Is Non-Payment of Taxes “Domestic Terrorism?”


by Sharon Rondeau

Who ultimately ordered the creation of the "Sovereign Citizen" training program?"

(Jul. 30, 2012) — A 72-year-old man reportedly self-proclaimed “sovereign citizen” who chairs a school board in New York State is considered a “domestic terrorism threat,” according to an article in the Times Union dated March 26, 2012.

The Post & Email is intimately familiar with the training materials used to teach law enforcement officers about “sovereign citizens.”  A press release on the topic submitted to Vocus, a leading networking distributor of online media, was refused without a reason.

The training curriculum and the Times Union article place such people in the same category as Terry Nichols, who assisted in planning the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury, acting as an adviser to the FBI, reports that “sovereign citizens” have perpetrated “fraudulent financial schemes” and in some instances, “attacks against U.S. citizens, government personnel, and officials.”  The FBI claims that it has been “inundated” with requests for training, which the curriculum obtained by The Post & Email was ostensibly designed to carry out.

Is failure to pay property taxes a form of terrorism?

The Post & Email condemns all forms of violence.  The FBI is reportedly “watching” people who object to what they perceive as overreaching government and might be capable of violence but will not investigate charges by a law enforcement entity that the image purported to be that of a certified birth certificate belonging to the highest elected official in the land is a forgery.  A March 1, 2012 press conference by Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse contended that Obama’s Selective Service Registration card was also a forgery.  After an investigator requested the microfilm containing Obama’s record, Selective Service Administration Director Lawrence Romo told him that if he believed a crime had been committed, he should contact the FBI.

We do not have further information on Mr. Kryzkowski, the school board member who allegedly has not paid his taxes and whose “beliefs” have reportedly been brought into question by the FBI.  However, if the voters of the school district are uncomfortable with Kryzkowski’s personal situation, they can vote to replace him in the next election.  He has reportedly committed no crime, although the FBI reportedly now considers non-payment of taxes “a crime.”

An FBI employee told Fox News that the “ideologies” of the Sovereign Citizen movement “are protected by the constitution.”  One report equates “sovereign citizens” to “killers.”  However, it has been acknowledged that at least some “sovereigns” desire a “restoration of the republic.”

An April 2010 report issued by the FBI on the Sovereign Citizen movement is no longer available, but one from 2009, released five months after the Department of Homeland Security’s report on “Right-Wing Extremism,” remains on the FBI’s website.  At about the same time as the missing FBI report was published, former President Bill Clinton stated that the Tea Party movement “could incite right-wing extremism.”

Does the FBI’s description of home-grown terrorism reflect any of the ideology of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which classifies members of the “Patriot” movement as “antigovernment” and having led to the Oklohoma City explosion?  The SPLC has been acting in an advisory capacity (slide 27) to agencies in the Obama regime, including to “law enforcement,” on how to identify “extremists” and “hate groups.”  The organization’s “Intelligence Files database” of “extremists” includes Dr. Frank Gaffney, Jr., who the SPLC says possesses an “anti-Muslim ideology.” It further claims that Gaffney has “snapped” as evidenced by his attempts to raise American awareness of the threat of Sharia law being imposed in the United States.   Recently at least two federal judges have ruled in favor of Sharia law.

The SPLC is identified as a major producer of the training curriculum in which Darren Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III were declared “sovereign citizens.”  Fitzpatrick contends that misinformation in the local press was obtained from the U.S. government or local law enforcement but that ultimately, the “propaganda” can be traced “right up to the White House.”

Fitzpatrick has been exposing corruption in government for more than 23 years, beginning with a court-martial brought against him which he described as “rigged” and for which the U.S. Navy continues to hold a document containing his forged signature 21 years later.  Fitzpatrick believes that the court-martial was constructed to prevent his advancement within the Navy, and it came at the time when he had made preparations to move across the country to attend the Naval War College in Newport, RI, whose stated purpose was to provide “intermediate and senior-level officer professional military education.”

Instead, Fitzpatrick retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander with an honorable discharge in 1991.  The Navy has refused to respond to The Post & Email’s inquiries about Fitzpatrick’s file, the most recent of which was sent by email on July 22, 2012.

For the last three years, Fitzpatrick has been exposing long-ingrained judicial corruption in Tennessee which has revealed that the trial courts throughout the state have been operating contrary to state statute since 1984.  “The sovereign citizen campaign is put in place because of the kind of government corruption has been discovered,” Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email.  “Mr. Obama is trying to carry out a campaign against law-abiding citizens because they are exposing the kind of corruption that he is all about,” he said.

Fitzpatrick said that the Obama regime’s lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is politically-motivated.  Arpaio’s office denies the charges and since last September, has been conducting an investigation of the long-form birth certificate image which Obama presented to the public on April 27, 2011.  The SPLC identifies Arpaio as “quixotic” for his investigation and does not appear to have updated its coverage of Arpaio’s findings to include the second press conference on July 17, 2012. Arpaio has publicly called for a congressional investigation into what he and his investigators deem a “definitely fraudulent” image.

Contrary to the SPLC’s claim that “fewer and fewer Americans pay them much heed,” a growing number of writers and news companies have identified inconsistencies in Obama’s birthplace, life story, “composite characters,” and even his claimed parentage.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, who claims that Obama’s birth certificate is authentic, was caught late last week lying about a bust of Sir Winston Churchill which had been reported early in 2009 by many major media as having been returned to the British Embassy and ultimately, Great Britain.  From there, Pfeiffer’s story continued to evolve and contradict media reports not contradicted by the White House three years ago.  The British Embassy has confirmed that the bust was removed from the White House in 2009 as reported by the media.

Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff have been referred to as “twisted patriots” by TIME Magazine author Barton Gellman.  Fitzpatrick believes that Gellman was working directly with the federal government when he wrote his piece.  Although Fitzpatrick contacted Gellman on several occasions, he did not receive a response.  Managing Editor Richard Stengel lauded Gellman for his interviews of “anti-government” activists, but Fitzpatrick and Huff were not among those interviewed.

TIME portrays members of the Tea Party as “dissenters.”

On three separate occasions, Fitzpatrick has told FBI agents in voluntary face-to-face meetings that he is “not a sovereign.”  Contrary to the FBI’s definition of a “sovereign citizen” which contends that a “sovereign” believes that laws do not apply to him, Fitzpatrick believes that laws should be followed.  On America’s Web Radio on July 31, 2012, Fitzpatrick stated that anyone accused of breaking a law should be tried by a jury of his peers with proper due process.

Huff attempted to attend as assignment hearing on April 20, 2010 and was arrested ten days later for planning to use a firearm in a civil disturbance.  Huff locked his firearms in his toolbox and, like many others, was not allowed inside the courtroom and went across the street to a restaurant and later returned home to Georgia.  While local officials declared it “the tensest day we every had,” no arrests were made that day.

Huff was sentenced to four years in federal prison plus two years’ probation on May 15, 2012.

Mainstream media outlets have largely failed to report on the questions raised about the social security number which Obama is using which inexplicably was issued in the state of Connecticut, where Obama never worked or lived.

“Mr. Obama is lying about the events that are discussed in the training materials and literature,” Fitzpatrick said.  “Active-duty military and veterans are being targeted for special attention by law enforcement agencies who come upon them.  The ‘sovereign citizen’ training program was put in place because of the kind of government corruption which has been discovered and Obama and his minions do not want in public view.”

Members of Fitzpatrick’s local community have deemed the corruption in Tennessee he has discovered “frightening.”

Fitzpatrick believes that white males have been singled out, and all of the “sovereign citizens” identified by the training curriculum are white males.

On March 17, 2009, Fitzpatrick filed a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama II for violating the Posse Comitatus Act after allowing, or perhaps ordering, U.S. Army troops to act in a law enforcement capacity after a shooting in Samson, AL on March 10.  Fitzpatrick was obstructed from presenting the evidence to the two federal grand juries in Knoxville, TN by U.S. Attorney William C. Killian, an Obama appointee who took pride in the conviction of Darren Huff last October on a federal firearms charge.

Obama has since been accused of leaking sensitive national security information, aiding and abetting enemies of the United States, and of violating his oath of office.  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has called for his impeachment on at least three separate occasions.

Huff is now incarcerated in Texarkana, TX, where he reports that the conditions are improved over those in Georgia and Tennessee, where he was jailed previously.  Although he was named a “sovereign citizen” prior to his trial, he was unaware of the training program and so testified at his sentencing hearing.

“Mr. Obama is trying to block people from exposing him and people like him as criminal actors,” Fitzpatrick said, “in order to keep his job.”

2 Responses to "Is Non-Payment of Taxes “Domestic Terrorism?”"

  1. Veritas   Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 7:27 AM

    If it is true that Obama is NOT eligible as per Article II of the US Constitution, it is exactly that “sovereignty” which is under very savvy attack. It bears repeating over and over that Al Qaeda DID promise to bring down the USA “From the Top” after 9/11. They even taunted America and the West saying “in a way you will not even understand until it is too late.” Should we not be then, at the VERY LEAST, open to the idea that our Constitution is being eaten away, like a rat chewing on cheese?

  2. ELmo   Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    I imagine we here at Post and E-mail are all classified as “Sovereign Citizens”!! If that means I am concerned about the violations of Constitutional Law by our Government(which the Constitution was put in place to limit) then I am guilty. This has been going on for too long and Obama has now made it plain that the Constitution is an inconvenient impediment to him that he would just as soon disregard.
    Those of us who wish to keep the freedoms that the Constitution guarantees must not shrink from speaking before it is too late.

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