Read This: It’s a Freebie


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Jul. 4, 2012) — Imagine yourself running for a public office because maybe you think something’s rotten in Denmark that needs to be changed. And maybe there are millions of your fellow citizens who feel exactly the same way, and they’d run too, but why should they when you are? These millions of your fellow Americans know you’re on the same page as they because you write editorials for an internet blog that tells it like it is, and they read you religiously. As a matter of fact, in many instances they print your editorial and pass it along, and once in a while it ends up posted on a barrack’s bulletin board.

Of course you have an opponent, and this opponent’s platform is at odds with the morals and values of patriotic citizens, but many, many citizens don’t know the facts. All they hear are the campaign slogans blasted at them 24/7 that have nothing to do with facts and are just meaningless and mindless words:  “Hope,” “Change,” “Yes We Can.” This opponent promises “jobs” while supporting “NO TARIFFS” on foreign goods, as our trading partners tariff against us.

Some of you may not want to hear the truth, but this is how it’s supposed to work. Our government’s responsibility to us citizens is, besides protecting us from those who wish to do us harm, to insure at least a level playing field where our breadwinners’ efforts are compensated fairly. The government is not in the “jobs” business, not in any business. The government’s role is not business per se, but to allow favorable conditions for American businesses and employees to make a profit in the national and world market.

Getting back on the campaign trail, the American voter has made his choice before entering the voting booth, sometimes voting for the political party of his parents. Maybe the goals of the party they once admired have changed but the name has remained the same, and it’s just too complicated for most people to investigate (lack of American Civics education?) so they blindly follow as lemmings going off the cliff.

So now you’re running for office and stating your political ideology in printed form; no areas of gray, no wishy-washy statements, no ambiguities; just straightforward talk while your opponent continues to barnstorm across our country saying the same meaningless and mindless words and pandering for money, just as a panhandler, or  maybe being the front man for a Ponzi scheme, taking in money while promising, what? “Hope,” “Change,” and “Yes We Can”?

Your opponent buys radio and television advertising time repeating 24/7 the same garbage. The mainstream media follows suit, and the so-called “Pundit Shows” on Sunday mornings that just go along for the ride, political correctness and political blindness rolled into one, never nailing the issues, just skirting the truth with repetitive pats on the back for, once again, serving the American public yet another dish of pabulum.

But your opponent raises money, millions and millions, from people who think they’re buying into the American Dream, but in reality Obama doesn’t need the people’s money.  All he needs is for monies earmarked for political purposes to go to him and not someone else. Lord knows he doesn’t need the money, not when he has virtually an unlimited supply via petrol dollars, really our very own money that we paid while being gouged for the price of gas.

And as for me? Keep your money; times are bad enough. Besides, I can’t be bought for any amount of money. People donate and think they own you. All the money that I receive goes equally between the ASPCA and the USO. I say “Beware of those who tell you to give them money.” Our political process has come down to who has the most money and not for who has the best ideas, plans, and plain ‘ole guts to face the music and do what’s right for our country. You don’t have to like it, but you have to bite the bullet and do it. Just think of my candidacy as a freebie and it won’t cost you a dime. When you’re in the voting booth, where it has “Write-in Candidate,” write “OPOVV.” You’ve just saved America.

2 Responses to "Read This: It’s a Freebie"

  1. meyerlm   Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    An “AFTERTHOUGHT”~Take just a minute, click on the OPOVV Website, Hang onto you Chair AND READ what this MAN has to SAY, PLEASE!!
    “NO SMOKE, NO MIRRORS, NO POLI-TIX”~Just Plain Truthful “Right at ‘Ya”, STUFF~~

  2. meyerlm   Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    “HEAR YE, HEAR YE, The Gentleman Doth SPEAK the TRUTH!!”
    I am nothing but a Old, Tired, Patriot who KNOWS the TRUTH when I HEARS IT, and “Stands in Closed-Rank with this Man and His Rantings!!” THE Nation is beyond “Death Throes”, and requires Truthful, Honest, Patriotic Actions to survive as a Republic, NONE of which are to be found in/by the Candidates??!!
    However, HE knows, and I Know that the chances of the “Presidency” are Slim or Next to None~the point is, that someone must “Speak the Truth without Forked-Tongue and forget the “Politi-Speak” and just tell folks that IF, IF, they don’t get off the couch, forget their Pick-em-Up Trucks, 60in Plasma’s and Beer, there simply AIN”T GONN’A BE a “TROUGH of FREEBIES” anymore, it is being replaced with “‘DA United SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa”, and SERFDOM STINKS!!

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