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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Orly Taitz has actions pending in Washington, DC; Mississippi; California and Indiana

(Jul. 19, 2012) — Atty. Orly Taitz has filed an action challenging the provision in the health care law which allows a religious exemption for paying the “tax” which the U.S. Supreme court recently ruled was constitutional.  The lawsuit names Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and many other parties as defendants.

Taitz filed the case in Orange County and it was transferred to Los Angeles.  “This is the case where I’m seeking a class action throughout the nation.  Very few people know that there is a provision within the 2800 pages that there is a provision that says that some individuals can get an exemption from paying for Obamacare if, according to their religious sect or division, it is not acceptable.  According to Sharia law, purchasing insurance is not allowed, because insurance is considered to be a form of gambling.  We have today conservatively 7,000,000 Muslims in this country, many of whom have multiple wives and multiple children.  There is a high probability that because they are exempt, they will still be getting the care, but Christians and Jews will be paying for it.  So I’m saying that Obamacare is a tax, a Judeo-Christian tax in line of Jizya, a term in Muslim law where people who are considered to be infidels – Christians and Jews – have to pay a tax.  That’s what is happening in reality.  So I’m bringing this legal action as a violation of our civil rights, due process rights, equal protection rights and violation of our First Amendment religious freedom rights.  It is unconstitutional.”

Taitz also claims that the tax provision in the health care bill is “illegal” because it was signed by Obama “under false pretenses and by virtue of fraud, usurping the position of the U.S. President while using forged and fraudulently obtained identification papers: forged Selective service Certificate, forged Birth certificate and a fraudulently obtained Social security number.”

In a press conference on July 17, Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse stated that they have determined that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent” and have called upon a federal law enforcement entity to continue the investigation into Obama’s background.  Lead investigator Mike Zullo stated that there is doubt about the parents Obama claims as his as well as where he was born.

On July 18, Taitz reported on her website that her request to have an Obama-appointed judge recuse herself from hearing the case resulted in the assignment of a second Obama appointee.

Taitz’s case filed in Mississippi in early February is still active and challenges the placement of  Obama’s name on the state’s ballot contending that he is constitutionally ineligible.  Sheriff Arpaio provided a sworn affidavit to Taitz last month which she used in filing bar complaints against two attorneys for the defense in her case there and of which she requested that the judge take judicial notice.

She also has a case which began in Georgia for which a petition for stay is now at the U.S. Supreme Court filed with Chief Justice John Roberts.  Today Taitz reported on her website that “someone deleted the whole case from the docket of the Supreme Court of the US.”  She is asking people to “demand [an] investigation of [the] deletions.”

In her lawsuit against Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue, Taitz has appealed to the U.S. District Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, requesting an en banc hearing. Taitz has an affidavit from private investigator Susan Daniels, who claimed over a year ago that Obama is using a social security number which was not assigned to him.

On August 8, a ballot challenge hearing is scheduled in Indiana.  “There is a great law there,” Taitz said.  “In the state of Indiana, the law states that your name on the ballot has to be the same as it appears on your birth certificate.  On Obama’s birth certificate, he is listed as ‘Barack Hussein Obama II,’ and on the ballot, he is listed as ‘Barack Obama,’ so for that reason alone, he cannot be certified.”

The upcoming hearing is the second pertaining to the case and will be presided over by Judge Reid in Indianapolis at 10:00 a.m.  “I’m asking my supporters to come to the hearing,” Taitz said.

On August 10, Taitz’s case in Los Angeles will be heard at 9:00 a.m. local time before federal Judge Dolly Gee.

There is another case for which two hearings have taken place concerning voter fraud.  “There is a significant problem with our voter rolls in the state of California,” Taitz said.  She stated that she was told by a “relational data analyst” who had servd in the U.S. Air Force and is now working to enforce the federal “Help America Vote Act” (HAVA) that “in Los Angeles County alone, there are 545,105 invalid voter registrations.”

“In order for a voter registration to be valid, one had to have all of the required information:  date of birth, address, driver’s license number or last four digits of the socials security number.  We counted over a half million invalid voter registrations in Los Angeles County alone; there are millions all over the state which could change the outcome of the election.”

Taitz recently ran for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Dianne Feinstein and was told that she had been leading up to the date of the primary.  “They ran four consecutive polls compiled by a Rasmussen analytical group, and according to all four polls, I was leading all the other candidates from the first day of the campaign to the last day.  The poll was done two days before the election.  The results were announced one day before the election.  All four polls showed me leading all the other GOP candidates and being second only to Dianne Feinstein.  The candidate who was endorsed as an official puppet of the Republican Party, Elizabeth Emken, in the first poll, was dead last, and then she was fourth.  So out of 24 candidates, I was second.  Then the next day when we had the election, they announced that I wasn’t second out of 24; I was fourth or fifth out of 24.  There is a rule that the top two, regardless of party affiliation, go to the general election, but now that we see that there are so many invalid voter registrations just in Los Angeles County alone, that would be sufficient to invalidate the results.  The difference between her and me is much less than the number of invalid voters,” Taitz said.

Taitz said that she has 2,200 pages of invalid voters.  Orange County was also studied by Taitz and the analyst, after which Taitz said that “voters with suspicious ages” were found.  “We found 101 pages of names of voters who are 200 years old, 150 years old, and over 104 years old who are voting in each and every election,” she said.

When we asked Taitz how so many invalid voter registrations could exist in the database, she responded that she believes that vote scanners could be partially responsible.  Taitz added that she has filed “multiple lawsuits” to try to eliminate the use of automatic data scanners.  “Basically, they can be programmed where this data is loaded automatically, or someone could be making bogus ballots and loading them in the machine.  Something like this happened in the state of New Jersey.  In 2006, the United States of America sued the state of New Jersey because its voter rolls were full of dead voters who were still voting and illegal voter registrations without the necessary data.  It is interesting that after New Jersey was forced to clean out its databases, Chris Christie was elected.  He has balanced the budget and lowered their taxes, and the state has been rejuvenated.  Now, the state of Florida is cleaning up its voter rolls, and the Democrats are suing them,” Taitz said.

“The Bush administration sued the state of New Jersey, which was a ‘deep blue‘ state, and after their voter rolls were cleaned up, we see that New Jersey is not that ‘blue.’  They just had thousands of invalid voter registrations,” she said.

Taitz stated that the current Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, was on the board of Obama for America, which could be a reason why the voter rolls have not been scrutinized.  “Her brother-in-law is Tony West, who is a well-known bundler for Obama and also connected to Obama for America.  “So our attorney general is keeping our voter rolls dirty, full of invalid voter registrations.  Same thing with our Secretary of State, who is a liberal Democrat, Debra Bowen.  They are keeping Obama on the ballot…we have massive corruption here,” said Taitz.

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  1. Go Orly! This very intelligent woman needs to get some applause and thank you sessions after several years of going through mountains of paperwork, assembling, filing and battling court cases, being humiliated by judges and Obama Democratic Operatives for trying to do the right thing and stand up for the Constitution and fight a criminal political Democratic machine that is trying to destroy America for power and profit gains that have never been seen before other than the crime mobs. Today, you can’t tell the difference in the government or the mob. Actually, the mob seems to keep more to itself and to do less collateral damage. Government crime affects everyone and we all pay either through our taxes or lost revenue that they willingly give away in phony programs and to countries that hate our guts. Good people that work inside the “system” are afraid to lose their jobs for being “whistle blowers” or “stand up” workers that don’t like what they see or the “law” and “procedure” prevents them from doing anything fearing “prosecution/persecution/blackballing” strongarming techniques. Orly is a shining example of real experience, a good education, integrity and being a U.S. immigrant turned Patriot/Citizen that loves America and wants it to be and stay according to what the founding fathers wrote in the Constitution regardless of selfish greedy power crazed Democrats that are doing everything possible to push things over to their side at any cost to employment, the economy, America’s defense, law enforcement, our Military history and security. Bari Malik Shabazz was a groomed element of this entire Democratic Radical effort to push an illegal POTUS into office since after Vietnam Democratic Operatives with a few Republicans have been trying to “amend” the Article 2 Sect. 1 Phrase 5 “Natural Born” = born under TWO U.S. Citizen Parent rule. Though the Constitutional Law has NEVER been re-written, people assume they can call it anything they want! THE WRITTEN LAW IS THE WRITTEN LAW and not based on “public opinion” or “popular created ideas”. Stupid is what stupid does. Orly is a female hero and Patriot and deserves much more than hatred and criticism. How many “Americans” are standing up at this time?? A much smaller ratio than the ones who are just going along with whatever happens. How many “Americans” care about what is happening?? A much smaller ratio than the ones that just say “I’m not voting, it doesn’t make any difference” or “The whole system is screwed up, who cares?” which we have heard too many times over and over. You are assisting the criminals by NOT voting and giving them a step up to more power, corruption, criminal activity and squandering of taxpayer’s money, parties, celebrations, more benefits at our expense and allowing a parasitic culture to move forward to new heights of “criminal untouchable status” inside the system. You are enabling that and taking away the chances of ever forcing them out and getting rid of them or changing the misery that these entitlement creeps force on the public and enslave the people who have had their Constitutional rights blocked and taken away and most people have no clue of what has happened, is happening or will ever be able to understand or figure out how they got to where we are now. The Muslim Brotherhood had been enabled by Democrat Operatives to force Sharia and other law favorable to them on the rest of the population and when the people stand up against the government, it will be to late and they are counting on that. Hillary and her Muslim lover are quietly aiding the process. She was instrumental in having all cases against Obama/Pelosi to get a “no standing” status with “The Judicial” and to have them thrown out of court, illegally, so that any Criminal Presentment against Obama/Pelosi that hit the courts would be file #13. Preventing a Criminal Grand Jury Presentment is illegal by Constitutional Law. Pelosi falsified DNC vetting papers to 50 states and Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud charges were attempted by LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick over 3.5 years ago and by American Grand Jury Online that Democratic Operatives hacked 24/7 to get it offline so that the public would not have access to Obama’s certified stamped LONG FORM Kenyan Mombassa COB which was displayed on the site at the time of web access. The Constitution allows any citizens to form a Grand Jury and Criminal Presentments that were to heard by the courts for immediate consideration by the founding fathers to protect us from foreign or domestic enemies or political corruption against “We The People”. Go Orly, you’re a real sweet heart and a Patriot!