegitimate term of an impostor, the rule of law is forever diminished in this nation of laws. Laws give the freedoms we enjoy. Lawlessness violates those laws. Tyranny is governmental lawlessness upon it’s citizens.

    The list is so long of accomplices to this treason against we the people in both parties, at all levels and agencies of alleged security enforcement protecting the USA it’s embarrassing and humiliating to witness the internal take down. The oath breakers of present government leadership are traitors. We demand accountability not only through the election process but a citizen tribunal at each community level interviewing the candidates with direct yes/no questions with zero wiggle room on answers revealing their stance politically and morally. The bought and paid for positions in present politics was never the intent of our founders. Actually, they warned us this would come and to guard against it.

  6. Top priority, buy the DVD “Dreams From My Real Father”. This is a well researched and well documented DVD and should be in the hands of every American citizen at least a month before the election. Buy a copy and make as many copies of it as possible and begin distributing it to pastors and neighbors and friends and U.S. Representatives.

  7. When GretaWire Blog was still up and running in its old and more dynamic format, many “birthers” predicted that “Bari” would not only RESIGN but flee to KENYA in EXILE, either imposed or self determined.

    This essay confirms that others have good reason to believe it too. If he DOES resign, he will not stay in America.

    ALL WILL BE REVEALED in any case, and he will not want to face the wrath of the electorate or the penal consequences.

    Michelle will divorce him and take custody of the children.

    GretaWirebloggers and Mr Brownbill will be shown to have been prescient.

  8. Chris Holton of the American Center for Security Policy – Frank Gaffney’s ‘think tank,’ told me on Jeff Crouere’s AM radio talkshow ‘Ringside Politics with a Punch’ (WGSO New Orleans 990AM) that he doesn’t care if Obama is a Muslim.

    At the same time Mr. Holton has shared that he does recognize that Islam has a practice known as “taqqiya” wherein adherents to the murderous cult deceptively cloak themselves – like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – as innocuous, peaceful participants within a society under siege by Islamists.

    Muslims practicing taqqiya entrench themselves in the legal and political securities afforded them by the perverted liberal concepts of “tolerance,” “multi-culturalism,” “pluralism” and “diversity.” They advance the agenda of Islam in all institutions within a society under seige: military, educational, religious (ecumenicism: “Chrislam”), financial, political,etc….

    Stealthily advancing within a society under siege with the added protections of absurd “hate crime” legislation Muslims increase in numbers while simultaneously improving the socio-economic advantages of Islam within said society.

    Islam’s occupation and domination of a culture from within is nothing short of cultural jihad advancing towards Islamic domination of said culture under seige unto the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia law.

    There is a major incongruency in acknowledging that taqqiya is a practice of Islam while at the same time asserting that it is not important whether Obama is a Muslim.

    In view of the fact that Mr. Obama’s very identity has been concealed at great effort and great cost – not to mention his early indoctrination into Islam during his formative years in Indonesia where he attended Muslim Madras – those representatives in our government who fail to acknowledge the existential threat of having a Muslim practicing taqqiya illegally occupying the Oval Office, having criminally usurped that office while fraudulently representing himself as eligible to be president,as well as those, like Chris Holton, who assert themselves as experts on security policy, are remiss in their duty to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and ‘We the People’ from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    Mr. Obama has provided Billions of dollars to Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He has stripped away Billions of dollars in annual tax advantages to American ‘big oil’ entities – said advantages going directly to their competition: the state run Islamist ‘big oil’ entities which fund political, military, economic, religious and educational jihad around the world.

    Consider the gravity: If Obama is a Muslim practicing taqqiya then the amount of intelligence that he shall provide our enemy, the murderous cult of Islam, is immeasurable. American servicemen and women shall pay with their blood for this lapse in security for decades.

    1. Yes, Obama is “TAQIYYYA” personified.

      Pam Geller,reporter whose research appears on ATLAS SHRUGS website..(google “PAM GELLER ATLAS SHRUGS”)continually exposes this.

      Add to “TAQIYYA” the terms “DHIMMITUDE” (subverting a culture and subjugating it to Sharia and Islam), “TRIUMPHALISM” (touting Islamic Culture above all others…the “9/11 mosque” for example, or two hours of Islamic Prayers at the DNC when the word “GOD” is taken out of the platform, exemptions for Islam from Obamacare, ad infinitum.)

      America is in a Constitutional, Cultural and Spiritual Crisis, no matter how flowery Michelle, Bari, Joe or John Kerry spoke (or were reported to have spoken.) Their supposed “mellifluousness” covers up their true bitterness and deceit.

  9. Not brain surgery or rocket science . . .

    The following information has been presented to the north GA U.S. Representatives by FAX and hand carry:
    The Muslim Brotherhood’s “manifesto” was discovered during the Holyland Foundation trials. It identifies the MB as self declared enemies of the United States.
    Obama helped with the overthrow of Mubarek, enabling the MB to take control of Egypt. Obama gives money to the MB and entertains them in the White House.
    Obama is aiding and abetting the enemy! Aiding the enemy is the crime of treason.

    Why don’t the north GA Reps file articles of treason with the House Judiciary sub-committee? Because they sense “their man” will be in office in January and they want him to have that same power (to ignore the Constitution).

    We have become a nation of one party made up of two halves. Our system of checks and balances has melded into one omnipotent bureaucracy, irrelevant of elected officials, operating from an attitude of existentialism, i.e. if it feels good, do it!

    Question: will enough “relevant” representatives be elected and retained in November to make a difference? The winds of change are blowing. Are they blowing hard and fast enough?

  10. Bari Malik Shabazz needs to release his papers from Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle and prepare himself and Nancy Pelosi for Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud criminal charges for usurping POTUS and with his criminal assistants that have destroyed America’s markets and job markets. The Chicago Machine has destroyed world confidence in America and our credit rating is wacked. Many people need to go to jail on this free ride to robbery or face the death penalty by law and the depth of this will not be known for many years especially since the authorities have done nothing even though they were warned by Walt and others that tried to serve grand jury presentments against them that Hillary ordered the “judiciary” to call all cases against them as a “no standing” rule. Treason is Treason and usurpation is the call.